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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 63
  2. Negative: 1 out of 63
  1. One of the best comic games to come along in years … and it's certainly the best X-Men game I've ever played.
  2. With great action-RPG elements, awesome multiplayer support and a meticulous faithfulness to the comics, this is the best X-Men game ever.
  3. If you are looking for a game with some intense yet simple action while at the same time mixing in a deep story and other fleshed out RPG elements, then look no further than X-Men Legends.
  4. 92
    It is fast-paced, long, challenging, and beautiful to look at. The minor flaws with it are easily overlooked when one considers the whole package and realizes that this is probably the best X-Men game to appear on a console in the past ten years or so.
  5. 91
    Do you have a buddy that wants to play with ya, also? Simple and easy to get him in. You don't have to have him restart with a gimpy character. You can just have him plug in his controller and join in with you, then just unplug it when he is done. This rocked.
  6. With X-Men Legends, fans of the series will finally get a next-gen action RPG worth their time and effort. As an action RPG without the license, X-Men Legends is still a great effort, worth your time and notice.
  7. The beat 'em up is a genre that has quietly faded to the side and hasn't had many revolutions on the consoles in recent years. X-Men: Legends takes that style of gameplay, adds a ton of depth to it, four-player support and quite frankly is one of the best X-Men games I've ever played.
  8. The combat in the game is very entertaining and combine that with a very solid storyline and you have a game that will make any X-Men fan very happy.
  9. Comic book fans will love the attention to detail that has been paid to their long-time mutant heroes. Gamers will love the action, graphics, the RPG elements of customizing their team and the ability to sit down and fight bad guys with your friends.
  10. With over 20 hours of gameplay, and one of the most enjoyable cooperative multiplayer experiences I've had, I couldn't recommend Legends more highly to fans and newbies alike. [Nov 2004, p.144]
  11. The "RPG" elements in this game refer to the leveling up of your mutant heroes. Rest assured you won't have to spend countless hours going on useless quests to find the magic vinegar and water to clear the smell out of town hall and nonsense like that.
  12. 90
    The thing that immediately struck me when playing the game was the amazing amount of minutiae that's been included for eagle-eyed fans.
  13. The fast button-pounding gameplay mixed with the strategy of stat-building and item-management makes this game fit in everyone's favorite category. Group this with a fantastic storyline, good voice acting and the addition of several multiplayer modes and you've got one of the best comic book games ever made.
  14. The battle between Cyclops and Havok is just, crazy fun.
  15. 90
    The best game set in the X-Men universe yet.
  16. It comes with a small array of multiplayer modes and a highly compelling main multiplayer quest -- and these things are always more fun with extra human players -- and it's a title with solid longevity.
  17. X-Men Legends brings plenty of new features and fun to the action-RPG genre with AI buddies to fight beside, good four-player cooperative action, and plenty of new powers and extras to dig through.
  18. 90
    Stellar cell-shaded graphics, excellent voice acting (with Patrick Stewart reprising his cinematic role as Professor X), and multiplayer mayhem that make Legends look and feel like the A-list game that it is.
  19. May be just a little too easy, but it's one of the best comic stories ever put into a game, and would be worthy of a feature film treatment.
  20. The sheer number of playable X-Men is amazing.
  21. The action-RPG element really gave Raven Soft the ability to expand on the characters and give you more control than you've ever had with them.
  22. It's the nicely balanced elements of an RPG that helps X-Men Legends put the "mind" back into mindless beat 'em ups.
  23. 87
    If you enjoy quick action in your games, you'll get a lot out of this one, especially when you get into the danger room missions, and get a chance to experiment more and more with exciting techniques and attacks.
  24. It manages to provide not only an extremely satisfying hack'n'slash experience, but also a solid story and non-combat component that adds a little depth to the usual shallow, button-mashing gameplay.
  25. Stands out because of a great gameplay setup that mixes a very strong combat system with the ability to level up characters during the game. While some of the game's action may become quite repetitive, it's also quite addictive.
  26. If Raven Software had just put some more polish on the graphics, found some better voice actors, ramped up the difficulty at the end and put it online, this could have been a contender for RPG of the year.
  27. A surprisingly natural, action-RPG that remains fun to play through during its length.
  28. There are some AI issues, and the multiplayer component seems like it was tacked on as an afterthought, but, as a total package, Legends delivers. It is as true to the source material as any game could hope to be, and as a long-time fan of the X-Men, I am more than pleased.
  29. 85
    The gameplay is fast, furious and addicting... unfortunately it can also get repetitive.
  30. Despite some less-than-stellar A.I. and a simple combat system, the game does enough right to keep most people interested until completion, and it combines a pretty decent length with plenty of variety and unlockables to offer a bit of replay value in the process.
  31. It's going to take the average gamer about 20 hours to complete the game. I finished it in a little under 18 hours but that's because I skipped some of the optional Danger Room missions. If you're an X-men fan, than this is a must-own.
  32. 84
    The fighting is simple, addictive, and enjoyable throughout the long adventure. It's nice to see the X-Men get their due with a game that truly showcases what has made the comics great for three decades.
  33. Even with the technical snafus that sometimes plague Legends, this is still the best X-Men title ever produced. The Action/RPG elements are nicely integrated within an epic storyline with plenty of intrigue and a huge amount of gameplay that can take 20 hours or more to fully complete.
  34. What probably makes this game so interesting as an action game though is the ability to play up to four players cooperatively. Even better is how seamless they make this experience.
  35. Packs in a good number of different playable characters and great-looking graphics into an easy, but fairly lengthy adventure. It all combines to form a great action RPG with strong action and a well-told story.
  36. Some innovations (like the group combo system) work well, while others don't (the out-of-place cel-shaded characters). As an addictive substance, Legends is pure X-tasy. [Dec 2004, p.94]
  37. 82
    If you're an X-Men fan then by all means, drop everything and get this game right now without thinking twice. It's the game you've searching for your whole life.
  38. Defeating swarms of countless bad guys is one of gaming's oldest and purest joys. X-Men Legends is a prime example of a game that taps into the fun to be had in that, offering a wonderful variety of characters who possess a wonderful variety of powers you can use to battle your enemies.
  39. In short, this is a much better multiplayer game than a single player one.
  40. 81
    Although it's certainly not genre busting in any way, it provides Action-RPG fans something better to play than the subpar "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel." Anyone who is a fan of either the X-Men or Action-RPGs will find a fun, 15-hour game with X-Men Legends.
  41. This is fan service - and competitive gaming - done right. [Dec 2004, p.84]
  42. There have been many games in the past that have taken the "Baldur's Gate" gameplay as source material and, frankly, fudged the deal. But Legends succeeds because it treats both the "Baldur's Gate" gameplay and the X-Men licence with respect
  43. 80
    If an absolutely brilliant story, finely detailed characterization, and faultless attention to canonical detail are what you're after, then, X-Men Legends is not what you're looking for. If you want a good game, though, and an especially good game to play with a couch full of superhero fans, this is the game to get.
  44. Suit up for one of the best superhero romps on Xbox, believers. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  45. A good few hours can be spent on just walking around the mansion, just checking out the character bios by logging onto the terminals. All in all great fun.
  46. If you can get over the uninspiring graphics, you can definitely enjoy some really fun gameplay and a nice new type of game for the Marvel comic universe.
  47. The AI really has some flaws and overall the representation of Legends being an RPG is misleading. Aside from these flaws X-Men: Legends has loads of replayablilty, customization and super awesome cast of X-Men and villains.
  48. Ultimately, it's better to think of Legends as a deep action title more so than an RPG or dungeon crawler, and in this respect, you can't go wrong.
  49. Legends is a compelling game for those who aren't fans of the license, but it's an absolute must-have for X-Men followers; the bigger the fan, the more you need this game.
  50. Single-player is fun, but the game truly shines with four people in the mix. It's a little easier, but there's still about 20 hours of co-operative campaigning to be had.
  51. It's definitely better than your average hack n' slash game but the wonky AI will probably frustrate you to no end.
  52. Good for fans, but action-RPG gamers probably already have a better game in hand.
  53. The combination of a deep character building role playing game with fast arcade action can make it hard to put down the controller.
  54. Despite recycled levels, repetitive enemies, chaotic combat, and unbalanced characters, just controlling four X-Men and using their powers is usually enough to make up for Legends' flaws. [Holiday 2004, p.100]
  55. Given a little patience, however, X-Men Legends will reward you with a good storyline and fun gameplay.
  56. Legends has features coming out of its ears - in keeping with the general mutant theme - but you'll need to be a RPG/mutant/comic fan to truly care. That's no bad thing, but this is pretty niche, if sometimes highly enjoyable and surprisingly complex stuff, with some niggling glitches.
  57. The game does have quite an 'old-school' feel to it that some may not like, but it's a definite foundation for the franchise to develop over time.
  58. Play solo, as we reckon most people will most of the time, and you will find your three AI buddies, while eager, do have a habit of getting killed more quickly than when you're controlling them. It's not a game wrecker but that sliver of mistrust in your buddies' abilities can intrude on your fun in the heat of battle. [Xbox World]
  59. It's also cool that Legends' features over 20 hours of gameplay, but its length is also one of its weaknesses, because over time it just gets boring beating up enemies.
  60. There's no denying that the level of interaction in here is humbling. [Nov 2004, p.54]
  61. It's far from perfect, but Marvel fans have been served well, and those who like their Gauntlet served with extra statistics will have a game they can place just behind the last Dark Alliance. [Dec 2004, p.109]
  62. 60
    The overhead camera feels constrained. We simply want an isometric view to get a better perspective.
  63. How is it possible to make a tedious game about the adventures of heroic mutants with super powers?
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  1. JM
    Jul 8, 2005
    A fun game, with cool cel-shaded graphics, 15 characters,gameplay that doesnt get repetitive and lasts a long time its a game thats hard to A fun game, with cool cel-shaded graphics, 15 characters,gameplay that doesnt get repetitive and lasts a long time its a game thats hard to match up to. Besides Jade Empire which is the best RPG out. Full Review »
  2. HankL.
    Oct 22, 2004
    This game is really really good. The story is excellent and the stratagy involved is enough to make the best gamer loading his game. Other This game is really really good. The story is excellent and the stratagy involved is enough to make the best gamer loading his game. Other good action rpg's are Fable and KOTOR. (And whatever you do 'Do not buy a GameCube and Do not get Zelda' that game is meant for the younger less mature minded) Full Review »
  3. MichaelC.
    Oct 19, 2004
    Did I miss something? I seem to be the only person who doesn't like this game. Gameplay is repetitive, missions are linear, and the Did I miss something? I seem to be the only person who doesn't like this game. Gameplay is repetitive, missions are linear, and the graphics and voice acting leave something to be desired as well. Now, make no mistake, I'm not much of an X-Men fan or a comic reader in general, but I pride myself on knowing a good action/RPG. If you happen to be an X-Men fan, you'll probably love this game, as it does cover a lot of the storyline and give you lots of options to choose and develop your characters. However, if you're just looking for a good RPG, go get Fable or KOTOR, or, better yet, buy a Gamecube and get Zelda. Full Review »