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  • Summary: You are Garret, the master thief who's rarely seen and never caught. In the effort to stop the Dark Age from coming, you must steal the City's oldest treasures. The path to these treasures requires you to sneak past guards, pick locks, and break into secured residences. It's best to avoid the armed guards, hired muscle, angry thugs, and hideous monsters that populate the streets. You'll have many thief tools to help you skulk around the shadows; in case that doesn't work, you'll have plenty of weapons to defend yourself. Expand
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  1. What really impressed me about Thief: Deadly Shadows was its exquisite attention to detail in all regards. From the graphics to the sound to the level design, every aspect of Thief: Deadly Shadows seems lovingly crafted by those who genuinely cared about what they were doing.
  2. 90
    Carry out your finest work in shadowy places and dole out dagger lobotomies with little chance of being penalized. It's almost as good as being a U.S. president or Hall of Fame running back!
  3. Delivers on its promises and is a worthy addition to the legacy of Looking Glass, we can only hope that more innovation and interaction is present in what all Thief fans are hoping for; "Thief 4."
  4. Overwhelming salvaged by three of the cornerstones of the franchise, an engaging, well crafted plotline, solid premise and impressive sound values.
  5. Lead character Garrett slides effortlessly from the shadows in order to pick a lock (or pocket) before silently dropping out of sight. It's an effect you simply never tire of, and it's why it never feels stupid to be hiding three inches away from a patrolling guard without being seen (as is so often the case in "Splinter Cell"). [July 2004, p.104]
  6. Without the guns, gadgets, and radars of modern-themed games, it's a much tenser experience, and the cunning level design and excellent sound effects really draw you into its world. The variable difficulty levels mean no one should get seriously stuck, but there's still plenty of challenge for those that want it.
  7. It excels in creating a gripping narrative that lends a strong contextual backdrop to the gameplay.

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