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  1. 88
    Broken English takes 30 minutes to do what most romantic comedies manage with a simple montage. That's a good thing, by the way.
  2. As charmingly verklemmt New York women with bad luck in men and good luck in apartments go, Nora Wilder in Broken English has all the breaks.
  3. A pleasantly disposable romantic comedy starring the once and future indie-queen Parker Posey.
  4. As a director, Cassavetes is a keen observer of character and social interaction but not yet much of a visual stylist (which might also describe the improvisational dramas made by her actor/director father, John).
  5. 75
    The movie needs more incident and complication; it's modest to a fault.
  6. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    A pitch-perfect lead performance by Parker Posey and debuting feature writer-helmer Zoe Cassavetes' deft, low-key approach raise Broken English a couple notches above the usual run of lonely-single-woman-seeking-romance-in-the-big-city yarns.
  7. A wry, charming romance about a New York woman who has given up hope of finding love.
  8. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    A well-acted, smartly directed film that’s depressing because it could have amounted to so much more. It departs from the studio-financed romantic-comedy template in just one, unfortunately fatal respect: it makes a point of pride out of rejecting cliché, then swoons into its embrace.
  9. Demonstrating that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, the screenwriter-director has delivered a well-observed film boasting highly realistic performances and dialogue, if not plot elements. But it's Posey's fascinating portrayal of a thirtysomething Manhattan single woman looking for love that lifts the film above its "Sex and the City" predictabilities.
  10. There's not a lot of story here and the dialogue lacks the snap one usually gets in New York stories of affluent young adults, but the characters have an authenticity.
  11. This movie belongs to Posey, and her nuanced performance makes Broken English a worthy adventure.
  12. 63
    It's the kind of film that will resonate only with a tiny fraction of the available audience. Unless a viewer's age and situation mirrors that of Posey's Nora Wilder, odds are that this movie will generate a sense of déjà vu.
  13. 63
    For all its impeccable indie credibility, writer-director Zoe Cassavetes' bittersweet romance is little more than a hipster chick flick in which the same old smart women make the usual foolish choices.
  14. 63
    Posey is a delight throughout, and Zoe Cassavetes is clearly a filmmaker to watch.
  15. Both neurotic and endearing, it's so carefully accessorized you may not even notice that, at heart, it's a standard-issue romantic comedy.
  16. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    It's the stuff of countless advice columns, daytime talk shows, sitcoms, romantic comedies. Quite frankly, it's tired. What makes a difference here -- although really not enough of one -- is the people.
  17. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    A conventional New York-lonely hearts story made watchable by one element and one element only: Parker Posey.
  18. Cassavetes, who wrote the script, proves her skill with actors in this woozy push-and-pull of slurred compliments and shaky hopes for whatever lies beyond the next day.
  19. 63
    There is a very good movie named "Before Sunset" that begins more or less where this one ends. Which tells you something right there.
  20. Reviewed by: Jamie Tipps
    What began as an interesting character study ends in convention, offering only the most clichéd platitudes in summation. You can't find true love until you love yourself? Hasn't Dr. Phil been telling us that for years?
  21. Reviewed by: Michelle Orange
    Posey remains touching as the woman with happiness in sight but bewilderingly out of reach.
  22. 60
    Despite its schizophrenic nature and often disagreeable characteristics, Broken English has flashes of something. You might say it has an integrity of purpose, if not of execution.
  23. 50
    Given the gift of Posey at the peak of her powers, Cassavetes squanders her star in low-key, go-nowhere conversations, shot without flair and drained of any improvisatory energy.
  24. Broken English doesn't break any code or offer original insights on the subject. But there's a spark whenever Posey and Poupaud are together.
  25. 50
    If Broken English occasionally falls prey to a bit too much self-conscious lethargy, it's still a welcome chance to see Posey at her flighty, edgy best.
  26. How Posey's neurotic, self-destructive heroine finds her way to healing is the core of this generous film, whose moral is that happiness can't begin unless you're open to its possibility.
  27. 50
    Almost nothing that's said or done here is convincing. And the energy is set at near-coma level.
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  1. EllenH.
    Mar 25, 2009
    Maybe it's been done a million times before and the ending feels like the biggest surrender to sentimentality, but that doesn't Maybe it's been done a million times before and the ending feels like the biggest surrender to sentimentality, but that doesn't cancel out all the good that came before: outstanding and truthful performances, story and characters that resonate universally, nuance, and compassionate storytelling. This movie is like a small compact mirror being held up in front of one woman's life, but anyone looking can draw comparisons to their own. Full Review »
  2. sarahs
    Nov 11, 2008
    Broken English is a chick-flick, but it's a good one. Posey is gut-wrenchingly believable as an insecure & neurotic 30something, the art Broken English is a chick-flick, but it's a good one. Posey is gut-wrenchingly believable as an insecure & neurotic 30something, the art direction is fantastic. But there is a key moment in this film when it stops being just chick-flick stuff and starts becoming something more magic. I dont think I would have enjoyed it as much if it weren't for that. I will definitely keep an eye out for KC's flicks. Full Review »
  3. MelS
    Mar 6, 2008
    Sad. Good acting, but slow and sad.