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  2. Negative: 3 out of 28
  1. 90
    Filled with enough chaos and wicked humor to forgive the slight reliance on platform clichés, Whiplash really is a hell of a game. With a little more polish before release, this game could have been a true masterpiece.
  2. The action and puzzle-solving elements balance nicely. The humor throughout the game is actually funny, especially some of the animal testing equipment they use.
  3. The use of Redmond the Rabbit is very innovative, and does add a different element to a game. It's also solid looking, and solid albeit a little complex in the controls.
  4. 85
    The action is fast, the writing is witty and the bunny can whoop ass.
  5. Even though the game becomes a bit of a chore to muddle through near the end I can’t help but recommend Whiplash for its delightful design and truly funny characters.
  6. The combination of puzzles and action fits well, whilst the level of humour certainly helps the game to gel with the player – although some may find the type of comedy a little low-brow.
  7. 80
    It's addictive, funny, and will make you feel more than a little sad when it's over.
  8. Definitely worth checking out for the humor aspects and watching Spank abuse Redmond to no end.
  9. A welcome change from the norm and if it wasn’t for the awkward camera angles, it would have been a top class game instead of an above average game.
  10. Look past some simplistic visual designs and enjoy the bright, unique style the artists have worked into Whiplash and you'll find a solid game that entertains after you've had your fill with the holiday A-lists. [Jan 2004, p.66]
  11. While edgy and slightly humorous, Whiplash loses its fresh platformer goodness way too early in the game.
  12. Whiplash offers up some real unique ways of getting the job done, unfortunately the fun is short lived, I made it through the game in about 10 hrs, not really a long enough challenge for a game, and after the first few hours the cartoonish humor starts to loose it’s luster.
  13. Weird and wonderful, Whiplash pushes rebellion to the point where it seems callously unconcerned that its middle finger sometimes is aimed straight at its audience. [Mar 2004, p.87]
  14. Tongue-in-cheek humor and mindless, cathartic bashing of things keep the proceedings from getting overly dull. [Jan 2004, p.92]
  15. 70
    Coupling some jokes that get old and haggard with an assortment of repetitive running and jumping tasks makes for a disappointing experience.
  16. Ultimately, Whiplash is a hilariously funny platformer that manages to cruise by on sheer charm and its ludicrously over-the-top soundtrack.
  17. A decent foundation for a possible series. Unfortunately, lackluster navigation, combat maneuvers and repetitious sound effects, amongst other slights weaken this game significantly.
  18. While I love Whiplash's over-the-top concept and humor, its gameplay and graphics languish in a sea of averageness. [Jan 2004, p.128]
  19. There's a lot of twisted humor to warm the hearts of players.
  20. Bunny + Weasel is a whip-smart idea. Too bad the joke gets old fast. [Jan 2004, p.74]
  21. Unfortunately, humor is the only thing Whiplash seems to really nail, and chuckles alone aren't enough to carry an entire game.
  22. 60
    A spirited romp, with some very basic but fun play initially, but it eventually wears thin. Its success with an individual depends entirely on how the humor strikes them. While this is certainly not a huge title and there's little innovation, I must admit I enjoyed it.
  23. Easily the funniest game this generation, and is good platforming fun...Unfortunately, the game comes up a bit short in its design and lack of parity. The jokes become repetitive, as do the levels.
  24. Despite the simplicity of the puzzles, it's an unnecessarily bewildering game for the first hour or so. There's an RPG's worth of menus, full of abilities and stats you just don't need to know about yet. [Mar 2004, p.109]
  25. Gamers will revel in the destruction that unfolds as they guide Spanx and Redmond through the Genron labs, but you soon realise that the humorous touches are hiding a basic and rather childish title. [Mar 2004, p.119]
  26. It's a shame that given such a potentially provocative issue as the premise of the game, Whiplash chooses to take it nowhere and instead falls back on ineffectual humor, cartoonish violence, and an unimaginative interface.
  27. As good funny and entertaining as Whiplash is off the bat, I don’t feel I grew as a result of having played it, and might have even shrunk a little four hours in.
  28. It's simply so boring that my mind wanders to the chores waiting for me at home. [Jan 2004, p.151]
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  1. ClintonM.
    Jan 22, 2004
    Whiplash is hilarious! It's loads of fun and chock full of looney toons sight gags, witty comments and innuendos. A unique storyline and Whiplash is hilarious! It's loads of fun and chock full of looney toons sight gags, witty comments and innuendos. A unique storyline and cast of characters set this game apart from the rest. Gameplay is entertaining and addictive and the graphics are excellent. If you're looking for an interesting comedic game that will hold your attention, Whiplash is perfect! Full Review »