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  • Summary: In this follow-up to "Smoke," it's nonstop laughs when a wacky group of locals visits the neighborhood cigar shop, looking for good times ... and finding plenty of hilarious fun! But when the greedy owner threatens to close the shop for good -- and turn it into a trendy vegetarian restaurant -- the neighborhood proves they'll do just about anything to save their favorite hangout! (Miramax) Expand
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  1. 88
    The film is so exuberant that we don't care whether we're listening to Lou Reed's off-the-cuff comments about New York, watching Mel Gorham do a sexy dance in front of a mirror, or hearing Jim Jarmusch's ramblings on the romance of the smoking culture.
  2. [The movie has] considerable charm and humor....Adam Holender's fresh, airy camera work and a vibrant electric score also add vitality to an all-talk film. [13 Oct 1999, p.F8]
  3. The results are ragged, disjointed, and endearing.
  4. More about having a good time with some interesting people than it is about watching a fine movie.
  5. Reviewed by: Harlan Jacobson
    Feels less like a movie than a lost episode of the old Steve Allen or Jack Paar late-night chat shows.
  6. 50
    An unpredictable, occasionally amusing, wildly uneven portrait of a neighborhood struggling to hold on to its identity.
  7. 25
    What a bold notion for a movie, and what a bust in terms of execution.

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