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  • Summary: Enter the fast and freewheeling world of high-stakes poker with World Championship Poker. From Texas Hold'em to Seven-Card Stud and Omaha High-Low, you can play more than 18 different poker games, each with in-game tutorials. Once you're ready, you can travel to six tournament locations, ranging from a TV studio to a Mississippi riverboat, to compete for the championship. Every good poker player needs a solid poker face; mold your character's look with more than 80 different options. Expand
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  1. Taking your talents onto Xbox Live is the real key. [March 2005, p.84]
  2. If you have an interest in poker and you have Xbox Live, you will certainly get more out of this budget title than someone who only plays it offline.
  3. Ultimately a decent effort, but only because of its online play. The offline component of the game is simply too pointless and spotty to hold anyone's attention.
  4. The game's not perfect but it is leaps and bounds above what we've come to expect from current casino games.
  5. If you are resigned to playing poker on the Xbox, World Championships Poker is probably for you. Everyone else should probably spend that $20 on a deck of cards and a case of beer (legal drinking age assumed) and call your friends.
  6. You'll only enjoy it on Xbox Live with a bunch of friends that enjoy playing Poker.
  7. The limited ways to play ultimately causes the game to get tedious and the AI can't even pretend to measure up to the human element that makes poker so interesting.
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