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  • Summary: Stacked with Daniel Negreanu is a 3D poker simulation that provides both instruction and challenging AI competition. With video and in-game instructional features, the game helps you hone your No-Limit Hold 'Em skills. Computer opponents are equipped with a dynamic AI that allows them to take on specific personalities and adjust their play during the game. In Career mode, you can create your own character and take him or her up the ranks, eventually playing in larger tournaments and earning the respect of poker pros. The game also supports online play for small or large tournaments against other players. Expand
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  1. Stacked presents itself as a typical game of poker, but thanks to a pretty intriguing artificial intelligence system, it plays things much smarter than your average poker title.
  2. 70
    Overall, Stacked is a great poker game that could have been better. Granted, that would have meant more delays, but the overall package is well worth the price.
  3. Stacked could benefit from more polish and deeper player customization (no, we don't want to look fat and balding, even if we are), but its actual gameplay is solid, and the creepy I'm-watching-you-so-I-can-destroy-you vibe can only help your real-world strategy.
  4. Until you've decided and played your hand, the Pokibot is extremely slow. If you're used to Internet Hold'em play, this game seems quite boring.
  5. If stacked wants to play with the big boys, it needs to bring more to the table.
  6. If you want Texas Hold 'Em, there are plenty of other ways to get it. This game may have been alright had it been released even a year ago. As it is, Stacked just falls flat inthe face of the competition.
  7. The tutorial sets the stage for a pleasurable experience, but shoddy game modes, AI, and visuals kill the moment.

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  1. JB
    Jun 3, 2006
    The IGN review is dead on. This game was delayed and delayed for a reason: It's not very good. It doesn't matter how strong the poki engine is, the user interface is awful, not to mention the overall gameplay and poor online setup. Reminds me of a car with a Porsche engine but a Yugo body. Collapse