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  • Summary: The EA Sports hockey franchise returns with a host of new features in NHL 06. You can carefully place your shots and time your dekes with the new "skill stick" system. More-realistic physics have you adjust to a player's speed and size as you navigate the ice. In addition to NHL stars, you can create your own player or team from the ground up and lead them through an NHL season. NHL 06 also includes both online and offline multiplayer game modes. Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. 90
    Diehards will love the reduced emphasis on checking, while more casual fans should enjoy the new skill stick moves and the ability to place your shot wherever you please. Best of all, every rule change has made it into the game.
  2. A solid game that is lacking in a few departments. The in-game additions are fantastic, but changes need to be made to 'Franchise Mode'. Additionally, I really wanted to see Free4All available on Xbox Live, because it makes no sense to have this mode of play only offline.
  3. There is no denying EA when it comes to slick presentation, fluid gameplay, and topnotch animations, but its breakneck pace, and broken goalies will definitely take away some of its charm.
  4. 80
    With NHL 06, EA Sports is revisiting its roots to create a feature-stable game with both style and substance, and it all starts with the controls. Quite simply, they are the most responsive ever.
  5. In many ways, NHL 06 really could be considered the best console hockey game to ever hit the ice – that is, if it weren't for the handful of glaring issues that have been with the game for years and EA simply refuses to address, not the least of which is EA's poor integration of online play through Xbox Live.
  6. 75
    While better than 2005's effort, there just isn't enough different to make it a worthwhile purchase to last year's game. Everybody else though will find a thoroughly fun game of hockey.
  7. 60
    It's a different style of game than previous versions, one that dumps some of the innovations from earlier titles in favor of crowd-pleasing simplicity.

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Score distribution:
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  3. Negative: 2 out of 11
  1. MatthewK.
    Sep 20, 2005
    Like I said before this game is the top of the line. I left a comment on espn and how good it was and it is. I love this game, I have been playing hours straight, I love the action, hiting, fighting is amazing!!!. Well there are some small probelms on this game as well. For Ex, you can score way to easily, Like if you have problems scoreing put it on auto aim and you will be winning games like 11-1 on medium and hard. If you want a hard game put it on manaul and try to become pro. Well bottom line this is the best out of all NHl games. Expand
  2. MatthewW.
    Sep 25, 2005
    Best hockey game in a while. Way better than 2k6! This is the game to get that represents the new and improved NHL to the fullest.
  3. MattW.
    Oct 22, 2005
    This game has amazing moves on the new trick stick and the graphics are sweet too, i like that you can injure other players with slapshots now.
  4. DaneC.
    Sep 8, 2005
    By far the best hockey game this year ...if u think NHL2k6 is better, than sorry, you simply don't know what your're talking about try naming one things 2k6 has better...an icon-based passing system ??? haha! Expand
  5. AaronH.
    Aug 23, 2005
    NHL 06 is a great game when it comes to offence, when it comes to defensive AI, its quite boring, the cpu hardly ever checks. The idea of taking SOME of the checking out from NHL 05 was a good idea, but it seems like they took it out all together for the cpu. Expand
    Sep 10, 2005
    I also have 2006 and my initial reaction was the same as yours. But, last year I grumbled too at the 2005 version compared to what I was used too, the 2004. I think as far as game play comparison we tend to prefer what we know and become frusterated with what we don't. Althought I am really getting sick of how EA every year seems to be putting less care into it's NHL product. SImple little mistakes that seem paltry to most really show a lack of consideration and effort on their part. Here are a few examples.: -Goalies masks and pads always stay the same as their original team (last year at the very least if you traded a goalie to a new team his mask would go neutral white)(to top this mess off, Khabibulin was correctly a BLACKHAWK in this year's game but his pads and mask are and will be forever from his TAmpa years!!) -Rosters, holy f..k! what a mess, Kelly Buchburger still playing for the PENS, and yet the biggest news in hockey since Lemiuex himself, CROSBY isn't even in the game...ditto with Washington's great draft, Ovechkin...their is no excuse for this whatsoever. -The cut scenes are exactly the same as last year, bench celebrations and what not except they cleverly altered the camera persepective to try and convince you they're new ones. BULL.... -The play by play and color commentary is essencially the same as 20005 with the exception of very few new ones that are getting old fast. -Way too many posts! EVery game I hit the post about 3-7 times. -When I went to correct the and update the rosters I had to drop some players into free-agency, which was a nightmare because they restricted the number of players you can actually put into the FA pool..so it's a total pain in the neck and I had to get clever and trade players and shite like that, about 2-3 steps more in order to get players to the proper teams. WHy couldn't they have just made the FA pool hold way more players? I'm sure they could have, they just didn't deem it important. -The Create-a-player feature that they brought back after stupidly leaving it off of the 05 version is horrid. I mean, its better than nothing but, the analogue face creator is a mess, every character I create comes out looking like an Ogre. Sidney Crosby is now an Ogre cuz I had to create him. I was really considering buying the 2k6 game, going with EA's main competitor. But thanks to my friend I am no longer gonna do that, it's even worse than EA's 06. (I played at his place last night, he bought it and I thought it really sucke, brutal graphics and skating on air---but just my first impression) Besides the more I play the more I realize that slowly but surely I'm warming up and getting used to the new EA. I like the deke option, especially on break-aways, it feels like you have some real control in-tight that has been lacking in other years. The goalie does drop down too easily but if you up your difficulty level they still make great saves (even if they have no right in making them--just pretend they aren't on their backs) Also I like certain features alot: -the puck physics, the puck injures and bounces and slows and raises more appropriately -the skating physics is better, the players have more realistic momentum and speed bursts(you can't always hold speed down because, like real hockey, a player at top-flight will be less stable and less in control of the puck and his shots will be ineffective. -The AI for the other team, especially on D seems much improved. As far as a complaint against the graphics, I think they're very similiar to 2005's game which in my eyes was a step backwarsd from 2004's offering. Over all EA is still the best hockey game out there, I just wish they didn't care so little about this title and put the effort in that it deserved. I would love to see even a 1/4 of the money and effort they put into the MADDEN title, it would make a world of difference. pissed off with EA but gagging at EK_ still I reluctantly give EA's NHL 2006 a 7/10 Expand
  7. BradD.
    Sep 7, 2005
    Crap. still a miss for EA.

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