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  • Summary: A 21st century sorceress (Hardman) arrives in a Cape Cod fishing village for her summer holiday, with the intention of putting her magical powers to good use, creating love matches for the town's lost souls. (Artistic License Films)
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  1. Hardman is a grating, mannered onscreen presence, which is especially unfortunate in light of the fine work done by most of the rest of her cast.
  2. 30
    Hardman never gives her material a chance to develop, because she subjects it to so much forced drama and self-conscious nudging, and when she hits a wall, she gets silly.
  3. 30
    The director and her capable cast appear to be caught in a heady whirl of New Age–inspired good intentions, but the spell they cast isn't the least bit mesmerizing.
  4. 30
    Like a soft drink that's been sitting open too long: it's too much syrup and not enough fizz.
  5. A failed experiment in magical realism that makes you wonder where the magic went.
  6. 20
    Although the existentialist conclusion highlights the stochastic nature of everyday life, this story of unrequited love doesn't sustain interest beyond the first half-hour.
  7. 12
    Contains much more prosaic ingredients. Like props and sound effects that could have been borrowed from an off-off-Broadway play, a host of painfully strained performances and a plot that's almost unbearably stupid.
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  1. JohnR.
    Oct 14, 2006
    For a fable based on witchcraft, the plot seemed, amusingly, a lot like real life.

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