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  • Summary: NFL Fever is back and better than ever. The third installment of the Microsoft's exclusive football title for the Xbox, NFL Fever 2004 features XSN Sports support for online play, customizable teams and leagues, and a revamped AI. For the first time in the series, you can create your own leagues, build your own rivalries, and stay plugged into your stats online on your PDA. The game also features significant offensive and defensive adjustments, animated NFL coaches, a brand-new offensive playbook, reworked stadiums, and "Read and Lead" advanced passing. From traditional single-player and multiplayer gaming to league tournament play on Xbox Live, NFL Fever 2004 takes its game to the next level. Expand
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  1. The AI is sound for single-player games and the online capabilities are truly amazing.
  2. One of the most interactive football titles to date with some of the best game play I have ever seen in a football game.
  3. Each mode outside of online brings less to the table than "Madden 2004" and the fact that this game doesn't run as fast just hurts it in my mind.
  4. 75
    Its single-player mode can be frustrating, the player models are lumpy and odd looking, and the on-the-field gameplay achieves the impressive feat of feeling both too slow and too fast at the same time.
  5. Microsoft keeps inserting small innovations when what is really needed is a major overhaul to the entire game engine.
  6. I also have to wonder after 3 years why the game still has some things that have not been fixed? It's not that Fever is a bad game. It just seems to be missing that final polished look and play about it.
  7. 58
    Still a ways to go if Fever is gonna compete with "Madden." [Nov 2003, p.54]

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