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  • Starring: , ,
  • Summary: Meg Ryan stars as Jackie Kallen, the most successful female manager in boxing history. A smart, gutsy woman who wants to break out of a dead-end job, Kallen gets her chance when she sees Luther Shaw (Epps) in a brawl and knows he is a champion in the raw. (Paramount Pictures)
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  1. 75
    Against the Ropes meanders until it gets to the final third of its running time, and then it catches fire.
  2. Reviewed by: Mark Peranson
    Wobbles like a punch-drunk fighter. It never finds its legs, but allows Ryan -- whose wardrobe looks like Erin Brockovich crossed with Barbarella -- the space to do what she does best: turn on the charm, and make audiences wonder why she's slumming in such a lame storyline.
  3. As a boxing movie, Against the Ropes is perfunctory, with a well-muscled Omar Epps diligently enduring predictable montages showing his rise to fame as Jackie's first protégé. As a biopic, it's likewise uninspired stuff.
  4. If they had to make things up, couldn't they have made up something smarter?
  5. 38
    A cliché-ridden, condescending and ham-handed film that clumsily fails to bring to life what should be an interesting story. You might say none of its punches even comes close to connecting.
  6. For all I know, Ryan's performance could be a dead-on Kallen impression. But what she appears to be doing is an impression of Johnny Depp doing an impression of Keith Richards doing an impression of Liz Taylor.
  7. Like the recent "Mona Lisa Smile," this tale could have been an effective feminist fable if it weren't so calculated.

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