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  • Summary: The crude cast of Outlaw Golf is back with new friends, courses, fighting moves, and more. Choose from 11 wild characters--including babes, rappers, and thugs--and take on the challenges from eight courses, ranging from the arctic to the jungle. By playing through the tour and winning events, you can unlock more clubs, balls, and outfits. In addition to tournament mode, the game features match, time attack, and baseball golf modes. Just remember--even if your golf game is off, you can still beat up your opponents, or even your caddy. Expand
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  1. 89
    With downloadable content, 12 playable modes, TONS of unlockables as well as character stat customization, custom sound tracks, Dave attel's voice, tournaments and a tracking system with so much details I'm almost ashamed that people can view my stats.
  2. The gameplay is easily as deep and challenging as "Links" and "Tiger Woods." Those games are traditional, while Outlaw Golf is irreverent and usually bawdy enough that it's best avoided by the faint of heart.
  3. There is one thing to take into consideration, and that is the $19.99 price tag! Combine that with the solid gameplay and decent graphics, and any fan of the original should definitely go pick this game up.
  4. So even if bawdy caricatures of rednecks and dominatrices don't sound immediately appealing to you, Outlaw Golf 2 offers a tight, challenging game of golf with some unique gameplay ideas, and it comes at a price that makes it a terrific value.
  5. Though the game may have its frustrating moments, the amount of assistance the computer gives the player is ridiculous. For example, one "ghost shot" is allowed per hole. What this does is show you exactly how far and where the ball would land (and subsequently bounce) if you got a perfect shot. This is a HUGE help (and very cheap) help with chipping.
  6. Never takes itself too seriously and offers up a great alternative from the rest of the pack.
  7. The only area where "2" really shines is in its Xbox Live support, which is among the best in golf games today. Otherwise, you can expect the same dodgy controls and eighth grade fart jokes as before. [Nov 2004, p.99]

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