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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 43
  2. Negative: 1 out of 43
  1. Fans of horror games need to drop everything and pick up Silent Hill 4: The Room because aside from being the best in the series, this could be the best of the genre. About the only flaw that can be found is that Henry seems a bit too emotionless at times.
  2. In my honest humble opinion Silent Hill 4: The Room is by far the best of the Silent Hill series.
  3. A fun horror title with solid gameplay and an interesting storyline to keep you playing to the very end.
  4. The clunky inventory and save system that forces you to return to your room is annoying at first but you eventually learn to live with it.
  5. The pedestrian gameplay is overcome by the incredible visuals and audio. The story is also the best of all the SH games to date.
  6. The game's disarming voyeurism, bizarre camera angles, and exceptionally well-placed tension is what the series has been trying to do all along, but The Room is the first entry to do it right. [Sept 2004, p.104]
  7. 85
    The large number of cut scenes seems a little distracting at first, but once you get used to them, they add a lot of depth to the game.
  8. Be warned, however, that this game is not for the weak at heart. It will scare you. But like a good horror flick, you'll love every minute of it, especially without the usual stupid teenagers getting killed.
  9. While not all of the additional elements worked well, such as the awkward inventory limit, fans of the series and newcomers alike will still find much to appreciate and cower in terror about in the game.
  10. While there were definitely some changes to the game that I didn't care much for, such as the lack of radio/flashlight combo, perhaps the alterations were a good thing for the series overall.
  11. Dedicated followers of the Silent Hill mythology will find plenty to sink their teeth into with a solid eight-hour adventure and multiple endings, and the new "Room" mechanics and intriguing plot might even snare a few newcomers.
  12. More disturbing than seeing a clown in your infant years, Silent Hill 4: The Room is the best of the series to date and if you have the guts then it's definitely worth a look.
  13. 80
    Neither brilliant nor terrible. Instead, it falls into that weird ether world of limbo, a game that's good in parts and weak in others, leaving you with a feeling of only mild satisfaction. It's like waking up with a great hunger to a plate of luke-warm eggs.
  14. The eeriness of the environments, even your room feels dingy, is captured brilliantly, and the tunnel effect is awesome.
  15. The Room is a frightening and disturbing jaunt even with its number of flaws you'll encounter along the way, but it is definitely a jaunt well worth taking.
  16. Unlike Hollywood horror movies that often get worse with each new sequel ("Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan," for example), Konami's scary Silent Hill series gets better -- and creepier -- with age.
  17. Even with a new action-oriented emphasis, the game's targetting system, spotty collision detection, and lead-footed "companion" in the game's second half means it doesn't exactly handle like a dream. [Oct 2004, p.72]
  18. 80
    Overall I enjoyed Silent Hill 4 just as much as the previous games. Although the initially slower pace and more non-conventional puzzles might annoy some gamers, those who hang in there are in for a hellish treat well worthy of the creepy Silent Hill brand.
  19. 80
    It's telling that even when Silent Hill isn't at its best, it's still better than most of the competition, and both parts of that sentence are true about The Room.
  20. It's the details that we love in this game...Graphics are wonderful, too...Just dont play it in the dark.
  21. Other than the different endings and the way the difficulty levels affect the puzzles and combat, the only difference on a reply are the addition of some hidden items.
  22. Worth at least a rental, since the game can easily be beaten the first time through in twelve or less hours.
  23. 80
    Even though the dialogue is pretty well-written, the game's voice actors deliver a rather wooden performance that will have most audiences rolling their eyes and wishing for more monsters to kill.
  24. 80
    Its well implemented concepts of both first person and third person perspectives and its centralisation between an apartment and an alternative world offer a rare kind of gameplay experience.
  25. The bizarre levels and challenging puzzles remain engrossing even when you start asking the never-answered question, "What's the point?"
  26. The Room is definitely smaller and more sparsely appointed digs than its predecessors... but it's still in one hell of a neighborhood.
  27. Pairs third-person and new first-person gameplay with an emphasis on combat and item management. The resultant hybrid has some flaws, but The Room retains the dark, disturbing soul that is the unsettling center of the Silent Hill experience.
  28. It also introduces a cerebral angle to a genre that's left little to the imagination and makes it all the more unnerving as the hell on the other side of the hole in your wall closes in. [Oct 2004, p.96]
  29. 75
    A rather slow game, which gets incredibly fast with bad camera angles at unexpected times.
  30. Unsurprisingly, the Xbox version is a bit cleaner and sharper than the PS2 and has some more detailed textures. It's a noticeable difference, but not a big deal.
  31. Veterans can complete this in one sitting of 4-8 hours if so inclined. Even with all the monotonous backtracking and escort missions, the game is far too short. The downside is comparable to seeing a great horror flick that is only 80 minutes long.
  32. A damned scary game, and it's one of the better survival horror titles out there because of that. It's good to see its designers taking risks and experimenting with the formula. This time, however, it's kind of a misfire. It's by no means a failure, but it's not a success, either.
  33. Because of the rather boring combat system, it's a sad fact that Silent Hill 4 really isn't all that scary.
  34. We just can't get that excited about Konami's latest venture. Maybe it's the annoying plot twist that happens halfway through the game - think "Ico" with a plaster cast - that essentially forces you to replay through all the frightening locations you've already visited.
  35. The stellar visuals and spot-on sound design keep these from being too terribly dull, but clumsy combat and woeful repetition will try your patience.
  36. One of the most disturbing games of the year. In a good way.
  37. The game is too bright. Previous titles used the darkness to instill a mood and sense of horror in things you couldn't see. This time around, you can see everything, even in the distance.
  38. The first-person view allows only for awkward movement and exploration, with Townshend forced to turn to alter his view. Invincible ghosts prove to be perpetually frustrating, especially in tight spots.
  39. Look at it one way, and it's a choking journey with unprecedented attention to unease and psychological horror, a game framed with unparalleled sophistication. From another angle, it's just a clunky PSone throwback, with all the design wit of a dodo. [Aug 2004, p.92]
  40. It's the weakest of the series by a long way, and an ill-judged attempt to drag a narrative driven adventure game into the realms of sub hackandslash by removing much of the actual thinking and forcing the player to engage in less than challenging puzzles while foisting repetitive and unengaging combat upon them.
  41. Silent Hill 4 is by far the most atmospheric of the titles to date, and if played under the right conditions will creep out even the most hardened survival horror fan. But being made to traipse over the same levels a second time seems a little lazy and really saps a lot of enjoyment out of the experience. [Sept 2004, p.113]
  42. Silent Hill 4 may look pretty on the surface, but after an hour or so you'll have found out that like most pretty things, what's beneath can be pretty disappointing.
  43. Fans of the series will have plenty to be happy about, but you can't help feeling you've been here and done that in the previous games. That's the real horror here.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 22 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 3 out of 10
  1. Jun 11, 2011
    Definitely a disappointment considering it's predecessors, but it's still a damn good horror game (and at least 10x better than Homecoming). It takes away some of the most essential items from previous games - the flashlight and the radio, and brings you into the prison of someone else's mind. It isn't directly related to Silent Hill, though the villain of this game is mentioned frequently in Silent Hill 2, and there is also a Room 302 in the first Silent Hill that serves an important purpose (I believe it has a TV that reveals certain secrets). The voice acting has improved in this one and there's a certain incoherent quality to it that creates this sense of chaos all throughout, and can successfully make you feel as desperate to escape as the protagonist is. The sound quality has also improved - it may not be as eerie as previous Silent Hill games, but it sounds like it has been mixed better. Also, due to the lack of a radio, the silent appearances of enemies (especially the Twin Victims which just sit stilly in the distance pointing with the faces of dead babies) - and the introduction of invincible ghosts that can chase you from room to room and moan disturbingly. Full Review »
  2. BenD.
    Oct 4, 2004
    This game is the best horror game ever made.
  3. Mar 11, 2013
    Out of all the horror games I've played so far Silent Hill 4 is the scariest, and I think that's the best compliment one can give a horror game. As far as presentation goes it's outstanding. The score is haunting and beautiful while the voice acting is very good but does dip in quality from time to time. I know it's an old game but this might be the best looking Xbox game I've ever seen. The story is fantastic and full of mystery and haunting moments. Gameplay is great and Konami added some new features this time like a first person perspective, hauntings, and un-killable ghosts. The changes don't just affect the gameplay, but the setting as a whole. For one thing it's a Silent Hill game that doesn't take place entirely in Silent Hill. You will travel to different areas within Silent Hill, but this is all done through the main characters apartment in an interesting and unique way. The apartment plays a huge role in the game, and introduces us to a new voyeur-esqe way of progressing the story. I could go on and on with the new changes in this entry but the question your probably asking is "Is it scary?". The answer is yes, it's filled with tension and fear and I had trouble sleeping at night when I would think about it. Despite all the praises I have for it there are some issues. Maneuvering in first-person can be awkward and the camera isn't always the most cooperative this time, occasionally obscuring your view. Also about half way through the game your put in charge of escorting one of the main characters neighbors, it's not a bad thing but can get a little frustrating at times. None of these issues should stop you from playing this game if your a Silent Hill fan or just love a good scare. It's fantastic, horrifying, and outstanding survival-horror game that I highly recommend. So grab a copy, lock the door, and turn the lights out it's time to get scared. Full Review »