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  1. Dec 13, 2013
    David O. Russel proves once again how good of a director he is. The acting is also hugely strong, most notably from Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale. This is a sure bet for the Oscar race and as a whole its just a fantastic film, beautifully acted, vibrantly filmed and if you're a fan of Silver Linings Playbook or other O. Russel pics you'll love this film.
  2. Dec 21, 2013
    You are kidding me. This movie is one of the best? Odds-on favorite for best picture? Who are these professional reviewers? Ahh, yes, they are of that postmodernist breed who like nonsense disguised as cinematic art. Sorry, but this was a mess. To start you had three character narration tracks, Irving, Richie, and Sydney all had their turns--a director's shot at cutting-edge experimentation that was just stupid. Then there was the uneven smattering of Pulp Fiction-like time exploitation which just made it disjointed. The main blight was this now typical fixation with showcasing people doing stunningly insipid things then forcing us to gaze at others trying to cope in wildly emotional ways. This drives me crazy. The attempt at some penetrating authenticity with mere random and painfully distended melodrama was so contrived I just want to puke at the screen. You saw the same thing with Silver Linings Playbook and I hated that movie for the same reason. Yet I keep reading how David O. Russell is so wonderful, so I thought I'd give him another chance and see if this would be different. It wasn't. It gets a "2" rating because it did get tepidly interesting with the mob involvement there for a bit, as well as some of the con artist twists. Other than that, boorishly silly to the hilt Expand
  3. Dec 4, 2013
    If you're a lover the Silver Linings Playbook cast, they're pretty much all back in this film. I'd heard a ton about the ABSCAM scandal through out my youth, so I'm happy that Russell decided to bring the story to life in such a hilarious fasion. Cooper isn't as amazing as you'd like him to be here (he needed to tone down the mania just a bit), but Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, and, especially, Amy Adams carry the weight of this film. And yes, lest I forget, Renner is brilliant. I'd also like to specifically call out the music as dead-on perfect. The film feels a touch long, but you really can't go wrong with this movie. Collapse
  4. Dec 26, 2013
    The critics that ruined my Christmas. It would have been hard to live up the all the reviews, but this movie was boring. It's not a 1, but certainly not a 10. There was no buzz leaving the theaters, and the discussion in the car was how silly the plot was. The characters would have been better served in a Saturday Night Live skit. They were all kind of over the top and silly.
  5. Jan 17, 2014
    Truly stunning how the worst movies of the year get Oscar nominations. This movie is a joke, there is not a single redeeming feature in all of it, except for maybe Amy Adams' looks, she is cute, but that has nothing to do with the movie. It really is hard not to fall asleep. The characters are all unlikable, they look weird, they dress weird, the are weird. This movie, together with 'Gravity', should have never been released to the public. Simply awful. Expand
  6. Dec 17, 2013
    One of the best films of the year. It's very funny, sexy. The cast is amazing. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy renner and Jennifer Lawrence are all great and stunning. They give us a very interesting change. Their hair and their costumes in film are beautiful, sexy and very fashionable.
  7. JEK
    Jan 6, 2014
    The acting was good but the movie sucks. I don't know why does these critics call them critics. The movie was dragging and boring. I was expecting the ending would be great but I got really disappointed with the movie.
  8. Dec 21, 2013
    Totally forgettable movie, I was real disappointed by this one. Being a fan of Russel's previous films, i had high expectations for this one but this one is a rare dud for him. There never seems to get going until the very end. Never was able to get into the film. Jennifer Lawrence is the only reason to see this, maybe Christian Bale.
  9. Jan 3, 2014
    Thought the acting was terrible by the leads except for bale, and his character was unwatchable. Lawrence was good playing crazy, but her character was almost pointless making her scenes look way overdone. Can't figure out the media's "rapturous" reception of this disaster of a movie. Cooper and Adams are particularly bad, and it looked like the director let them develop their own characters and lines, which will get you this amateurish result from actors who are not that good. 0 is a bit rough, but it was meant to counter balance the overrated reviews of audience and critics, it is probably a 4 or 5. Expand
  10. Dec 13, 2013
    Favorite fun movie of the year amazing direction, acting, writing

    Christian Bale was especially impressive though the rest of the actors were excellent as well
  11. Dec 13, 2013
    “American Hustle” may have an awkward start, especially as it takes a moment to get used to Russell’s style and tone, but once “Hustle” finds its footing it really takes off and is one of the most intelligent and enjoyable films of the year.
  12. Dec 13, 2013
    An acting masterclass delivered by talented cast-amazing direction-High-energy comedy crime film that will catch our heart there is no moment u will not feel dull-it keep u engaged,superb cast-acting-direction-script that made this HUSTLE Ranks with the year's best movies, CHRISTIAN BALE IS VERY DEDICATED ACTOR-I LOVE IT- THIS YEAR HUSTLE WILL ROCK AT OSCAR 2013
  13. Dec 26, 2013
    I thought that the acting in the movie was great, and there were a lot of great parts to it, but overall I feel like the movie doesn't come together completely. The ending, for me at least, left me asking "so what?". I just felt a lack of satisfaction coming out of the theater, and while it delivers in most regards, it failed to capture me and win me over.
  14. Dec 24, 2013
    Based on the trailers I saw I was expecting a 70's version of Oceans 11. What I got was a slow paced film with enough dialog and close-ups for three films. I spent the whole film waiting for something interesting to happen and it never really did. The acting is all good but the story just wasn't that interesting. Also, you'd think that with a 2 hour plus film there would be time to get deeper into the characters but instead the time was used on over extended dialogs that were left in for the academy to get a good look at how awesome the cast is. Expand
  15. Dec 15, 2013
    I'm still not sold on this movie. I feel that something is missing. Acting was great, stellar cast, but I expected something a little more. I can't quite put it into words, but I think there was too much tried to put into this movie, needed a bit more suspense leading up to the final twist. Similarly the movie took a bit too long to get moving.
  16. Dec 28, 2013
    I'm with the minority on the one. The comments by Sodlid and Subseq nail it. American Hustle is like a unfunny joke at a party filled with pretentious people. What really surprises me are the numerous comments of great acting.

    I couldn't get passed the cheesy, cliched overacting by Christian Bale and Amy Adams. Bradley Cooper was annoying and not by design. Jennifer Lawrence was the
    lone exception. This was just one of the many problems with this film. But it was a big enough obstacle to not want to go further. Expand
  17. Dec 21, 2013
    More hype than hustle and a major disappointment. This film has too much stagnant film time where nothing of consequence occurs. Every time it gathers some momentum, it diverts to the snails pace love triangle hustle that is frankly not very interesting. Amy Adams revealing cleavage isn't enough to make up for the fact the hustle is does not constitute enough of the film to keep your attention. There are about three scenes of interest and the rest of the film is a bore. Expand
  18. Cik
    Jan 26, 2014
    Linear, predictable and mundane move. Maybe, maybe a decent rental, but not a rewarding movie at all, and certainly any comparisons to Pulp Fiction are grossly exaggerated.
  19. Dec 14, 2013
    You will love this film. David O. Russell is one of our greatest directors and he did it once again. An amazing cast with an amazing screenplay; you wont be disappointed.
  20. Feb 11, 2014
    David. O Russell thinks he is a better director than he really is, and this movie is the biggest evidence of this. The only notable is Amy Adam's performance, but American Hustle is in my opinion a boring, superficial and totally overrated film.
  21. Dec 21, 2013
    Make no mistake, this movie belongs to Amy Adams. She gives the movie its momentum in nearly every scene and looks gorgeous doing it. The movie itself lacks real energy; Christian Bale mumbles through most of his screen time and Bradley Coopers character is fired up but his events with his boss come across as unlikely and a little corny. This looks like a movie that moves and grows to some dramatic climax but just sort of ends with a little clever con. Interesting choices of soundtrack music, many from the early 70's although this is set in the Disco era of the late 70's. Overall an entertaining movie which just felt overlong with a small payoff. Expand
  22. Dec 21, 2013
    Officially, American Hustle is now my favourite movie of all times. It is hilarious and has everything what a movie needs. The best cast of the year, a great director and an amazing screenplay; this is the best picture of the year.
  23. Dec 15, 2013
    “American Hustle” stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Christian Bale in this 2 hour film directed by David O. Russel who co-wrote it with Eric Singer. This is a fast moving and intelligently writtten story of con men (and women) seeking to outsmart each other. This film is a viewer’s delight as we watch the intricacies of the plot unfold. Although Mr. Cooper, Ms. Adams and Ms. Lawrence give stellar performances, the kudos really must go to Mr. Bale who plays his part with credibility and passion. Acknowledgments must also got to Director Russell who, despite the obvious length of the film keeps it well paced and easy to watch. I give the film a 9 rating with more of the film sure to be talked about at Oscar time in February 2014 Expand
  24. Jan 1, 2014
    Whaaat, you guys are loving this one? I saw both this film and The Wolf of Wall Street. They both have really the same story but the other film does it much better.
  25. Dec 21, 2013
    American Hustle is a film that is extremely over-hyped. Every big-name review site has given this film incredibly generous scores. I saw this and was a tad disappointed, because I didn't feel it lived up to it's hype. However, I enjoyed the film nonetheless. American Hustle centers around two con artists named Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams). During their long run of scamming people and stealing their money, they are eventually caught by FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). Instead of arresting them, Richie devises a plan to use the con artists to bust corrupt politicians. In order to do so, they need to become allies with the mafia, the universally loved mayor of New Jersey (Jeremy Renner), and a man of false importance entitled "The Sheik". Along with this, there is a huge subplot involving love among the characters. Sydney fakes love with Richie in order to get closer to him and make him trust her, and Irving cannot decide who to ultimately be with; his crazy and gossipy wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) or Sydney. He has a hard time leaving his wife because he loves his stepson Danny. This here lies the first problem with this film. At times there were so many sexually charged scenes I couldn't remember if I was watching a crime drama or a porno. Along with the over-abundance of provocative moments, each character is interesting, there is too much going on in order to become invested in these people. In terms of acting, I had an issue with the actors dropping accents they had. Christian Bale was pretty consistent, but Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence dropped their accent frequently. Amy Adams' character also has a fake identity as a British woman with bank connections, however her accent isn't convincing in the slightest and it's hard to see how she conned so many people with such a soft and easily fake accent. Other than accent issues, each actor was very good. Even though the actors were really good, the cast list enhanced the hype factor a lot more, thus bringing the movie down for me more. When I saw Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Louis CK (Who had one of my favorite characters) on the cast list, I got really pumped. But that just hurt more when the movie didn't meet my expectations. The movie's writing was enjoyable, however the banter felt very forced, along with trying to replicate what "The Big Lebowski" did with explicit banter. Some consider this film a comedy, but it wasn't a laugh-fest the whole way through. Regardless, the moments that were funny hit their mark very well. The soundtrack and cinematography were both stellar, aside from occasionally annoying close ups. Even though I don't believe this film lives up to it's hype or properly utilizes it's two hour run time, American Hustle is a movie with the occasional funny moment, some great use of music, and plot twists up the wazoo that will probably entertain any fan of the crime drama genre. Expand
  26. Dec 22, 2013
    AMERICAN HUSTLE explores the uniquely American need for self-reinvention and our obsession with success and finding a better life. Unlike most filmmakers, David O. Russell is able to use the great American con as a metaphor for our larger personal ills. Unfortunately, Russell does not seem like the right director for this tale. Scenes are lethargic and go on for far too long. A really super music score is laid down in the most perfunctory fashion. His cast is totally game and look amazing in their 70s garb but they too often come across as lifeless. Except for Jennifer Lawrence who totally steals the show! She delivers an astoundingly insightful performance that is both over the top and subtle. She's funny, whacked, sad and lonely--all at the same time. A miraculous performance. If only AMERICAN HUSTLE reached the same dizzying somber heights. Expand
  27. Dec 23, 2013
    I saw this yesterday, a great movie, a lot of fun. Intelligent. strong performances from the entire cast, no weak links. Jennifer Lawrence is so good, very funny.
  28. Jan 16, 2014
    I'm really disappointed, the movie is boring and confusing at some points. I expected so much more, the trailer looked so cool and funny and the end was really flat. So Overrated.
  29. Dec 21, 2013
    A mesmerizing ensemble production. Amy Adams shows her acting chops again (following "The Fighter"), and she is so delectable to look at. Joining her are Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence doing wonders with a great script. As it states in the beginning "some of this stuff actually happened," and it's a nod that the writers are going to mess with the plot for arts sake. The pace never slackens and when the first stringers are off camera the subs are almost as good. I found the movie reminiscent of "Goodfellas" but with a heart instead of a fist. Bale deserves chameleon of the year award, Amy has put the saccharin behind her for good and Jennifer does her best work since "Winter's Bone." Worthy of an Oscar nomination and maybe a statue, in a tough year to pick. Expand
  30. Dec 23, 2013
    From a directing and acting standpoint, American Hustle is a tour de force. This is O'Russell's best film to date (which is no small feat). Like his past work, the character's are dense, intricate, believable, and even relatable. Though all of the actors and actresses are game, Lawrence, Bale, and Renner seemed stand out the most, giving some very exceptional performances. The production design here is truly a feast for the eyes, and it captures the essence of the late 70's impeccably. The only weakness here is that the story (while good) does not have that real "grab-and-pull" quality that so many great stories have. But this is only a minor quibble, when considering all of the greatness that is on display here. Expand
  31. Dec 21, 2013
    Thin. It felt like Russel was channeling Scorcese's Goodfellas. And that move only highlights how much better Goodfellas was than American Hustle. You can disagree. But we all have gone on quoting lines from Goodfellas for years and years. What will we quote from this movie? What scenes carry the weight of "you think I'm funny, like a clown?" This movie never takes itself serious enough to be memorable. Fun to watch, sure, but it doesn't ever make much of a dent. Expand
  32. Dec 20, 2013
    After all the 4 star reviews, critic’s raves, plus the 7 Golden Globe nominations, including Best picture, for “American Hustle” this will definitely be a minority review.

    Along with cementing her versatility as an actress, Jenifer Lawrence is the main, if only a few, reasons to see this film. Her role as Rosalyn Rosenfeld is as far from her performances as Ree Dolly in “Winter’s
    Bone”, Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” series or her Oscar winning Tiffany Maxwell in “Silver Linings Playbook”. Here she recalls the ditzy, dumb blonds through all of Hollywood film history and would be right at home in a 1930s, 1940s, screwball comedy. She is the shining light in “American Hustle”.

    The soundtrack offers a variety of music from Duke Ellington’s “Jeep Blues” to Amy Adams and Christian Bale dancing to “I’ve Got Your Number” and then her and Bradley Cooper dancing in a disco to, who else?, the Bee Gees and Jennifer Lawrence lip synching to “Live and Let Die” all definitely a plus for the movie.

    One surprise, to me, was the role played by Patsy Levine and I will leave it at that.

    Bradley Cooper, as an FBI man setting up a sting using con artists Adams and Bale, is, as Bale is, in love with Adams and with her low cut down to there dresses that is understandable, brings a lot of his charm to his role. The cast as a whole do the best they can though many times Christian Bale mumbles, like Marlon Brando did at his worst, making his speech indecipherable.

    The 1970s and New York at the time is duplicated by the production crew and the hair styles are standouts, especially for Copper and Bale in two scenes.

    While most critics praised the direction by David O. Russell, and the screenplay by Eric Warren Singer along with Russell, I just didn’t get into the film or characters and looked forward to every appearance by Lawrence.
  33. Dec 16, 2013
    A solid cast sort of makes a solid movie! Bale and Adams are wonderful, Lawrence is ridiculous in all the right ways, and Cooper holds his own but is almost just a more manic version of his Silver Linings character. The 4 leads really keep each other on the top of their game, equally complex in character but delivered with varying intensity! However, despite the noise, it's really Renner who ends up being the heart of the film; he is unbelievably fantastic in what is likely one of the best subtle performances of the year that is bound to be severely underrated until the chaos of the other 4 settles. His Carmine is tragically perfect, quiet, and is probably at his best when interacting with Irving (Bale). Even with the pizazz and big performances, Carmine was the only character I ended up really caring about. At the end of the day, this is a good movie with great actors in ridiculous attire and the perfect showcase for their talents, but other than that, it's just an entertaining movie. Expand
  34. Mar 3, 2014
    Jesus did someone actually compare this to Good Fellas now that's the best joke iv heard all year. Is this what is seen as a great movie, it reminds me of bad improve acting classes where actors we all have seen in a million other movies talking crap. Its too long as well. Avoid
  35. Dec 23, 2013
    Fantastic cast, especially Christian Bale and Amy Adams. David O. Russell is one of the best filmmakers working today. Jennifer Lawrence gives a very memorable supporting performance that deserves every bit of praise she's received.
  36. Jan 5, 2014
    Anticipating American Hustle I was convinced that it would be one of my top films of the year. After all it has a great cast, a talented director and a trailer that makes it look exciting and complex. Unfortunately, its complexity is a major flaw. The story is so convoluted that maximum attention is demanded. However, excessive lengh and a tendancy towards the pedantic encourages the attention to wander. The cast give it their all. Christian Bale continues to create zany out there characters; Jennifer Lawrence is fun, but obvious; Bradley Cooper is way over the top, and Jeremy Renner flies under the radar.The real news here is Amy Adams who all but steals the film. Excitingly cast against her usual 'good girl' type, she gives a power house performance that is her best to date. She and Bale are the film's strongest asset and it benefits from their chemistry together. Production values are spot on in depicting the 70's fashion, with hair and costumes creating a great diversion. It also contains a wonderful pop soundtrack of the era which encourages one to reminisce. In the final analysis American Hustle, sadly, lacks something. This leaves one feeling that the whole does not add up to the sum of its,quite excellent, parts. Expand
  37. Dec 20, 2013
    There are so many funny movies this year that are getting so much praise this award season, and "American Hustle" is one of them. It's a fun, funny and entertaining good time. It's filled with crap loads of great performances (which you come to expect from a David O. Russell film), an interesting enough story and great humor. While at times it may feel like its way more ridiculous than it already feels, it's still a great time and one that shouldn't be missed. I give it an A-! Expand
  38. Feb 16, 2014
    The very messy plot should be about a convoluted scam played by a couple of swindlers, “forced” to work for the FBI. The swindlers happen to be Irving (Bale) and Sydney (Adams), also involved in a torrid extramarital affair. Irving is married to Rosalyn (Lawrence) a single mum, whose son he adopted. Like most married men, he stalling divorce because the “child would suffer”.

    Irving and
    Sydney get busted by Richie (Cooper) an ambitious FBI agent who forces them to get bigger fish into the agency net. Or, at least this should be the plot, because it gets derailed in all directions, none of which even remotely interesting.

    It feels like the whole movie is a scam played on the audience, starting with Lawrence. I understand that she is the present ”Hollywood-IT-hot” girl, but her part is bloated out of proportion, when her character was at best a marginal one.

    She is constantly on screen, shouting all her lines and going on endlessly about her relationship with Irving. Who cares? I wanted to see a movie about a hustle, not a dysfunctional couple in action, especially when their dysfunctions are not the core of the plot. We also get plenty of the Sydney-Richie relationship (and again, who cares?)

    Everybody is exceedingly verbose, and situations that would require at most 30 seconds of screen time drag on for several minutes. Even considered as a “character study”, the movie still does not work.

    Besides, the “moral” of the story is a murky one and an additional joke played on the audience: whoever makes more money (regardless of their methods) is smarter than anybody holding an honest job.
    Corrupted politicians are portrayed as minor offenders, dealing dirty deeds for the good of the community. Richie is played as a fool, while mediocre Irving and Sydney are glorified as first-class tricksters. Even dumb and insufferable Rosalyn gets a happy ending of her own

    The best thing about American Hustle is the 70’s atmosphere, with some amazingly tacky clothes and a good soundtrack, but it is definitely not enough to save the movie. Unbelievable to think this mess got 10 Oscars nominations….
  39. Dec 17, 2013
    Overall, a fun film, but it's really all about the outrageous performances! The music and costumes are great, and completely sell the time period. Adams and Lawrence are spicy, Bale is incredible, but Coopers performance is overrated and felt very improvised. Renner is the secret MVP, and plays the best against type. I would see it again on DVD.
  40. Dec 26, 2013
    Good but not great. Once again the professional critics are star-struck. The acting is fun to watch but the direction and editing are definitely sub-par. Amy Adams' boobs are a metaphor for this film. They are great to look at but they are really just a distraction. I enjoyed it but it's not going to make it to my favorites list. Too long and really not much point to it other that watching some of my favorite actors have fun. Expand
  41. Dec 21, 2013
    Not perfect, like many critics have been claiming it to be. However, it is most certainly yet another great addition to director David O. Russell's line of films. The story and pacing felt a little stuck at times. But really, it's the acting and the intriguing cast that makes this movie great! Christian Bale puts on a few pounds as the unpredictable con man, Irving. Bradley Cooper's performance as a crooked FBI agent served as one of the more memorable male performances in the film. Amy Adams is daring as Bale's love interest. Jeremy Renner gives a worthwhile goody two-shoes performance as the mayor. And last, but absolutely not least, Jennifer Lawrence gives it her all in what may well be her fiercest performance yet. The plot was also intelligent and well done for the most part, but like I said, it's really the characters that make this movie. David O. Russell even said it himself that he likes to focus on and prioritize characters more than plot. In this film's case, it fortunately worked. So overall, if you're a fan of David O. Russell's previous films (or films with interesting characters,) there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy this, because this may be one of his best films yet. Expand
  42. Jan 16, 2014
    I'm a big fan of Silver Linings Playbook, and I wanted to watch this movie when I knew that the same director, David O. Russel, directed this one, the movie is really amazing, the cast it's incredible, mainly for Jennifer Lawrence, I really expect that the win the Oscar again... American Hustle it's one of 2013 best movies.
  43. Dec 21, 2013
    Ahhhh… Time spent on character development? Sweet! A plot that never stops engaging the viewer to feel as if they too are in on this thrilling and con? THANK YOU! Christian and Jennifer's characters are written to jump off the page…. and they do -from page to screen and right into your heart.. You love them, are shocked by them. have compassion for their pathetic attempts at feeling loved and rooting for everyone as loyalties switch--or do they? Ms. Adams is outshone by the writing of the other's characters yet she still manages to keep your eyes fixated on her as she delivers an enormous need for approval. Those necklines helped enormously! Was fashion in the 70's have such revealing clothing? YES! They did! Poor Bradley Cooper. He really has a lukewarm talent at best. He has technique but no depth, no inner life, no layers to feed his performance. Russell wisely uses that lack of depth to service the character's influence on the story line just as he did in "Playbook". Whenever Cooper's on screen the film loses it's pathos but Adams, Lawrence and Bale have such an intense incandescent light, nothing survives but the memory of their brilliance. Lucky for Cooper. Expand
  44. Dec 22, 2013
    This is great charter based film that goes from hilarious (Jennifer Lawrence and Chistian Bale) to dramatic (Jeremy Renner and Bradley Copper) in less time than it take Christian Bale to comb his hair.
  45. Dec 25, 2013
    As a big David O. Russel fan, I had high expectations, particularly after seeing some of the film reviews for 'American Hustle'. I was highly disappointed with the film. Although it was very well acted, with an authentically 70's set, there was nothing particularly captivating about the storyline. The movie never drew me into the film as Russel has in previous past 2 efforts. It had a couple of funny moments in it, but overall I wouldn't describe it as a comedy. If you want to see a decent movie, it's worthwhile, but don't expect another 'The Fighter' and certainly not 'Silver Linings Playbook'. Expand
  46. Jan 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A movie perhaps for the bored cinefiles of the world, American Hustle is a convoluted mess with little direction and so much plot that it makes your head spin. It is different, in that David O'Russell way that might have worked for Silver Linings Playbook but fails when it aims for too much. It has some great actors, who give it their all but that doesn't really matter when the audience has no idea of what they're doing or why they're doing it. To give you an idea of what this movie is, I'll say the best part is when Robert De Niro briefly shows up for three minutes and reminds us all of how great Goodfellas and Casino were. For the rest of the movie I sat asking myself a few questions like: What is going on? Shouldn't this be considered entrapment? Man, Amy Adams nipples have been dangerously close to a wardrobe malfunction for like two hours, why does she only wear that one type of v-neck? Seriously, did they just glue her clothes to her nips or something? When will it ever end?'
    The only redeeming factor to this movie is that it's not the typical, it goes its own way and does its own thing and I'll give it props for that. I just don't think American Hustle is an enjoyable movie.
  47. BKM
    Jan 9, 2014
    I've never been a huge fan of David O. Russel's films, but this one was a complete mess in spite of the top shelf talent involved. The narrative felt clunky and unfocused and the performances seemed hammy and over the top. Only Louis C.K., in a small role as one of the few sane characters in this overstuffed pinata, generated any laughs. One of the most overrated awards season films I've seen in a long time. Expand
  48. Jan 12, 2014
    This movie is referred to as a crime/drama/thriller/history, but it's rather a comedy.
    Typical American extravaganza, good if you want to watch something light filled with steretypes such as money, cheating, fraut etc.
    The actress, Amy Adams, was the highlithg of the movie, in my opinion. Great acting.
    But for the rest, especially story-wise, this move is rather mediocre.
  49. Dec 21, 2013
    It's the late 70s: every man in this movie has ridiculous hair, while the women are glamorous and hot. A con man (Christian Bale) teams with his soul mate (Amy Adams) and they end up forced into a scam with a hothead FBI agent (Bradley Cooper). The transactions are complicated by a mouthy wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and an earnest politician (Jeremy Renner). Despite how complicated it sounds, this film is really about the characters and the brilliant actors who made the bold choices. Every actor has created memorable, enjoyable individuals and their performances are potent (Lawrence is once again a revelation). Co-writer/director David O. Russell has crafted a richly observed, compellingly complex and sometimes funny vehicle for them to hustle. Expand
  50. Jan 12, 2014
    Acting isn't bad, but the film is slow, boring, and filled with characters you don't care about. You could stop watching at any point and not care that you will never know how it ends. If you do watch it all the way through you will leave feeling "American Hustled". You will scratch your head and wonder if you missed didn't. All hype, and awards...major disappointment.
  51. Jan 9, 2014
    Witty and hilarious, but for some reason, I felt like I was wanting more, mainly in the story. Cast was great, the two that surprised me the most were Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Hilarious.
  52. Jan 22, 2014
    This film got nothing new for the ones who commonly watch movies at all. Big Hollywood cliché. Slow-motion desnecessarily, characters with no sympathy and not "deep" enough, script with no originality... The only thing I can say is positive about this is the envolvement with the main (Bale, Amy Adams, Cooper and J. Lawrence characters) just it. And probably this piece of s**t will win some Academy Award. Shameful... Expand
  53. Mar 2, 2014
    The vast majority of critics and (thus?) moviegoers reacted differently, but I actually consider American Hustle to be an effective argument against improvisation in films. Because, whereas I’m a great fan of it when it’s executed amusingly by talented stand-up comedians, unscripted babble can thoroughly blacken a film’s quality – and that’s exactly what happened with this one. Granted, it does have good-looking costumes and set design as well as fine cinematography and editing, and if you find joy in the over the top of over the top portrayal of characters– well, go ahead, watch it. I just think that most of the people claiming to like the film are being overtly pretentious and following critics’ opinions, since American Hustle is a surprisingly boring, annoyingly ridiculous, and not anywhere close to funny film. Expand
  54. Dec 30, 2013
    Again David O. Russell comes out on top. Bringing back a lot of the people that were in his previous project "Silver Linings Playbook", the film is rich with the cast (the cast, wow!), the story, and the writing. Not to mention some of the humor the film brings is very enjoyable. The film of 2013 without a doubt.
  55. Dec 23, 2013
    American Hustle is one of the best films of the year. There's a palpable energy that's undeniable- the love quadrangle between the four main characters is exciting and visceral. It's an emotional roller coaster that's sure to sweep you off your feet.
  56. Jan 3, 2014
    Per il film con cui confermare il suo buon momento creativo, David O. Russell raccoglie gli attori delle due precedenti pellicole e li immerge in una storia di imbrogli e contro-imbrogli (da cui il sottotitolo italiano ‘L’apparenza inganna’) ispirata a fatti realmente accaduti agli inizi degli anni Settanta. Il tutto riporta certo alla mente film come ‘La stangata’, ma lo svolgimento personale e la mano assai felice così che non si avvertono le oltre due ore di durata malgrado la trama sia tutto meno che lineare. Irving (Bale) e Sydney (Adams) sono due imbroglioni dalla notevole intesa ‘lavorativa’ e sessuale malgrado la panza e il riportone di lui, Bale ingrassato di una ventina di chili per il ruolo che però cercano di non fare il passo più lungo della gamba. Questo non basta ad evitar loro il venire incastrati dall’agente federale Richie DiMaso (Cooper) che, osteggiato dal proprio capo, pensa di sfruttarli per far carriera scoprendo i maneggi di alcuni politici locali implicati nella ricostruzione di Atlantic City. Due sono i fattori che mandano in crisi l’operazione, l’interessamento della mafia alla gestione delle case da gioco nella persone dal killer Victor Tellegio, un Robert De Niro che, senza comparire nei titoli, fa un’autocitazione dei tempi di ‘Quei bravi ragazzi’ e ‘Casinò’ che anche un omaggio a Scorsese e Rosalyn (Lawrence), quasi ex moglie di Irving che molto meno scricoccata di quanto il suo comportamento faccia pensare, ma comunque una componente non controllabile. Per cavarsela, Irving e socia danno fondo al loro mestiere e in qualche modo riescono a girarsene fuori, mentre nella rete restano solo alcuni pesci piccoli e il sindaco Carmine Polito (Renner), uno che bene o male ha sempre agito per la comunità e, col passare del tempo, di Irving diventato amico. Alla fine, sono i delinquenti di professione a risultare più ‘onesti’ morale discutibile e non certo nuova, una delle poche perplessità che il film fa nascere mentre Richie sparisce dalla scena, scaricato anche da chi pensava di sfruttarne gli eventuali successi. Contrappasso doloroso per un narciso come lui memorabile la scena con i bigodini in testa per farsi i ricci tanto remissivo in casa quanto aggressivo fuori in una ricerca di giustizia sbilanciata dall’ambizione. Nei suoi panni, Cooper offre un’ottima interpretazione, forse solo qua e là un po’ forzata, di un altro personaggio con molte più ombre che luci dopo Avery in ‘Come un tuono’: però tutto il cast che funziona alla perfezione, regalando un insieme di interpretazioni di altissimo livello, tanto che appare davvero difficile citare uno e non l’altro. Va però sottolineato che a fianco della bravura di Bale, Adams e Renner si fa notare Lawrence che sembra un’altra rispetto a quella di ‘Hunger games’ e sa sfruttare con notevole efficacia il minor spazio concessole facendo di Rosalyn una figura fondamentale. Questa insistenza sugli attori voluta dal regista che si sempre detto molto più interessato ai personaggi che all’intreccio: i caratteri sono infatti disegnati a tutto tondo con psicologie definite anche con l’aiuto degli interpreti che sovente sono stati lasciati liberi di improvvisare sullo spartito di una sceneggiatura di Eric Singer (rivista da Russell) che risale a qualche anno fa. Altrettanta importanza data alle dinamiche psicologiche fra le varie figure, con la cinepresa che le segue spesso da distanza ravvicinata alternandosi tra di loro per coglierne le differenti sfumature in special modo nei frequenti faccia a faccia: si tratti di scontri a muso duro o momenti di forte tensione sensuale, ogni situazione svolta in modo da cercare di trasmettere allo spettatore il massimo delle sensazioni. Ne esce un film di gran ritmo che guarda con notevole cinismo, umorismo acido e una punta di amarezza alla società in cui tali personaggi hanno potuto svilupparsi. Al confronto, meno definito il contesto: la fotografia di Linus Sandgren bella, colorata come da momento storico e mai banale, ma gli anni Settanta restano sullo sfondo (con più di un anacronismo, vedi ‘I feel love’ nella versione dei Bronski Beat) e, a parte qualche elemento decorativo i pesanti telefoni, le camicie aperte sul petto gli occhiali a goccia e, soprattutto, i vestiti vedono-non-vedo di Amy Irving si ha l’impressione che la vicenda sarebbe potuta essere ambientata in qualsiasi altro periodo senza perdere nulla della sua efficacia. Efficacia che ha fatto incetta di candidature ai Golden Globe e minaccia di ripetersi agli Oscar. Expand
  57. Jan 6, 2014
    This film is a mess. Like most David O Russel films, this is a great example of quirky and obnoxious affectation that sacrifices meaningfulness, coherence and solid narrative. It seems that the media, by giving this film such unabashed acclaim, makes sloppy chaotic direction seem legitimate. If you have enough likable actors in your ensemble it doesn't matter that the dialogue only serves to beguile us with how fast they can say it, or as long as it sounds complicated it might actually mean something. The films plot just tumbles forward sporadically when the characters are done talking and decide to get back to the task at hand. David O Russel is full of Critics and sheep alike enjoyed this film because they like watching a 90's quirk-era hack splatter brightly colored paints on the wall because, "Heck, I don't know what it means but it sure looks pretty." Expand
  58. Dec 29, 2013
    It uses silence to a mind numbing effect. The film is watchable, not worth 10+ admission fee though. rental or tv movie at best. The best part is amy adams chest/breasts which were on display all film. It comes across to the viewer that the actors are more enthralled with being in a period 70's piece than actually acting in it. The movie was flat.
  59. Jan 18, 2014
    I have no idea how this all style, no substance mess has garnered so much acclaim. What a boring film. No stakes, no suspense, poor comedy, and way too much talking. I'm literally baffled by this film.
  60. Jan 26, 2014
    This movie was a mess. It tried to set up a plot that never ended up happening. The pacing was very slow which would be fine if there was any reward for the two hours of pointlessness required to endure.It wasn't even particularly stylish. On top of that Jennifer Lawrence's accent was absolutely brutal and most of the time non-existent. Metacritic is usually fairly accurate with their scores but this one is miles off. Expand
  61. Jan 6, 2014
    American Hustle continues the rich vain of form that the movie industry has produced over the last couple of years. David O. Russell once again weaves his magic as director in this big cast crime/comedy. Carrying on his fine form from Silver Linings Playbook. It's also a movie that proves big cast names can produce screen chemistry for the ages. The Bale/Cooper character interaction is on par with Newman/Redford or De Niro/Pacino. Amy Adams gave a performance that will no doubt bring a host of accolades and Jennifer Lawrence continues her high standards that like Adams will have accolades coming her way.

    The movie itself hooks you from the off and takes you the audience straight into participation of what is going on. Who is conning who leaves you engrossed. The Sting meets Donnie Brasco springs to mind without going into the movie plot too much and spoiling a very pleasurable movie that needs to be seen without too much talking. All in all American Hustle sets a very high standard for forthcoming movies of 2014 to live up too.
  62. Jan 18, 2014
    American Hustle does not bring us anything new, and yet it still manages take risks in the end were completely unnecessary. I think people are fooled by the stellar cast and flashy costumes into thinking this is a good movie. If this same movie were made by M. Night Shyamalan, people would be saying it was just another bad Shyamalan film. Because it is from David O. Russell, people praise it as another good Russell film. This is a film that is supposed to focus around the idea of survival, and what you would do in order to get the money, or fame, that you need in order to survive. Yet it teaches us nothing new about the ideals of American society, and this fictional telling of an actual historical event falls flat on its face at it appears as just that: Fictional. David O. Russell dazzled with The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, but he just got too cocky here and thought he could tackle 5 different characters in an interwoven story and still allow us to focus on one thing. The acting is great, no doubt, and the writing is pretty good too. However, we end up getting bored by the pointlessness and irrelevance. The opening 10 minutes is some of the worst filmmaking I've ever seen. Though it picks up decently after that, it is not nearly enough to save what I view as an unnecessary movie. Expand
  63. Feb 2, 2014
    American Hustle is a somewhat uneven movie with disappointing and entertaining parts. The movie sagged in the middle with a tangled plot. Performances were generally good, although some seemed like a rehash from last year's Silver Linings Playbook. Overall, American Hustle is not a particularly memorable movie.
  64. Dec 14, 2013
    If you're a lover the Silver Linings Playbook cast, they're pretty much all back in this film. I'd heard a ton about the ABSCAM scandal through out my youth, so I'm happy that Russell decided to bring the story to life in such a hilarious fasion. Cooper isn't as amazing as you'd like him to be here (he needed to tone down the mania just a bit), but Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, and, especially, Amy Adams carry the weight of this film. And yes, lest I forget, Renner is brilliant. I'd also like to specifically call out the music as dead-on perfect. The film feels a touch long, but you really can't go wrong with this movie Expand
  65. Dec 26, 2013
    A Good movie is always appreciated. I must say that American Hustle is a couple of Reeses pieces short of greatness..but it was well made and acted. The backdrop of 1970's New York and a large dose of political corruption, sex, infidelity and mob involvement makes this a must see movie. Plot and sub plots abound and even tho there is a brief moment of lull.... it picks up and delivers the goods. Great cast. all in all a good time at the movies Expand
  66. Dec 23, 2013
    This is a very good film that is chock full of wonderful performances and unfortunately a little short on plot. To me, it felt like Ocean's Twelve only better. Great ensemble cast but poor subject matter.

    The actors are terrific, especially Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, and the performances by some of the great cameos spoiler alert, Louis CK and Robert DeNiro were quite a
    treat. However, the plot which should have been the glue that held the movie together was weak. The little twists didn't jump off the screen like they could have. Instead of saying "holy cow!" I wound up just saying, "hmmm." Expand
  67. Dec 27, 2013
    Slow, unconvincing, cannot see what would make this a "best" pic in any way. Did I mention s-l-o-w?? Several of the performances were mildly entertaining; perhaps three real laughs in the two hours. No reaction from my audience. What was all the hype about? Seems like The Emperor's New Clothes.
  68. Dec 28, 2013
    A sensationally entertaining film that allows all 5 of its leads to shine (Cooper and Renner are particularly good). There is a moment during the film, a drunken restaurant songfest, when the sheer virtuosity of the storytelling on display here truly hit me.
  69. Dec 29, 2013
    The first movie in a long time that kept me glancing at my watch. First to try to guess how much time there was left before it might become interesting, and secondly in order to simply judge how much longer I had to endure it. I don't get why the critics like it.....weak plot, weak dialog, and boring. Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Rohmer were the two bright spots. I hope Christian Bale was well paid because otherwise I'd be very depressed about putting on 40 pounds for this epic miss if I were him. Expand
  70. Dec 31, 2013
    My comment is also in the red zone. I thought AH was a very bad rip off of Goodfellas-but with no humor, no likable characters, no attractiveness in any of the characters (not actual actors) save a few scenes with Jennifer Lawrence who wasn't given much in the way of dialogue to work with. I was hoping there would be a great soundtrack to at least jump us from scene to scene, but that wasn't even included as promised. It was just too cold outside and too late at night to motivate my daughter or myself to get up and face the freezing walk to the car, so we stayed "hoping for a moment that just don't come" I didn't believe the plot, the dialogue, the just seemed like the most contrived attempt at art I've seen in a long time. I would have been better off watching the alleged porn in the next theater aka Wolf of Wall Street. Bummer! Expand
  71. Jan 4, 2014
    Did not live up to the hype. If you liked Silver Linings Playbook (I'm sorry for you if you did), and are a Jennifer Lawrence fan you'll probably like this movie. If, like myself, you do not find yourself in that camp, American Hustle is not worth your time. Unmemorable plot and characters, passably acted at best, and slow (oh god is it slow). Upsides are Christian Bale's performance (funny, nuanced, highly-committed) and the soundtrack. Expand
  72. Jan 5, 2014
    Thought this film was utter rubbish, yes acting was good but with little plot to go with. Took ages to get going and sadly never did. If this wins any awards I am at a loss as to what people find entertaining
  73. Jan 10, 2014
    I just dont get the critics rave reviews. I thought it had an unoriginal scripts with poorly written characters and even poorer dialogue. Stuffing a film with big name movie starts seems to be inversely related to how good the film is.
    None of it was believable - the romantic interludes didn't work as all characters involved were unlovable. One cop battering another cop with a phone to
    get arrests - nah.
    Not a good film.
  74. Jan 12, 2014
    I agree with the other reviewers who found this film profoundly boring. I couldn't make it even half-way through before walking out. I also felt it was trying so hard to be another Good Fellas but it didn't come close. In one scene, they showed the outside of the Chelsea Hotel in NYC and then they cut to an interior shot, presumably inside that hotel. They made it look like a nice hotel. I can vouch that the Chelsea Hotel was a fleabag hotel in the late 70s because I stayed there for one night in 1980. We couldn't stand more than one night and scrambled to a safer, cleaner hotel for the rest of our stay.

    Bottom line: Save your money
  75. Jan 12, 2014
    There's no denying the acting chops of Bale, Adams & Lawrence. However, that their talents were put to the service of this absolute mess of a "story" is a misfortune for them, the entire viewing audience - and especially these actors' fans. I lasted 65 minutes. As my stomach began to churn with more agitation, I chose to walk out - and was happy to do so. I read the rest of the plot details at Wikipedia and apparently the mess I saw only got much worse. My dissatisfaction is not just personal, but for all of us in the movie-viewing public, that we should be offered as entertainment a made-up tale of moral recklessness. Expand
  76. Feb 23, 2014
    One of the worst films I've seen in theaters. The characters were completely unlikeable, I wasn't sure if I should root for the cop or the crooks, the story was boring and I didn't see a point to Louie CK and Jennifer Lawrence even being there. It seemed like they were there just because they were big names and not because they fit the role.

    If it wasn't for Bale and Amy Adams the movie
    would have been a complete wash. I almost left the theater twice during the movie and I only stayed to find out how it ended for Bale and Adams. Expand
  77. Jan 1, 2014
    This movie starts out a little slowly, and because the first few minutes are out of time sequence, starts out confusing as well. Takes a good half hour or so and then things get wildly interesting. The ending will amply reward you for your patience: its brilliant. Most importantly, the characters are extraordinarily well developed by the screenplay and extraordinarily portrayed by a brilliant cast. When Robert De Niro is a minor character, yet wonderful in his only thrilling and tense scene of perhaps 6 minutes, you can imagine how well Cooper, Bale, Adams and Lawrence are in their demanding rolls. There are some hilarious moments and you are kept on the edge of your seat because so many endings are possible. While the movie is based on the 70s ABSCAM political license, it is only loosely based on it. Lots of fictional license is taken and used superbly. We will see it again on pay per view. Expand
  78. Dec 29, 2013
    I'm surprised at all the love given to this film. The acting? Superb throughout. The story, however, was a little boring at times, and there really is no character you can root for. Also, many critics are saying it is a comedy, and I chuckled a few times but neither I or the packed theater I saw it with laughed all that much. In the end, the great acting throughout made it a passable film, but it does not have the repeatability factor for me. I have no desire to see it again. As a footnote, Jennifer Lawrence may be the best actress in Hollywood. The movie came to life every time she was on the screen. Expand
  79. Dec 31, 2013
    One of the best of 2013, I was laughing throughout the movie. Every character is very, very well played with Jennifer Lawrence a standout, as expected. Storyline was complicated but well told and never lost the audience. Recommend!
  80. Dec 24, 2013
    Filled with phenomenal performances, an expertly written screenplay with both clever twists and likable characters, and a perfect blend of comedy and drama, American Hustle is another incredible achievement from one of my favorite film directors of the past few years. American Hustle is easily my favorite movie of the year.
  81. Dec 30, 2013
    Not a bad film, not a great one either. I would definitely not call it one of the best of the year as many critics do.
    How would I describe it?
    You take a good recipe, all proper ingredients, follow the procedure. But the result is quite mediocre.
    I saw the movie just a few days ago and I do not remember what it was about. My Alzheimer is only part of the reason
  82. Jan 7, 2014
    Being from the Bronx near Grand Concourse, I can say that Christian Bale NAILS IT! Jennifer Laurence is the hottest woman in Hollywood and this movie is a blast. This movie is so well worth the price of admission it makes up (almost) for all the bad movies I've seen recently. Hilarious, philosophic and an insight to all types of people that will remind you of some you know and you will wet yourself. Expand
  83. Jan 13, 2014
    I enjoyed this film but it was the acting by Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence that made this what it is. You could not take your eyes off Amy Adams and not just because of her dresses. You can just see her always thinking of what she should be doing next. The plot was lacking a little bit of a punch but watching Amy Adams think was reason enough to see this film.
  84. Jan 2, 2014
    This is an excellent movie and Amy Adams truly deserves an Oscar of her performance. She is an extraordinary actress, far better than many Oscar winning actresses of our time and she proved it in this movie.

    Bradley Cooper also did an excellent job. He was truly hilarious and he did an excellent job of playing Richie Dimaso. Amy Adams together with Bradley Cooper held this movie

    However, Christian Bale did overdo some scenes. On occasions, Bale's facial expressions were not in line with his character or the particular emotion in the scene and every time it happened, it was painfully obvious.

    Also Jennifer Lawrence, was not right for this role. She did well in the dressing room scene with Amy Adams but mostly J Law was out of her element. Her facial expressions were in line with the character but her voice, tone and accent just didn't fit the character at all. And it was just so obvious that she didn't belong in this character. She has had a very protective upbringing to play this kind of a character.

    But overall, it was an excellent movie. A must watch!!
  85. Jun 4, 2014
    Great actors, not a bad story. But the movie just didn't flow for me, about 3/4 of the way. I totally lost interest. That's not a good sign! the movie overall is a 5 out of 10. I already forgot about it
  86. Jan 7, 2014
    Great acting, great cinematography, the story however feels a little empty in the end. So much potential but the climax didn't justify the build up. It all gets wrapped up a bit too quickly after 2 hours of careful build up. Decent but over rated.
  87. Jan 5, 2014
    A few thoughts on this film... It was like each actor was trying to out-do each other with over-the-top, Oscar-bait performances. The acting felt artificial and too cerebral. Poorly cast and the accents of the characters were all over the place. Jeremy Renner as an Italian New Jersey mayor? Huh? I find Christian Bale arrogant and smug, so his presence here didn't help. And he's not convincing as a balding, paunchy New York Jew. Jennifer Lawrence doesn't belong in this movie and can't do accents. Amy Adams is wonderful, but she's a little too sweet for this role. Great outfits, though. Expand
  88. Jan 15, 2014
    American Hustle is the new movie of David O. Russell, and like Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter, it has a parade of great actors, giving wonderful performances. Christian Bale really transmits the conflict that lives the protagonist between stop working for the FBI and the loyalty that has with people of his world. Amy Adams captures so well the double personality that a woman can act. Jennifer Lawrence is convincing as a manipulator mother with psychological projection. Even Jeremy Renner plays very well the mayor that will do whatever it takes to help his citizen. Bradley Cooper is the one that falls in the performances, I mean it is unexpected for a simple comedy actor, but since he demonstrate his potential on Silver Linings Playbook, I think he could do it a lot better here. Above all, David O. Russell has real talent to choose and direct actors. Because of all these is possible to transmit the topics of the film, like the idea of what people do in order to survive (change name and look, make up stories of childhood, create fake business, deny family and even betray the people you know); and the power that have friends and family over ones choices. The only problem of the story is that the script is not well develop so it becomes very difficult to connect the dots and decrypt the movie, but it is very dynamic and catches you from the beginning. Expand
  89. Dec 26, 2013
    My second favorite movie of the year after "Blue is....". A film critic wrote the perfect blurb for this movie "This movie is like a slot machine which keeps spitting out quarters". Exactly. The movie is so much fun and scene after scene after scene are delightful. Pure entertainment.
  90. Dec 28, 2013
    This one of the best movies I have seen since Django. It ranks up there with the Best. I was stressed the whole time and the payoff was excellent. Amy Adams and Christian bale will blow you away.
  91. Jan 5, 2014
    I went into this expecting a funny script propped up by a great cast, but this movie is much more than that. Easily the best thing I've seen in theaters in years. There are funny moments, but this is a showcase of characters that engage and never stop developing. If ever there was a case of sympathy for the bad guy, you'll find it here. Bale has the performance of a lifetime here. It's unlike anything I've seen from him before. You'll see an unexpected honesty in his performance. Adams and Cooper likewise showcase their notable talents, and a cast of impeccable supporting characters really drives this home. The weakest performance comes from Lawrence, but even so she has moments of raw, emotional talent that make up for a few missteps. Don't miss this movie! Expand
  92. Dec 30, 2013
    American Hustle has an energy that makes the movie come alive and injects the story with comedy, tension, surprise and sympathy for the characters. The entire cast gives outstanding performances in David O. Russell's best film.
  93. Dec 25, 2013
    "American Hustle" is a pretty darn good, entertaining, and fun film. While I don't think it's director David O' Russell's best film, I still think it is his best directed. It is directed with a flashy style that really fits with the era of the movie. There are many over the top moments and exaggerated camera sweeps that really brings a lot of excitement on screen. The script is layered with hilarious dialogue and deeper meaning of living the "American Dream" than what is actually being presented on screen. However, I wish it did have more focus and a tighter story as it did feel like it was all over the place. The journey is also more satisfying than the actual conclusion.

    The cast is great and the director really gets some amazing performances from the cast. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper are great in their roles and play very dimensional characters. They make them come alive and their on-screen chemistry is great. However, the real stand-out in this star studded cast is Jennifer Lawrence, who doesn't have as much depth or screen time, but commands total attention on-screen. She embodies everything that the movie is going for by being over the top, zany, and full on entertaining. Everytime she was off-screen, I kept on begging for more.

    Overall, "American Hustle" is a really good movie that is equal parts entertaining and thought provoking. It never reaches any emotional highs and needs some focus, but David O' Russell's stylish direction, use of high energy music, and committed cast makes this movie something special. I give it 4.5/5
  94. Jan 5, 2014
    David O' Russell has another winner. A great movie with great hair. With a stellar cast it is easy to enjoy and watch these pros do what they do best. None of the actors really get a standout moment though, except for Jennifer Lawrence. The story moves at a slow pace, but the movie makes up for it with a perfect soundtrack that breathes the very essence of the 70's.
  95. Dec 30, 2013
    Great cast. Great acting. Good story. The only knock I have is the movie is a bit slow and methodical in its pace. Not very often the entire ensemble cast of one movie could be nominated for an Oscar since all the performances were strong across the board. Good movie.
  96. Jan 12, 2014
    Good story and plot, with a fairly unpredictable ending unless you know a great deal about the ABSCAM senario. Bale was very good with his role and even Cooper was good as he finally got out of his type-casting roles and into something that resembles acting. As a b0onus, since the flick is based in the 70s the sound track is well done as well.
  97. Jan 9, 2014
    Awesome film. David O. Russell kills it as director and Bale, Adams, Cooper, Lawrence, Renner, Louis CK, De Niro, etc, kill it in this one. The characterization of everyone is fantastic and it's awesome that we got to see so many back stories of different characters, which helped you to understand why they did the things they did. Honestly, this is my favorite film of 2013 that I've seen thus far.
  98. Jan 4, 2014
    The character development in this movie is fantastic. Each character is thoroughly developed and is really fleshed out. You like some characters, you hate some; you even love some. The cast, which only helps character development, was one of the best casts I have seen in a movie. Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, Louis C.K. and the list just keeps going on! The story was also quite exemplary. It was not a cliche movie, and everything was tied up in the end. The movie was like a puzzle. All the pieces fell into place. It was very satisfying. David O. Russel did a fantastic job with the directing on this. I would love to see Jennifer Lawrence get Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. As far as movie of the year, I personally don't think it will get it. It was good, but there are many other great movies out there. Expand
  99. Mar 4, 2014
    Yet another crime movie based on real events like recent ‘Pain & Gain’. It was the star's collision, everyone competed with each others. Giants like Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner fought to show their masculine strength. In another stream Amy Adams and new sensation Jennifer Lawrence had war to rule feminine parts. Overall, it is the celebration time for movie buffs to see multi stars in one screen.

    As usual Bale’s appearance did not surprise me. He’s one of the actors from Hollywood who do a variety of experimental roles in his movies especially in physical appearances. Bradley Cooper had a good time recently with many blockbusters, so in a movie to share screenspace with Bale will boost his professional growth in his career graph.

    Amy Adams is a good actress, but she’s not attracted to me though she was great in this film. No doubt Jennifer Lawrence was thrown an incredible performance with her small role. Yet both are very enjoyable to watch, especially expected that particular cat fight moment.

    Let me tell why you should not miss this movie. The cast was the great strength the movie had. Robert De Niro’s guest appearance made it more fuzz and the puzzling story created lots of guess games among viewers. I must say it was well scripted by the writers and crafted beautifully by the director of 'Three Kings'.
  100. Jan 2, 2014
    The heist film genre is one of the most exciting film genres in recent memory, thanks to the likes of elaborate minds and stylistically driven directors. From Soderbergh’s Ocean trilogy which began the trend of mainstream, modern-day cops-and-robbers films, to other very meticulously crafted caper films, the heist genre is one which is both exciting and compelling to crack before the climactic final act. American Hustle is a modern day, somewhat self-indulgent, patriotic heist film with outstanding performances, many good times and very few bad times. The beauty of Hustle lies in its amazing ability to fake it; whether it be faking an overly complicated narrative for no apparent reason or a meaningful story that never gets old, Hustle is a solid film that will con your heart, through and through.

    American Hustle is a testament to a very powerful, respected and hard-working director. David O. Russell is a director who focuses more on his characters than he does on his story, and it is easily noticed in Hustle. Each and every one of the performances in his newest writing/directing credit is every bit as evolved and appreciated as his last. O. Russell has proven, time and time again, that his ability to get the best performances out of his actors is one of his many featured signatures. From Melissa Leo, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jacki Weaver, Robert Di Nero, and Jennifer Lawrence, O. Russell brings a furious velocity to his characters in the form of his actors that have ended in Oscar glory, if not recognition, at the very least.

    American Hustle is a con film showing the real con-artists as small time players against the biggest con artists of the world; the American government and the American judicial system. Hustle is a loose re-telling of the events following the investigation of the operation named “Abscam”.

    Like any good story being told, it begins, and will always begin with a girl. That girl, in this case, is Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), or Lady Edith Greensly, either way, it starts with a girl, as do most American narratives. When low-level con artist and small-time businessman Irving Rosenfeld meets stripper Sydney at a party in 1978, the two begin a love-affair that involves low-level stakes at fraud and scamming, unbeknownst to Irving’s unstable wife at the time, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence). As Irving and Sydney meet investors and embezzle their money, they attract the attention of undercover FBI agent Richie Di Maso (Bradley Cooper). Desperate to make a name for himself, Di Maso entraps the two con-artists in a scam that includes the mayor of Camden, New Jersey Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner), various members of Congress, and the mafia.

    While Irving’s life spins completely out of control between spiralling cons, a love triangle between him, Sydney, and Richie, as well as his manipulating and out of control wife, Irving must master the fine art of deception so that he and Sydney can still come out with their lives.

    Much like the marketing of the film, and true to the style of the director, the performances are at the forefront of Hustle. Turning in two of the best performances of his career (the other being the slow burning thriller Out of the Furnace) Bale solidifies his confidence as a serious method actor. Bale’s dedication to the craft, whether it be his outrageous weight-gain or loss, heightens his performances.

    Other stand-out performances include Amy Adams, whose confused and beguiling depiction of a desperate woman in search of love, happiness, and the American dream, is met wholeheartedly when she delivers lines like “you’re nothing to me until you’re everything”. Adams sheds her good-girl image as she did for O. Russell previously in The Fighter, by playing the sexy pillar to her love interests. Much like Julia Roberts did in Erin Brockovich, I’m not sure if Adams deserves the supporting Oscar nomination or if her constantly revealing side-boob does. Either way, Adams seduces her leading men in high fashion, and ironically enough, low fabric.

    Lawrence, who won the Oscar for Lead Actress with O. Russell’s highly over-rated Silver Linings Playbook last year as another unstable, slutty persona, really gives a sense of her characters unwillingness to change. Lawrence’s Rosalyn is a crazy, contorting character who shows that her character is way out of her league in her husband’s world of deceit. Rosalyn is really a child in a grown man’s world.

    Renner hits it out of the park as Polito, an honest man whose sketchy manoeuvres as a person in power, really sheds the action-hero substitute Renner has been playing recently in franchise revival action genre films.

Universal acclaim - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Mike Scott
    Dec 24, 2013
    Like everyone else in Russell's cast, Lawrence appears to be having a blast in the role. It's downright contagious.
  2. Reviewed by: Andrew O'Hehir
    Dec 21, 2013
    A work of tremendous confidence and dazzling showmanship that may just be a delirious movie-as-drug-high or may, if you choose to read it this way, contain a level of commentary about the nature of America and the illusioneering of Hollywood.
  3. 100
    The movie is a slot machine that never stops spitting quarters.