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  • Summary: Imprisoned in a tough German war camp during WWII, you must coordinate a daring escape and wreak havoc in the heart of the Nazi empire. Use your wits to elude your captors through stealth and espionage episodes as you equip your secret Allies army with the tools needed for this secret plot. Once you've broken through to freedom, draw your guns and blast your way through the gut of the Nazi war machine. Finally, you'll take to the highways in chases through the enemy lines--and on to freedom. Expand
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  1. There's the excellent AI, providing plenty of intense situations wherein you must outwit your enemies. The intelligence of the game’s often tricky challenges make their completion all the more rewarding.
  2. It’s fun for awhile and if you can stand the never ending loading screen sequence, you should have a good time.
  3. Just felt incomplete and unpolished, or perhaps just rushed out the door.
  4. The drab pacing isn’t helped by clunky controls and muddy graphics.
  5. This game quickly strays into "Hogan's Heroes" territory, with comically stupid enemy A.I. and an endless string of overfamiliar formulas and cliches. [Oct/Nov 2003, p.85]
  6. It was the mission objectives that put fear in my heart. Many are downright illogical to the point where I could only figure out what to do by screwing up over and over. [Oct 2003, p.142]
  7. 25
    McQueen truly is “The Cooler King” in more ways than one, which only makes his half-assed showing in this half-assed game a full-fledged bummer. Skip this disaster and rent "The Towering Inferno" instead.

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