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Critic score distribution:
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  1. 84
    An extension of a reworked game that's smartly designed but in many ways is just too much of the same. Too many new insignificant features, too much off-skateboard "adventuring," and a direction that appears to be moving far, far away from the original games.
  2. THUG2 hangs on to the great gameplay of the previous games, makes a few minor tweaks, and wraps it all up in a new Bam Margera-centric package.
  3. The levels are teeming with things to do, with tons of goals to perform in each one of them. There is also no shortage of playable characters, with a plethora of pro skaters and secret characters to help you on your journey.
  4. Game Informer
    An irresistible package born of the classic mold but with an invigorating twist. [Nov 2004, p.140]
  5. While the console versions of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 may be a better game than the original Underground, you can't help but feel that the game is something you've already played before.
  6. The refinement of an excellent skateboarding engine with a surprisingly boring game built atop it, coupled with some fairly lame humor.
  7. 90
    The best skating game ever made, and while it isn't nearly as groundbreaking as the previous game, it takes everything that made it great and adds some new tricks and a dash of juvenile potty humor, leaving you with the best time you'll have at a skate park this year.
  8. Neversoft has refined the gameplay to the point of it being almost a meditation exercise, letting you grind, manual, revert and flip with a Zen-like calmness.
  9. 90
    The Story Mode is decidedly different in that it doesn't feel like a rehash of THUG and the inclusion of Classic Mode is brilliant-that's without accounting for the expansive customizable and multiplayer options. Simply put, this game is skating nirvana.
  10. 85
    Players who didn't voluntarily step off the train with "Hawk 4" or last year's "Underground" will find more to love here -- more new tricks, an even more streamlined system of goal selection, a ridiculous selection of goals to select, and levels that hurt to try and comprehend.
  11. Most of the new stuff seemed tacked on for the sake of having something new, and for a skateboarding game I found myself doing a whole lot of stuff "off the board". It kind of reminded me of all the on-foot missions in "Driver 3."
  12. games(TM)
    While Underground tried to seamlessly mix its diversity, humour and gameplay, it was always obvious when you were being dragged away from the combo system at the heart of the series. Thankfully, THUG2 makes a much better fist of keeping classic Tony Hawk's gameplay at the heart of the tasks. Even when skating as Benjamin Franklin or a shrimp vendor, the focus remains on skateboarding. [Dec 2004, p.102]
  13. The lack of attention to the pure mechanics that attracted so many players to the series is a significant detraction to the game, as are the limitations placed on some of the game modes and the overemphasis on acting crazy.
  14. Edge Magazine
    THUG2's biggest step forward – it's stripped-down Classic mode – is one it takes back. It's as refreshing as it is nostalgic, taking on old-school Tony Hawk's levels and goals with THUG's improved trick set, and proves to be a necessary antidote to the mouthy fluster of the career mode, offering up pure, disciplined high-score play against the clock. [Dec 2005, p.117]
  15. The Story Mode will make you laugh out loud.
  16. 80
    In many ways it's the best the series has to offer, but it's still probably not enough to haul in a new audience.
  17. AceGamez
    It's everything you ever wanted from the last couple of Hawk incarnations but these are things that were never included; a unique bobby dazzler of a story and loads of depth that promises to wow us all.
  18. Official Xbox Magazine
    With tons of user-customizable elements, hones core gameplay, and plenty of surprises to discover and explore, no other action sports game can touch Tony Hawk's Underground 2. [Dec 2004, p.64]
  19. Play Magazine
    Bouts of bad behavior distributed between T. Hawk-style fun, the highs and lows of the THUG 2 experience truly boggle the mind with various goals so flawed in execution it feels as if the programmers passed out on their keyboards. [Nov 2004, p.58]
  20. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    A better game than "THUG", and in turn is the most finely polished extreme-sports game ever released...However, the degree to which it improved doesn't match the jump seen from "Tony 4" to "THUG", something fans should know before taking the plunge. [Dec 2004, p.144]
  21. 80
    A sign that the series is grinding along nicely in a comfortable rut, biding its time with the same old technology and some minor gameplay changes.
  22. A lack of online support and, more prominently, the cheesy-bad story mode are negatives in THUG2, and represent a stumble for the franchise.
  23. As much as it pains me to say it, THUG 2 should be the swan song for the Tony Hawk series. While THUG 2 is arguably the best Tony Hawk game to date, the new features this year feel forced and really don't add much to the proven formula.
  24. The amalgamation of Tony Hawk's and "Jackass" is the videogame equivalent of a match-made in heaven, and certainly makes a marked improvement upon the weak story of its predecessor.
  25. If you like deliberately subjecting yourself to frustration for little or no reward, surrounded by a group of idiots mocking you, super glue a coin to the ground and attempt to pry it away while screaming obscenities at the top of your voice. It'll be cheaper than wasting your money on this.
  26. Fortunately, the game is still built on the very strong mechanics of the original THUG, so Bam's absurdity only leaks into the plot, which is a good thing, and not into gameplay, which would be an exceptionally bad thing.
  27. However, casual Tony Hawk fans should really think twice about investing, as there's not a huge amount to set it apart from the rest.
  28. The graphics in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 look so much better then the first THUG.
  29. THUG 2 is oozing with the mojo, and all the extra content and story send this game off the scale. I think the idea of Team Hawk vs. Team Bam! Was inventive and brought more than expected for this sequel.
  30. The only positive aspect for those that have played the game, and feel the same as I do, is that Neversoft has officially announced that their next installment will go in a new direction with hopes of revitalizing the franchise.
  31. It may be more cartoon-like than its predecessors, but provided you haven't grown tired of all those boomerangs, kick-flips and boardslides, it is certainly the one to get. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  32. 78
    The story and classic modes both could've been much better, and the lack of online options puts this one leagues behind the PS2 version.
  33. Has some great humorous moments. Still, it borders a bit on overkill, so if you're tired of the series, this isn't going to sway you differently. Otherwise, feel free to skate on.
  34. netjak
    An enjoyable sequel, but shows signs of deterioration. Sorry Tony, maybe it's time you put away your board and retire while you're still on top.
  35. Overall, Tony Hawk Underground 2 might very well be the most impressive game I have ever played on the Xbox, and that is including "Halo."
  36. The game, while it doesn't provide anything drastically different like previous versions, is still quite fun and as I mentioned, the most in-depth yet. Nonetheless, it does make you wonder how long Neversoft can pull off these yearly sequels.
  37. THUG2 may not match THUG's charm and novelty, but it's still one of the most addictive and satisfying experiences out there.
  38. The customisation options are great for those of you wishing to get that bit more bang for your buck but are not really needed for the more casual players who will have enough to contend with in the Classic and Story modes.
  39. The sticker slap is my favorite new addition. The trick takes the place of the wallplant and enables the skater to turn a wall into a pitstop on the way to a huge combo. Leaping out of a grind into a sticker slap will send a skater right back to the rail, where he (or she) can retrace the path that already produced a good line.
  40. Many problems with the game, such as the misspelled goal on the RV vert ramp in Boston (it's supposed to be 20,000 points, not 2,000) and the sudden change in manual and grind sensitivity, really make the game a little less fun than it should be.
  41. 70
    Looks as if Tony has survived to skate another day, but that shark is still snapping at his heels.
  42. After 5 years the gameplay is getting a little stale, and whilst the game isn't ho-hum, it's not exactly mindblowing either.
  43. Though it all adds up to, essentially, a tuned-up version of the last game, there's enough variation to keep your rebel skater spirit from getting too (sorry)…board.
  44. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Yes, it's similar to previous Hawk games at heart - certainly cause for concern for players burned out on the series - but what a monster game it is. [Dec 2004, p.87]
  45. 88
    Still a great game, but is nowhere near as innovative as we found "THPS4" and "THUG."
  46. Unfortunately the problems with the original 'off-board antics' are still here with chunky controls and annoying camera angles but on the whole, THUG 2 is as addictive as Tony Hawk games get, if you're a fan of the series then this game is a must.
  47. 83
    It is great to have the Classic Mode back, and combined with another enjoyable story mode, you're looking at least a good dozen hours of gameplay at your hands.
  48. What about the fence sitters? The undecided? It's really simple: If you haven't played "THUG" before, start there. You'll likely find it at a great price. If you like it, then go buy THUG 2.
  49. For fans of the series, this may be the best game yet. It combines a Classic and Underground mode into the same game, adds new gameplay elements, and really captures the feel of a bunch of skaters goofing around.
  50. With the inclusion of Classic Mode and the continuation of this quite natural evolution of the franchise, Neversoft has done most everything short of bringing Tony Hawk to your doorstep to put a smile on all of the fans' faces; old, and new alike.
  51. 86
    Many new features really add to the game, including the moves and vehicles. Having two game modes included add to much more playtime, especially if you are a casual THPS player.
  52. 50
    The entire single-player campaign just ruins what could have been a truly excellent sequel to what was a flawed but strong new entry into a well-established franchise. Instead, it feels as if Neversoft did not want to improve on what needed work and then prayed that players would not notice.
  53. The game comes highly recommended to those of you that have gone through the Tony Hawk franchise as it is, and should entertain you for months on end.
  54. Playing the game is fun and loaded with bad jokes and some sexual innuendos but nothing that you would not hear in any song on the top 40 radio right now.
  55. The majority of new gameplay features do positively elaborate on the core THUG experience, but there is an alarming lack of effort in their refinement.

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#70 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2004
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 12 Ratings

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  1. JugsterJ.
    Jun 12, 2005
    PS2 port with bad graphics, many of you who played THUG 1st will remember great graphics on xbox but the 2nd is just ported over. If you PS2 port with bad graphics, many of you who played THUG 1st will remember great graphics on xbox but the 2nd is just ported over. If you havent played THUG 1 get that instead and skip THUG 2. Full Review »
  2. MattC.
    Nov 2, 2004
    I was OBSESSED with thug 1, i played it at least two hours a day(thanks to all the customization and a friend for multiplayer) until i gotI was OBSESSED with thug 1, i played it at least two hours a day(thanks to all the customization and a friend for multiplayer) until i got thug 2. i was shakey thinking thug 2 would be really gay, and...IT IS. but it's fun messing around. the levels are really cool and theres some cool new creat-a-things. i suggest people at least try it out if they aren't sure they will love it as much as i do. Full Review »
  3. Moe
    Oct 17, 2004
    It's a mild improvement on THUG 1, but I still see THPS3 & 4 as being the best in the series.