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Score distribution:
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  1. 40
    There are all sorts of noteworthy people in this silly vampire epic, including acting greats Sir Ben Kingsley and Geraldine Chaplin, but the only artist this critic wants to heap praise upon is the regrettably unidentified Supervisor of Blood Splatter: Nice work, dude.
  2. The only thing left unsliced is the ham in BloodRayne, yet another video game adaptation by German genre specialist Uwe Boll and a movie with more fading - or faded - talent than an Italian basketball team.
  3. 33
    With minimal flare and maximal gore, Boll simply delivers the turgid drama and incompetently staged action sequences that have made him the unstoppable Big Boss of the gaming community.
  4. 25
    Why do moviegoers and gamers keep going to see video-game-based movies when neither group is ever happy with the results?
  5. While there's no fun in mediocrity, ludicrousness is another matter. Boll is the best at what he does, and what he does is make truly terrible films.
  6. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
  7. Reviewed by: Gregory Kirschling

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Score distribution:
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  1. Jul 18, 2012
    I've never played the video games so I can't comparisons between this movie and the games, but I can tell you this movie is freaking terrible. Honestly I have no idea why this was allowed to be made. The plot, acting, writing, setting, and special effects are all terrible. This is one of the worst movies ever created. Now I know Uwe Boll movies have a reputation of being horrible, but I found enjoyment in his movies House of the Dead and In the Name of the king: A Dungeon Siege Tale, just because they had a so bad it's good quality to them. And I was hoping to find that same enjoyment here, but as you can tell I didn't. In case you can't tell I strongly recommend you avoid this movie at any and all costs. It's horrible and 95 minutes of your life you wont get back. Expand
  2. Mar 26, 2011
    This movie didn't really fulfill what was needed to fulfill and do the game justice. Of course, the movie basically put me to sleep on most parts. Sure, some scenes were OK and other scenes where there was actually some action into it, it was good, yeah, but it wasn't "great." Expand
  3. Oct 18, 2011
    This movie is no good at all. The plot is awful, if you can even call it a plot and the acting is terrible too. The premises is just stupid and it focuses more on inappropriate aspects than an actual story. I understand why critics called this movie a FAILURE and if I had been weary of this awful movie I would have watched it, ugh! this movie's awful! This reinforces my point about movie-adaptions of games. You cannot adapt a game into a movie without it sucking and you cannot adapt a movie into a game without the game sucking. In my opinion, leave a video game a video game and leave a movie a movie. And to this movie...the reason why this movie is probably so bad is because there was no effort in making this movie I do you make a bad movie when you try? The director probably threw this train wreck together as a way to make quick cash well if you don't try then don't expect your movie or game to get money or good reviews. Try, and your product will get glory. Overall, Bloodrayne was a terrible movie that shouldn't be watched at all. My advice: Stay away from the movie! The games were decent (from critic reviews I've heard so, after this movie I don't plan to play the games, well I don't have an interest for them) but the point is don't watch it, I did and I regretted it. Bloodrayne is a forgettable movie that is best forgotten. Expand
  4. Feb 5, 2013
    I have no words to express the mind-numbing horribleness of this film. The 'plot' is inconsistent and barely holds to that of the video game it is based on, the 'acting' is terrible, and the character's are awful. The heaven's sake, the Director hired actual prostitutes to play prostitutes in the film instead of hiring actresses! Who does that? Did he send out letters asking for actresses and they all replied with, "No, your films are crap"?
    Do NOT see this film, under any circumstances.
  5. Aug 26, 2010
    The best way to watch this movie is to be doing something else while watching, because odds are you'll have more fun doing whatever else you can think of than watching this sack of homogenized **** In fact, just do anything else. Please. I don't know what else to say other than "why, Ben Kingsley, why?" Expand
  6. Feb 14, 2012
    Wait, what??? Uwe Boll is the most deservedly lambasted, god-awful director since Ed Wood and "Bloodrayne" is only surpassed by "Alone in the Dark" in it's trogloditic badness... and it gets a Metacritic user score of 8.0??? Please tell me there's a whole mess of comedians out there, like review writer ChipG... PLEASE! Expand
  7. Sep 18, 2011
    For some reason, I don't care about those crappy video game movies that Uwe Boil directs. I only just want a reboot of the franchise, but not the game series. I love BloodRayne, a great phenomenal and fun game. However, I agree with the critics reaction and that's why there's poor acting, useless action, and wasteless material that makes BloodRayne one of the worst mediocre video game movies of all time. Expand

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