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  • Summary: Street Hoops brings the aggressive energy and stylish attitude of street basketball into your living room. Set up your own team, and then compete in nationwide street court tournaments. As your team runs through the ranks, you unlock players such as AO, Main Event, 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing, Headache, and Hot Sauce from the most recent And 1 Mix Tapes; plus Speedy Williams, Booger Smith, and The Future from the Nike freestyle commercial. You can spend your hard-earned winnings on new shoes, warm-ups, tattoos, jewelry, and other gear. Expand
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  1. 90
    Straddles the line between arcade and simulation nicely. Players move, look, and behave in a realistic fashion, but fatigue, substitutions, and playcalling don’t interrupt the fun.
  2. Delivers on the street but stumbles on the hoops. [6 Sept 2002, p.89]
  3. While not an entirely bad game, Street Hoops misses the mark completely and doesn’t fully capture the passion of an authentic street game.
  4. With the bad defensive AI and awful collision detection problems and the unrealistic every-shot-is-good offensive abilities of the CPU opposition, the only ones who may be interested in buying Street Hoops are players that have actually hooped it up on some of the real-world courts contained in the game.
  5. A credible first effort, but it’s not enough to knock off NBA Street from its throne, gambling options aside.
  6. Without the huge stars of the NBA to play against, it already falls flat next to EA’s "NBA Street" and despite all of its urban trappings this is a very bland and unexciting ballgame.
  7. Street Hoops tries to capture the sensationalized style of hardcore playground ball, but only manages to come off as a weak, thinly veiled copycat.

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  1. Deathstalker79
    Oct 14, 2002
    Although one would think this was NBA streets with the sever hookups, this game falls short, like lil'bow wow music career. Just because you stick rappers in the game it doesn't make it good. Expand