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  2. Negative: 1 out of 20
  1. The game is not overly complex, but it is graphically pleasing and is great fun for families and as a party game. The effects sparkle and the action is humorous.
  2. The game's combat system is fundamentally solid with an excellent combo system that is actually much more in-depth than I originally suspected.
  3. Don't let the wrapper fool you: Shrek SuperSlam is a competent fighter at its core, with farting and battle gnomes as layers of this unique universe.
  4. 82
    Probably the best overall Shrek game out there. It's loyal to the license, and even without it, this is still an enjoyable game.
  5. Shrek SuperSlam is just like Powerstone, but with Shrek characters. I'm sure you remember how good Powerstone on the Dreamcast was, too. I remember those days well!
  6. Those coming from a Smash Brothers background will likely blaze through this game and walk away hungry, but for those looking for the casual fighter with charming characters and delightful animation, you can't go wrong with the cast of Shrek.
  7. It contains more depth than I ever thought it would. The destructible levels break apart satisfyingly and the combo system for each character provides loads of offensive and defensives moves to learn.
  8. Shrek will certainly appeal to the target audience but anyone else will find the gameplay far too constraining.
  9. A great game for a group of friends as well as for the younger crowd. Its target audience actually ends up being a great decision because of the easy to pick up and simple gameplay.
  10. I was surprised by Shrek Superslam. I went in expecting the type of licensed schlock that publishers crank out for a quick buck, and what I got instead was a perfectly adequate multiplayer fighter.
  11. 72
    It is not the best brawler on the market, but Shrek SuperSlam is a good one that gets held back from greatness due to some weak parts.
  12. The characters don't move with the speed and finesse of those in Smash Bros and the fighting has less finesse. The recognisable characters help to make this title stand out and it's not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. 70
    It's obvious from the first minute of play time that SuperSlam aspires to copy "Super Smash Bros.," and a general lack of character responsiveness and a sometimes jittery framerate with multiple characters onscreen limits the fighter's potential.
  14. The cut scenes are genuinely funny, with the franchise's trademark fairy tale humor and wit are constantly at play.
  15. We'd have liked to see a more controllable camera as it's pretty static and doesn't allow for too much close-up action, but with such a bright and batty Shrek universe to demolish, we didn't find ourselves caring that much anyway. [Official UK XBox Magazine]
  16. An easy game to pick up and play, but unless you're a big fan of the license there isn't much to keep you playing.
  17. If you're above the age of 13, you may find this game extremely boring, and somewhat lackluster. It's got the makings of a fun-filled 3D fighting game, but it just unfortunately doesn't deliver like it should.
  18. While it's lacking somewhat in content and variety, Shrek Superslam offers instant and easy cartoon scraps to those gamers either a little on the young side, or looking for quick fix, bite-size battles. It doesn't push the boundaries in any particular department, but remains true to the ideal of pure and simple fun.
  19. Thanks to the weak combo system, and the sometimes confusing action onscreen, most adult gamers will simply be frustrated in playing this, unless it's used as a form of parent-child bonding, where it would work wonders.
  20. A flimsy, hollow and ill-timed release that only some children would take pleasure from as their expectations on occasion are not that high.
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  1. Jan 25, 2014
    I like this game. I would like to play this game all the time and every day. The game is very awesome and these challenges are hard to me. I have purchased this cool game. Full Review »