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Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
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  1. 70
    As usual, this type of game controls better on a PC and character movement feels slow and clunky with the Xbox controller.
  2. Its slavish dedication to convention will scratch the methodical, cerebral itch all diehard adventure game fans have. As a genre exercise, though, it exerts little energy to draw in new players.
  3. Game Informer
    Like a deep-fried supermodel, the scarred beauty of Still Life is sadly buried under inches of unpleasant greasy breading. [Apr 2005, p.136]
  4. Still Life might not be perfect or innovative but it does justice to the classic crime-solving adventure genre and will keep you hooked to the very end.
  5. Cheat Code Central
    It's good for novices and those hardcores that might want to run through such a game in a couple of days.
  6. It definitely needed more puzzles and a fresh take on the gameplay. The bottom line is this: if you like adventure games, you should enjoy Still Life, but it will definitely not change the mind of the masses.
  7. Excellent visuals and voice acting really draw you into this film-like adventure experience known as Still Life.
  8. While the game might be a bit simple for some, veteran gamers will still enjoy the deep story contained within Still Life.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine
    With too much backtracking between locations..., short play time, and a frustratingly inconclusive ending (closure be damned), Still Life limits its appeal to the already converted. [June 2005, p.81]
  10. Taking cues from the hit series CSI, this adventure title demands strong patience and creativity to solve the missions. Definitely not for the weak hearted.
  11. Play Magazine
    Even the most gruesome crime scenes have a haunting beauty about's almost a strange intertwining of reality and the surreal. [June 2005, p.50]
  12. A great mature concept that can not live up to the expectations.
  13. From the dazzling introductory sequence, right the way through to the cliff hanger ending, there's not a single section of gameplay that feels it hasn't been smothered with love.
  14. Sadly it falls into the realm of being one of those games that presents nothing new to the adventure genre and instead relies on the usual puzzle solving and mildly entertaining exploration mechanics of past titles.
  15. If you were looking for a mature plot driven game mixed with drama, suspense and gore then this is your victim. Remember its pace is slow, but the reward is worth the time invested.
  16. Still Life doesn't start with a bang; rather, it consistently builds towards an interesting and eventful finale, only to let the player down in the end.
  17. 80
    An excellent adventure title that most will feel more confomfortable with on a PC. However, priced at ten dollars cheaper, the Xbox version isn't bad at all.
  18. Still Life is generally enjoyable, with good quality puzzles and an excellent atmosphere. Still Life doesn't venture far from the typical adventure formula but for what it is, the game is commendable.
  19. With plenty of spooky atmosphere and a gripping tale Still Life is an intriguing prospect although I can really only suggest a rental at best.
  20. An enjoyable Xbox title that actually doesn't have a single gun in it.
  21. Yes, the story is intriguing and wanting to know what happens next will drive most players to battle through the gameplay tedium, but the experience the plot delivers is in no way exceptional and certainly nothing that couldn't be surpassed by the rental of a decent DVD.
  22. For the hardcore gamer, there should be enough here to keep their interest through until the ending.
  23. 60
    As a complete package Still Life is a very enjoyable adventure game, its lack of engaging puzzles does sometimes make it feel more like an interactive novel than a game but that in no way detracts from the quality of the product.
  24. A slow paced game that will turn away many potential gamers. On the other hand it has a story which is of the highest quality and will keep patient gamers happy the whole way through the game.
  25. This murder-detective mystery from the Adventure Company is every bit as gruesome as it is enjoyable, and it certainly had us all engrossed until its eventual conclusion.
  26. After suffering through baking puzzles I expected a more satisfying ending, and was left feeling angry and forlorn.
  27. Anyone who loves a mystery and has an investigative mind will get many hours of pleasure from Still Life.
  28. Still Life includes a gripping gruesome story, challenging gameplay, and to top things off, it's only twenty dollars. It may not have the longest single-player campaign, but it has a darn good one.
  29. Despite the fact that you play an FBI agent, you never use a weapon. Still Life is an adventure, through and through.

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#47 Most Shared Xbox Game of 2005
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 6 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 4
  2. Negative: 1 out of 4
  1. Jan 12, 2017
    Jeu d'aventure "standard", c'est-à-dire qui respecte le cahier des charges du cancre vidéoludique. Si les graphismes sont tout juste corrects,Jeu d'aventure "standard", c'est-à-dire qui respecte le cahier des charges du cancre vidéoludique. Si les graphismes sont tout juste corrects, l'interface se révèle perfectible pour ne pas dire lourdingue le plus souvent ; la VF est néanmoins satisfaisante et la musique d'ascenseur est fort sympathique.

    Comme de coutume dans ce genre de jeu mal fait, entre les énigmes qui passent pour des bugs et les bugs qui ressemblent à des énigmes (à l'insu de l'incompétence notoire du développeur stagiaire) on ne sait plus où donner de la tête pour colmater les brèches de cette épave qui prend l'eau de toutes parts.

    En outre, le pseudo-jeu présenté ici est français, ce qui n'est pas pour nous rassurer mais plutôt pour nous conforter dans ce que nous en pensions dès le départ : un échec qui n'a d'égal que sa veule prétention de novice plagieur de série américaine de bas niveau.
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  2. LizB.
    Jan 24, 2006
    i like it alot, it is edgy and entertaining.
  3. BlueFalcon
    Aug 30, 2005
    I couldn't take the tedious puzzles. I really wanted to like this game though.