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  • Summary: In a world where terror takes many forms, a new weapon threatens to shake the balance of power. Freedom's last hope rests in the hands of three new operatives, who must race against time to recover this doomsday device. The fate of the world hangs by a thread, and a few ticks of the clock means the difference between justice and annihilation. WINBACK 2 brings to the series a new "route" system that lets players experience each mission from the perspective of different operatives. There are 30 intense missions, multiple difficulty levels, and new weapons including the highly-anticipated sniper rifle. The new Winback assault team is comprised of three young, yet combat-proven operatives led by Craig Contrell. Each team member is qualified in six different weapon types and highly-adept at CQB (Close Quarter Battle). They are masters of target identification, engagement and shot placement. In the hands of the player, all of these techniques will be put to the test. The game's unique shooting action is spread across 30 high-risk operations situated in challenging urban environments and conveyances. Collapse
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  1. It pulls off the arcade feel with half the calories, good for a rent for the casual gamer. Great for those with little time to dump into a title.
  2. Luckily for us gamers Winback 2's strong point is also the most important: gameplay. The team dynamic changes things up from other third-person offerings, and the advent of the report card and timed missions – while they do take some getting used to – help to set goals for players to strive.
  3. Had WinBack 2 been released in 2002/2003, it would have been far better received but as a full-priced game released in 2006 it has to be held to the same standards as other top notch software and it falls short.
  4. From its bland, generic premise to its one-note gameplay, WinBack 2 does nothing that another third-person shooter hasn't already done better.
  5. Winback 2 is an abysmal relic of gamings that sets a new low bar for itself and fails miserably to even hit that. [Jun 2006, p.112]
  6. Project Poseidon is quite the stinker. Low presentation values combined with a gameplay theme that was unique in the mid 90s only harbors repetitive moves and boredom.
  7. No matter how fon you are of "WinBack", a Nintendo 64 third-person shooter released in the previous millennium, you're going to be gravely disappointed with this long-in-the-making sequel. [Jun 2006, p.78]

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