Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 23
  2. Negative: 2 out of 23
  1. If you can stomach the story problems, the spotty humor, and the lack of originality and simply focus on the gameplay, then you'll enjoy Roadkill for what it is... and addictive combination of two more inventive titles. [Nov 2003, p.104]
  2. The missions are well designed with sub goals available and there is plenty of area to explore.
  3. Rather than try to mimic any single driving combat game, RoadKill combines the best parts of every homicidal car game that has come before it to create a totally original concept.
  4. The streets are covered with activity and with very few slow downs. They best part is getting someone stuck on your car; this is where it gets fun.
  5. Once I adjusted to the controls and uncovered some new weapons, it started growing on me. By the end, I was loving it, with a wide range of gameplay, intense battles on the street, a consistently developing storyline, and enough weapons in the long run to give you the options you want.
  6. RoadKill is fueled by over the top gun-fire, ridiculously tricked out cars, and just the right amount of profanity to satisfy your desire for a little fun blowin’ sh*t up in a busy metropolitan environment.
  7. 77
    While its story and graphics lack pizzazz, Roadkill has something for everyone: action fans, racing fans, collection freaks, and serial killers can all find fulfillment here.
  8. If you think the idea of a game about driving around in a machine-gun-toting car while completely ignoring traffic laws and blowing away anything in your path sounds like fun, then you'll get it out of RoadKill.
  9. The overly simplistic gameplay, re-hashed visuals, unbalanced level design, and generic storyline all factor in to make this hybrid of yesteryears best selling, finest games, a low rent middle class knock off. Nevertheless, the sheer visceral excitement of blowing stuff up and witnessing ultra-violent, unapologetically brutal cut-scenes and road rage is hard to deny.
  10. Between its immature "Mature-rated" content (naughty language is prevalent) and rough gameplay, RoadKill narrowly misses excellence.
  11. Gamers who liked the idea of, say, "Twisted Metal Black," but found the execution too quick and snappy to be satisfying, should check out Road Kill, a decidedly more kinetic follower.
  12. If you live with your mother, smoke pot, watch wrestling, can’t vote, and love The Cramps or have a big brother who does, you will likely have a blast with this game. Not only can you get your violence fix by yourself on a Wednesday night, but you and your friends can have fun wrecking each other in the 4-player split-screen.
  13. It’s fun to play, but the dull missions and average graphics make it the kind of game you’ll probably enjoy for a week and then let gather dust on your shelf.
  14. Plays a lot like "Twisted Metal," with definite "GTA" influence. If you've played "Twisted Metal," you know what to expect: this essentially plays exactly the same. That isn't always a bad thing - I had some fun playing, but it wears thin quickly.
  15. I rarely feel that my intelligence is being insulted by a game, but RoadKill managed to do the trick. The self-consciously "bad-ass" plot is devoid of humor or interesting characters. [Oct 2003, p.139]
  16. As a car-combat game, it's passable but not exceptional. As a postacopalyptic "GTA" clone, it falls well short of the mark in terms of story, mission diversity, and replay value. [Nov 2003, p.171]
  17. Perhaps the most creatively bankrupt fun game ever made. [Dec/Jan 2004, p.95]
  18. In this day and age, a game can't carry itself on its licensed soundtrack alone and so ultimately Roadkill disappoints. It may be fun for while, but we all know that this sort of thing has been done better elsewhere.
  19. 60
    It's incredible how nasty and trashy this gameplay looks, when something very similar looked so great. There are a lot of really nice touches here, but they're wasted on a game that feels like a high school talent show version of a great movie.
  20. Roadkill's impression of Grand Theft Auto is almost as cringeworthy. Most of the ingredients that made Rockstar's crime 'em up so successful are here but, like your dad's Pound Shop Ali G, it lacks the special something that made GTA so amazing.
  21. 50
    Mediocre on all fronts....This game does nothing new except offer a ton of foul language to get you in trouble with the 'rents. [Nov 2003, p.60]
  22. Take one part "Grand Theft Auto" and one part car combat game "Twisted Metal Black." Mix, ingest, and vomit. Stare wistfully into bowl. What could have been a great game—car carnage with heavy artillery against gangs in cities devastated by a mysterious plague—is only mediocre.
  23. 40
    Unfortunately, when the best part of a game is the absurdly vulgar audio, there's definitely a problem in the overall design.

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