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  1. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Wildly funny. Its best jokes approach some savage, atavistic core of cultural taboo and make the viewer wonder: Is it really possible to laugh at this? But by the time you formulate that question, it's too late: You're already laughing.
  2. 100
    Borat isn't just one of the funniest movies of the year, it might be one of the funniest movies of all time.
  3. 100
    As clever as he is crude, Cohen alchemizes bad-taste comedy into Strangelovean satire.
  4. 100
    I can't wait to see Borat, which has twice as many laughs as all of this year's other movie comedies combined, for a fourth time.
  5. Though Borat has been likened to "Jackass," there's a huge difference. The "Jackass" movies are about extreme stunts. Borat is about interaction and gullibility, and its success is unique to both Cohen and to this one-time-only movie.
  6. 100
    Borat is a terrific, risky comic creation: a village idiot for the global village.
  7. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    A comic put-on of awe-inspiring crudity and death-defying satire and by a long shot the funniest film of the year. It is "Jackass" with a brain and Mark Twain with full frontal male nudity.
  8. It's screamingly, hysterically, laugh-through-the-next-joke, laugh-for-the-next-week funny. It's so inventive…This is a film by an original and significant comic intelligence.
  9. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    This is comedy from the danger zone, and it will genuinely offend some folks who feel certain subjects are not to be laughed at. They'd best stay at home. Fans should be warned as well: Borat can make you laugh so hard it hurts.
  10. 100
    Very nice. I like Borat very much. I think it is, as everybody has been saying, the funniest movie in years.
  11. 100
    You won't know what outrageous fun is until you see Borat. High-five!
  12. Reviewed by: Dan Jolin
    Absurd, outrageous, gross, disturbing, insightful, and so funny it’ll burst half the blood vessels in your face.
  13. Borat is a rarity: a comedy whose middle name is danger, or as the Kazakhs say, kauwip-kater.
  14. I hate to sound blurby, but Borat is the funniest comedy I've seen since I don't know when.
  15. 100
    The result is a perfect combination of slapstick and satire, a Platonic ideal of high-and lowbrow that manages to appeal to our basest common denominators while brilliantly skewering racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and that peculiarly American affliction: we're-number-one-ism.
  16. When Baron Cohen works without a net, he flies.
  17. Wall Street Journal
    Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    Not since the halcyon days of Archie Bunker and "All in the Family" has so sharp a wit punctured so many balloons.
  18. 90
    Borat is an astonishingly entertaining picture, and it's a testament to Cohen's gifts that he can pull off a feat as extravagant and as fully realized as this one is.
  19. 90
    Uproariously funny mockumentary.
  20. 90
    Indeed, the man who invented Borat is a masterful improviser, brilliant comedian, courageous political satirist, and genuinely experimental film artist. Borat makes you laugh but Baron Cohen forces you to think.
  21. The brilliance of Borat is that its comedy is as pitiless as its social satire, and as brainy.
  22. 89
    This feature-length expansion of Cohen's deliciously ridiculous character accomplishes what decades of Soviet propaganda failed to do: It points out and underscores issues of race, religious intolerance, classism, and all manner of very American social ills by giving the culprits just enough rope to hang themselves by their own petards (and then some).
  23. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Borat is most gloriously funny moving picture for to make people see their stupidness.
  24. 88
    It takes some exceptionally intelligent and witty people to make a dumb comedy this funny and perceptive: Borat may be offensive (to some), infantile, low-brow or even just a stunt, but you won't hate yourself in the morning for loving it.
  25. Baron Cohen brings scary conviction to the performance.
  26. 83
    As slapstick, as satire, as sheer gut-busting comedy, Borat is top notch.
  27. 83
    In choosing cheap gags over incisive cultural commentary, Borat scores more as scatology than satire, but it's easy to overlook its ramshackle nature in light of the explosive laughter.
  28. With his corrosive brand of take-no-prisoners humor that scalds on contact, Cohen is the most intentionally provocative comedian since Lenny Bruce and early Richard Pryor, with a difference. For unlike those predecessors, there is a mean-spiritedness, an every-man-for-himself coldness about his humor. The one kind of laughter you won't find in Borat is that which acknowledges shared humanity. Instead, there is that pitiless staple of reality TV, watching others humiliate themselves for our viewing pleasure.
  29. The Hollywood Reporter
    Reviewed by: Kirk Honeycutt
    The weapon wielded by Cohen and Charles is crudeness. People today, especially those in public life, can disguise prejudice in coded language and soft tones. Bigotry is ever so polite now. So the filmmakers mean to drag the beast out into the sunlight of brilliant satire and let everyone see the rotting, stinking, foul thing for what it is. When you laugh at something that is bad, it loses much of its power.
  30. 80
    It is equipped, like an F-15 Eagle, to engage multiple targets at once.
  31. 80
    The gimmick is simple but devastatingly effective: Never once breaking character or acknowledging that he’s in on the joke, the Jew-fearing, grammatically challenged reporter ingratiates himself with his unsuspecting, average-American victims before uproariously turning the tables on them.
  32. It's a fearless performance and yields some squirm-inducingly funny moments.
  33. Cohen and his gang are smart enough to know when to quit. Like a loud but amusing guest at a dinner party, Borat collects his coat and goes home just as his hosts are starting to fidget.
  34. Borat at its best is pure satiric genius, the Swiftian kind that has you busting a gut with laughter even while checking your conscience for implicating flaws.
  35. 75
    The variation keeps things fresh and the relatively short running length (less than 90 minutes) ensures that Borat doesn't overstay its welcome - even though when it's all done, we wish this absurd man might have lingered a little longer.
  36. 75
    Borat is, in many ways, an heir to the same kind of subversion of American norms that the transvestite Divine perfected in John Waters’ early films.
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  1. Oct 6, 2010
    It's a little genius of a comic film with a genius comic behind him. Baron Cohen somehow mixes the ridiculous with the believeable to makeIt's a little genius of a comic film with a genius comic behind him. Baron Cohen somehow mixes the ridiculous with the believeable to make people think he really is Borat and then makes the American people look stupid and foolish. But is there some dark, underlying, non-comic theme here? Maybe America isn't such a great nation as we all like to think. Full Review »
  2. Oct 10, 2011
    Jagshemash! "Borat: Cultural Learnings of...screw this" is a offensive movie, thanks to the skillfully annoying 'clown' Sacha Baron Cohen,Jagshemash! "Borat: Cultural Learnings of...screw this" is a offensive movie, thanks to the skillfully annoying 'clown' Sacha Baron Cohen, that will create massive haters for its extreme mock/satire. But, as a hater of the movie, I knew that the elusive film wasn't lying about their greedy, selfish, unfriendly portrayal of us; they were correct of our foolishness. Full Review »
  3. richardr
    Dec 20, 2008
    A classic. If you have to ask, you will never know.