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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 34
  2. Negative: 9 out of 34
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  1. Computer Games Magazine
    If you don't have any friends over 30, the developers have kindly provided 'bots. [July 2005, p.91]
  2. It's simplicity personified, and it will never be the classic that the original was, but Spy vs Spy still has that mischievous spirit to bring a childish smile to everyone's face.
  3. A great little game which mirrors Mad Magazine characters perfectly. It's not groundbreaking, but it's fun, and that's the main key to remember.
  4. The combat is solid, and the exaggerated spy look/feel to the game gives it an extra something that sets it apart from other combat games. However, the modes aren't varied that much, and the single-payer experience is weak at best, resulting in a title that will be a blast for a few days, and then fades to the back of a collection.
  5. It's a shame Global Star didn't spend more energy on the single-player experience, or perhaps even drop the Story mode completely in favor for still more multiplayer modes and/or maps.
  6. On the one hand, Spy vs. Spy is a fun, engaging, throwaway platform game that comes in at the right price. The addition of the multiplayer modes and classic game are just a bonus. On the other hand, you've got a fairly buggy and technically inferior platform game that contains just enough inventiveness to get by.
  7. With a few friends (or online), you may have some fun for a time, but more than likely its clunky controls and limited offerings will quickly become a bore.
  8. Play Magazine
    Overly simplistic and staged cause-and-effect do not a good Spy vs. Spy game make. [June 2005, p.56]
  9. Cheat Code Central
    It's inventive, funny, engaging and somewhat original although I think the developers should have stayed true to Prohias' vision.
  10. For a party of friends – either local or online – Spy vs. Spy would make a great weekend rental, but gamers looking for substance in their action platformers would most likely be disappointed with Spy vs. Spy.
  11. The stylized and cartoon-like depiction is as accurate as I could hope for, from the slinky spy creeping movement to the peculiar and lethal traps.
  12. In the end, Spy vs. Spy fails to innovate-nothing sets it apart from the Sly Coopers and Maximos of the action genre, except for its mediocrity.
  13. Spy vs. Spy continues Vicious Cycles' tradition of graphically strong games that lack solid game play.
  14. This game is very shallow. Instead of being a content-rich $20 game such as Phantom Dust, that's as deep as an ocean, we get a mediocre action game that's has the depth of a kiddie pool.
  15. 55
    The game is good for those who are just after a laugh and a fun time with their mates away from 'stat slaves', which have become far too frequent on a little-known FPS called "Halo 2."
  16. Suffers from a very pedestrian single player game that lacks the humour of the comic on which it's based, which is very disappointing considering how funny and clever they often were. Multiplayer is more fun, and is a good game for weekend hire.
  17. Official Xbox Magazine
    A madcap, farcical mishmash of both online and offline multiplayer options, along with a fairly weak, platformer-centric single-player Story Mode. [July 2005, p.89]
  18. Those who yearn for a return to yesteryear will find little solace in the game's so-called "classic" mode, which isn't an emulation of the 8-bit original, but simply the original game's layout structures and objectives within the new game's visual style.
  19. The variety of traps is nice, and until the novelty of blowing your opponent up with an electrocuting doorknob wears off, the online game is a lot of fun. Once that's over, though, you realize that Spy vs. Spy just doesn't have the depth of bigger-budget titles.
  20. AceGamez
    And while the graphics are fun, the translation into 3D has been totally mishandled and lost the whole appeal of the gameplay.
  21. The celebrated comic series makes a jump to the Xbox, but the sub par gameplay and weak visuals in this budget game doesn't do it any justice.
  22. 50
    The one bit about Spy vs. Spy that really shines is the presentation. Each level looks radically different than the last, and comes complete with its own, unique challenges.
  23. Very basic, very average and a little fun in small doses.

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#37 Most Shared Xbox Game of 2005
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  1. MikeB.
    Mar 21, 2005
    Black and white are at it again a welcome return.
  2. May 15, 2017
    Bloody fab game. **** the critics. One of the best ps2 games I played, shocked to find it had such a bad critical reception. BrilliantBloody fab game. **** the critics. One of the best ps2 games I played, shocked to find it had such a bad critical reception. Brilliant multiplayer and gadgets to mess around with. Single player was decent too - though lacking a good story. Full Review »
  3. NathanK.
    Aug 9, 2005
    I dont care what the critics said. I thought this game was fun although it could of been truer to Antonio Prohias' orginal comic.