Tak: The Great Juju Challenge Xbox

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  • Summary: The third chapter in THQ's Tak series lets the player reprise the role of Tak, a shaman who uses magic to defeat enemies. Tak: The Great Juju Challenge features a new cooperative mode in which two players can solve puzzles together.
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  1. A complete package. It combines some fine storytelling, great presentation values on every level, interesting puzzles, and great platforming to make for a fun ride that doesn't leave too soon or overstay its welcome.
  2. It's a testament to innovative thinking that the brilliant developers at Avalanche Software are able to find a way to breathe new life into an old premise and a series that most gamers would probably imagine has run its course.
  3. THQ presents the perfect game for younger gamers this holiday season, with refined platforming mechanics and co-op gameplay to further strengthen the Tak franchise.
  4. The slow progression it has taken over the past few years is a joy to see and I can't wait to see the next Tak game.
  5. Play Magazine
    Control is still a tad clunky but a super fun game nevertheless. [Nov p.94]
  6. AceGamez
    Tak: The Great JuJu Challenge takes a fairly average platforming formula and puts a unique turn with it, making each level a race against the clock where speed is of the essence, but so is exploration.
  7. Tak 3 certainly has some adorable moments, but they're overshadowed by a frustrating design and sloppy gameplay mechanics.

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  1. BlueFalcon
    Sep 28, 2005
    The characters are fun and likeable, but i didn't much enjoy the actual gameplay. I'm not sure timing the stages was a good idea at all.

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