Robotech: Invasion Xbox


Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 41
  2. Negative: 6 out of 41
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  1. The storyline is a little jerky at times, but does get the point across and has some "advanced" plot concepts, such as foreshadowing.
  2. It doesn't do anything too different and although the cycles are nice, I felt that the Veritechs of the previous game were much more fun to mess around with.
  3. 80
    The game alternates between first- and third-person views, but it is all action, allowing you to fight riding the Cyclone in motorcycle form or wearing it as mecha battle armor. Either way, it's a way more bitchin' ride than your little Vespa.
  4. Once you've had a taste of sweet cel-shaded transformer action Invasion simply smacks of a tired FPS game that has been done to death.
  5. 75
    Overall, the game is pretty mediocre. The multiplayer falls short and the single player can be beat in less than 12 hours, the controls are rather awkward at first and the cyclones are hard to control.
  6. 74
    It's also a game that's kindly rounded out by superb control and targeting advancements, not to mention a now obligatory online mode, for however useless it may wind up being in the long run.
  7. Getting comfortable with the cycle controls will take some time and I actually found it easier to go on foot whenever possible than mess around with the cycle mode.
  8. If the developers put some additional time sprucing up the graphics engine, the controls, and the difficulty level, this would have been a game to seriously contend with.
  9. AceGamez
    An above average online mode offers its true salvation however, delivering a genuine quality experience.
  10. The major downside to Battlecry was the repetitive nature of the game, which thankfully is not present anymore in the game.
  11. It's just a shame that when put together it's only an average game.
  12. The game never drew me inside the world of Robotech. "Battlecry" did a much better job capturing the feel and atmosphere of Robotech.
  13. A standard sci-fi shooter that only die-hard fans of the series will really appreciate. Even though the game features the use of Cyclone armor, and cameos from the anime series, there is just something missing from Invasion that makes it feel anything but Robotech.
  14. A daring departure from the cartoon-roots of the series, but it's as though the developers used up all their creativity on this. The levels are repetitive in design and layout, and the enemies are generic hordes of identical clones.
  15. Much of the iconic music, sounds, and emotive quality of the classic cartoon are absent here, making the game a fairly standard sci-fi romp with little of the magic it might have had. [Oct 2004, p.128]
  16. The characters and environments are all but devoid of personality, and even fans of the television program will be left wondering what has been done to suck all of the life out of such a great series.
  17. When it comes right down to it, Robotech: Invasion isn't a bad game, it's just not an original game.
  18. This game just ends up being a very mediocre FPS with the name "Robotech" slapped onto it. The controls are so-so, the voice acting is horrible and the music is very basic.
  19. While Invasion includes online multiplayer capability, a feature not included in the original, the game's single-player campaign still suffers from the same bland gameplay and mission design that plagued its predecessor.
  20. It's not an exciting, adrenaline-pumping game and it does border on the easy side, but with multiplayer options (online and offline) for up to eight players, we could soon see the birth of tomorrow's generation of FPS warriors.
  21. I've seen better on older generation consoles.
  22. 60
    This game should have been much better.
  23. On one level as a fan, I love being able to partake in the events in the Robotech universe. Even though the game overall is a let down, I can forgive its short comings and enjoy the game for what it is.
  24. A messy experience that just isn't any fun. The graphics look fine and the control is generally pretty good, but you've been here before with far better games.
  25. Combat is occasionally entertaining, but more often than not you're mindlessly blasting or backtracking huge stretches of land on the poorly implemented motorcycle. Invasion simply becomes uninteresting, and it can't be redeemed by an equally tired multiplayer component.
  26. Official Xbox Magazine
    Blend a super-cool license familiar to hardcore and casual gamers (and anime fans) with pedestrian gameplay and run-of-the-mill graphics, and you'll upset both fans attracted by the storied name and those hoping for a game that stands on its own merits. [Nov 2004, p.84]
  27. Robotech Invasion is about the fight against the Invid, and that puts the game in competition with every other futuristic shooter instead of playing to the strengths of the series: big robots that switch into planes and fire scores of side winding missiles.
  28. Play Magazine
    It's a wee bit short and a little slow, but fans should be intrigued by the depth and lore. [Oct 2004, p.75]
  29. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Pretty dull, even for a first-person shooter. [Dec 2004, p.150]
  30. 55
    The graphics in Robotech: Invasion are, put simply, average at best and very dated.
  31. Little more than a shoot -'em-up for beginners. It's easy to play and simple to follow which unfortunately makes it slow-paced and largely uneventful with basic auto-locking trigger-holding action.
  32. GMR Magazine
    The controls are just dandy, and there's plenty of shooting to be done, but no single aspect of this Invasion makes the game particularly notable - it looks plain, sounds plain, and pretty much plays plain, too. [Nov 2004, p.112]
  33. 50
    A decent enough shooter that just doesn't do enough to stand out in the Xbox's crowded FPS market.
  34. 50
    Intermittently, flashbacks are thrown into the game's progression by heavily blurring the screen and overlaying some audible forgotten memories. This style isn't very effective -- the blurring gets old and it's a forced narrative that gets old fast.
  35. The first person mode of this game features a fantastic control scheme and can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately the other half of the game, cycle mode, offers clunky controls and slow game play, making the game feel incomplete.
  36. Xbox Nation Magazine
    A mangle of ugly graphics, repetitive combat, blah bosses, and just plain awkward moments, Robotech: Invasion fails to fire up protoculture-guffing fans of the late-'80s cult cartoon on which the game is based. [Nov 2004, p.100]
  37. games(TM)
    Invasion's innocent looks and gameplay do have some cohesion and its very simplicity is its one saving grace. It's bubblegum for your mind and never offensive. If it had appeared five years ago at the same price it would come recommended for the younger gamer. [Feb 2005, p.108]
  38. 40
    With horrible graphics that look like something an owl regurgitated, broken controls that must be wrestled with at every turn, and level designs that could turn the undead, Robotech: Invasion is an utter waste of money.
  39. I'll have to either return to watching paint dry or tuning in for Celebrity Big Brother…I think I'll opt for the paint, it's far more entertaining.
  40. In all honesty, Robotech: Invasion is not even worth sitting at a computer and writing a review for.

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