NFL Street 2 Xbox


Generally favorable reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 44
  2. Negative: 0 out of 44
  1. The game has plenty of modes and things to unlock such as equipment, players and clothing.
  2. It still feels clunky compared to the bling slickness of "NBA Street Volume 2" but that owes more to the fact that American football is more about fat men made of burgers barging each other over than it is playing with style and finesse.
  3. The game suffers from being way too easy for veteran players, while it does still carry that pick-up-and-play function that was made popular with the old "NFL Blitz" games.
  4. A good enough game, though barely anything has changed. It doesn't feel like it has been rushed, since it isn't buggy or broken in any way, but there's definitely a lack of proper maturation here that hinders the overall product.
  5. A number a gameplay and game mode enhancements don't advance the series as much as could be expected and in the search for new ideas and directions, EA BIG have largely struggled to come up with anything substantial.
  6. The extra games EA added are attention-worthy treats speaking to the schoolyard athlete in everyone, no matter how uncoordinated or out of shape. [Feb 2005, p.95]
  7. A totally accessible football game. The arcade style should make it appeal to a wide audience. The trouble is that it's not very different from the original NFL Street game, although you can take this one online with the Xbox Live feature.
  8. The beauty of NFL Street 2 is its immediacy. Although numerous offence (running, passing and trick) and defence plays can be employed, its anarchic nature ensures it is extremely fast-paced and easy to pick up. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  9. A great game to play with friends online or off, but here's hoping the next iteration gives us more to do with the D.
  10. There's just not enough meat in NFL Street 2 to provide a complete single-player experience.
  11. 60
    There simply just isn't enough substance here to justify a purchase, even for the novice football player. If you're really looking for a football fix, just go ahead and buy "ESPN NFL 2K5" instead; you'll get a more complete package and the game will stand the test of time much, much better.
  12. It's a fantastic two-player affair, but that's as good as it gets. The improvements and new additions can't save the gameplay, which winds up being even shallower than the first game's due to the inclusion of GameBreaker 2s.
  13. Though NFL Street 2 does enough to entertain for an hour or two, fans of proper football, played with feet, are likely to find it quite dull.
  14. Just like they did with "Def Jam: Fight for NY," EA Big ignored NFL Street's fundamental issues and instead added more flash and one or two new moves. While undeniably fun, EA Big has no right to call NFL Street 2 a sequel.
  15. 57
    Yet another example of the dangers of one publishing company gaining a monopoly over a particular genre. The experience becomes homogenised and the resulting games become soulless products devoid of any indication.
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  1. JJ
    Feb 16, 2005
    This game is great to play with your friends, you can play street events or pick up tournaments. I could sit there for hours playing street This game is great to play with your friends, you can play street events or pick up tournaments. I could sit there for hours playing street events with some friends, some times we do a open field showdown with fat lineman which is funny. For those of you who dont like this game try playing multiplayer. Full Review »
  2. MattP.
    Feb 1, 2005
    This is what version 1 should have been.
  3. TylerJ.
    Jan 24, 2005
    I just love jumping of da walls.