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  1. Sep 9, 2014
    Amelie: 6 out of 10: Sweet, light and sometimes a little irritating this strangely adult fable starts out very strong and sinks under the weight of it's too cute for words protagonist and her self made predicament. Amelie is a strange bird indeed. She seems initially one of those wonderfully original creations but as time in the movie marches on it becomes obvious. She is a twelve-year-old girl in a woman's body.

    Yup she has silly crushes plays silly pranks and a vivid imagination. In fact one could very much see her being played by a twelve year old. This would work perfectly if the movie wasn't so jarringly adult in other ways. (Amelie's quest works in a porn shop, people having hook-up sex in a daytime café)

    It is more of a tone issue than any objection to adult content. (As a glance at most of my other reviews will testify.) Also like most twelve-year olds Amelie pulls pranks and games a little to long. (After the 2-hour mark or so I was practically screaming at the screen to get on with it)

    Now don't get me wrong the first hour or so is one of the most delightful screen experiences. I loved the traveling gnome (which started a fad that lives on today) and liked the obsessive tape recording man in café.

    It also shows a true fantasy version of Paris like You've You Mail's New York. In fact when Amelie is helping others rather than on her own quest the movie seems to move briskly and with purpose.

    It is only in her pursuit of love that Amelie fails as both a person and a movie. Just like most twelve-year-old girls.
  2. Jul 10, 2014
    Screw the critics, this movie is worth more than 7 just for the soundtrack, what an unique movie. The camera deserves a prize too, such peculiar unique view and the colors are beautifully portraided.
  3. Jan 26, 2014
    Reading the less than favorable user review box has reminded me of what constitutes a good movie in America these days. People consider themselves trendy if they travel half-an-hour to view "Her" on limited release. Watching an artistically driven movie on their mac with English subtitles? Give me a break. I wonder if people who granted this movie a 5 or below actually booted it up expecting to be impressed. Was this reeeaaallllyyy their type of movie? I was reading one obnoxiously ignorant commenter who condemned the movie on its lack of "suspense" as if that is the backbone to all great movies. Perhaps in a blockbuster by James Cameron, but hardly at all when you scour the depths of Indie classics. Another commenter criticized the "Romantic Comedy" (it receives this genre on Wiki…seems like that's where all movies are jammed into) on its lack of humor. Personally, I found it to contain clever humor at times, but it wasn't a movie with an intention to make people howl with laughter. That would kill the whole vibe of it. Nor was it a movie that inserted jokes in left or right knowing that people would at least find a few of them funny. It was all beautifully subtle. Sorry, about the rant, but I'm sick of how people today approach a move like this one, thinking themselves intelligent by giving a positively reviewed movie bad marks, without grasping the movie's entire purpose. I guess it's comparable to when a bunch of buffoonish Americans trot into a French fine restaurant and leave with a bad taste in their mouths. Expand
  4. Jan 6, 2014
    Um dos melhores filmes franceses dos últimos tempos.
  5. Dec 10, 2013
    This is an odd but very attractive movie with tons of strange characters and unusual situations. The main character is a girl who tries to help other people but can't settle her own life. The filming is great, the colors are bright. I thought this will be more lika girl-type of movie, but no, it appeared somehow similar to "Mr. Nobody". Overall, a very nice movie, advised to watch for everyone.
  6. Sep 15, 2013
    I watched Amélie with English subtitles, since I do not speak French. If I can connect and understand a movie so well, even when the dialogue spoken is in a different language, then that is the mark of true genius.

    Although this is a foreign film, it didn't feel awkward or messy, like some other foreign films I've seen. Instead, it played out well with a moving soundtrack and beautiful
    cinematography. The shots of Paris were breathtaking, and the acting was very well done. Love was in the air in this film, with some very funny and erotic scenes entailing. The dialogue, although in French, was still very well-spoken and had a sharp wit to it. I don't want to give more away if I don't have to, so I'll just say don't take your kids to this film until they're at least 16 or so Expand
  7. Jun 3, 2013
    This was my favorite film for years, and it is still one of my favorites. The title character is one of the greatest heroines in in movie history. Audrey Tautou seems to channel a young Audrey Hepburn in this film, and her performance is perfect. The cinematography is beautiful, the score is masterful, and the actors are wonderful. So good. So so good.
  8. Apr 3, 2013
    Amelie is born to parents who while caring and intelligent never show her the affection children crave, and shelter her from fear that she has a heart condition. Naturally as soon as Amelie is old enough she wants to venture out into the real world. She feels like an outcast but soon realizes that the people in her life feel like outcasts for one reason or another and she sets out to do the things for them they will not do for themselves to make them happy. Unless you are heartless it will be impossible for you not to find Amelie endearing, and most of us can probably relate to her insecurities in one way or another. As Amelie works through her insecurities and tries to do something to make herself happy, as well as those around her, our fondness for her grows and grows.

    The title character is not the only thing that Jeunet does well in Amelie. The supporting characters are well thought out and blend perfectly in Amelie's world. This film is also beautifully shot. There are many breathtaking frames in Amelie. His use of color is also impeccable and adds much to the visual tone of this movie. The casting of Tautou can also not be overstated. She is perfect in this role, I can't imagine another actress playing her as well.

    The themes in Amelie are not unique and are presented in a straight forward way. But rarely have I seen them done so well, with such an endearing character, and with the style of this film. Amelie is an endearing feel good film that I will enjoy coming back to again.
  9. Feb 4, 2013
    While Amelie appeared as a true UFO in the filmmaking landscape to anyone who wasn't acquainted to Jeunet's universe, it happened to be, back in 2001, a logic evolution in the director's work after Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children. Amelie is a masterpiece of "Jeunetian" optimistic poetry, that interestingly clashes with the dark poetry of his previous films yet seems to simply be the flip side of the same modern-poetic coin. Expand
  10. Dec 26, 2012
    It's odd. At some points that's nice but at some other points that makes the movie silly. I couldn't get in touch with the main character and almost any other character seems kind of deranged. It's much too long and the love story is made idoticly long. A heavily overrated motion picture that only goes strong with its awesome narration, the cinematography and the fantastic soundtrack. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it but the romance isn't loveable at all. It's rather boring and a goony image of love and relationships between people. Expand
  11. Oct 19, 2012
    fantastic movie with very nice moments... it really opened d door for french movies in my entertainment list.. i love this movie... and d best part about is that despite being a silly rom com it has d magnitude of a light hearted thriller..
  12. Aug 17, 2012
    Visually stunning, amazing score, and an enjoyable experience overall. It tends to lose my attention frequently though, as it attempts to make mundane plot elements grandiose.
  13. May 28, 2012
    Thirty-five. That is the approximate number of times I bellowed the
    usual two-word, seven- letter refrain at the screen while watching this
    abomination of cinema. That would bring the total number of instances
    I've bellowed this phrase at a movie to perhaps forty. Every other movie I've ever seen is a better movie than 'Amelie', but
    it will appeal very well to people who'd rather live in a
    universe. It picks up real, living humans and uses them like toys, like
    terminally uninformed parodies of humanity. It squanders reality. See
    that bar-maid there? That actress playing her is probably a fascinating
    woman - I'm SURE she's a fascinating woman - people tend heavily to be
    fascinating. Sadly though, this cartoon of a movie allows no
    manifestation of any side of any of its performers' personalities to
    show through at any point. I have never, ever been more infuriated by a
    movie. Jean-Pierre Jeunet's previous film was 'Alien: Resurrection',
    which goes part-way, but not all the way, in explaining how this movie
    is as bad as it is. Although there is ever so much more to be said, that's about all I'm
    going to say about 'Amelie'. I'd like to tell you that this is because
    the film's Hadesian wretchedness is beyond my ability to properly
    describe, but that would constitute a falsehood on the scale of
    'Amelie'. The truth is that I am dismayed by the idea of exerting any
    more mental energy contemplating this grotesque puppet show. That the
    film receives such unbroken acclaim is a dreary testament to the desire
    of so very many people to escape from any form of recognizable life.
    For Jean-Pierre Jeunet to spit in my face would be so much kinder than
    what he did to me by making this movie it would constitute an

    (Note: Buried in the film's sound-track is one of the greatest songs
    I've ever heard; a version of 'Guilty' sung by Albert Bowlly in 1931.
    An acquaintance haplessly gave this film to me, and afterwards I told
    her that, although it was the single most detestable film I'd ever
    seen, without it I'd surely have gone the rest of my days without
    having heard that sublime melody, and was grateful to her. My
    relationship with that song will end only at the hour of my death,
    unlike my relationship with this film and its director, which
    terminates with the completion of this sentence.)
  14. Jan 17, 2012
    Amelie is a peculiar movie, starting by the protagonist, a lonely and strange girl who grows up thinking that the family love is dispensable; and because of that she creates a circle of no affection that surround her. In other words, no one can get emotionally involved with Amelie. Noticing that, she decides to change and take the path of justice, giving everyone what they truly deserve, no matter if it is a good or bad lesson. The only problem is that Amelie is focused on the external and not in herself. Using the phrase of her old neighbor: What is thinking the woman with the cup? (This is undoubtedly a metaphor of Amelie), If she takes care of the people problems, who will takes care of her own issues? The answer is Amelie, but she is too introverted and cowardly to face the reality. Only the man who collects photos can fix the situation.
    Full of magical details, overwhelming music and very interesting performances, we are witnesses of this quaint love story, which ends with a breathtaking motorcycle ride.
  15. Dec 28, 2011
    Beautiful to the fullest, icon of art cinema. This movie's central element lays on human feelings and life, where regular everyday circumstances come to be the nest for life changing experiences. Dynamic and simultaneously reflective, very challenging and interesting. Entertaining but thought-filled, a whole new view of our traditional lives. With an astonishing artistic direction and a gorgeous original soundtrack that you will not forget. Expand
  16. Dec 1, 2011
    I must confess that I am fascinated by this film . Forward to the totally uncompromising history weâ
  17. Sep 14, 2011
    In my opinion this movie is the perfect getaway from the real world, it makes you forget about everything, and just watch this fabulous story about Amélie and her not so ordinary life. Original and brilliant are the main words to describe this film. One of the best foreign movies that i ever watched.. Audrey Tautou did an amazing job, so as the all cast and crew, i really enjoyed watching this film. Expand
  18. Aug 31, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really cannot believe there are any bad comments about this film. This movie is beautiful in every single way of beauty. The visuals are great, the story is great and the minimalism of the story is nothing but brilliant. Not even to mention the stunning soundtrack... Every person that doesn't like this movie must be one fan of those awful big Hollywood productions or those ridiculous American chick-flicks. Expand
  19. Jun 24, 2011
    I don't know why this movies has such a low score by the critic, but you are gonna love this movie. I just love this movie... there is a certain magic about this movie, though that does not seem to work for everybody.
  20. Jan 19, 2011
    A simple story, the interesting characters, delightful music, and interesting visual effects. I think it's safe to say that Amélie is a wonderful movie in every regard.
  21. Oct 23, 2010
    A fairytale within the modern world. Amelie is a light fable where the overall message enters your head,but you are not sure how. Great acting from all the cast and the opening minutes detailing the life of Amelie are spellbinding. One of the best foreign language films I have seen.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
  1. The barometer for whether you'll enjoy Amélie is whether you liked "Moulin Rouge" last summer. If snappy visuals, tangy colors, mood-drenched scenery, and a good-hearted heroine make you as happy as a box of Parisian chocolates, it's definitely for you.
  2. 90
    Amelie is joie de vivre in a nougat.
  3. 88
    At two hours, the movie is probably 15 minutes too long -- the final half-hour in particular could have used some trimming -- but complaining about having too much of a good thing makes one sound like a grouch.