Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 10
  2. Negative: 7 out of 10
  1. Reviewed by: David Mills
    Contains about enough laugh-out-loud sight gags and non sequiturs to justify what it demands of a viewer's time and money.
  2. 50
    Chris Elliott is appallingly bad as the title character. Although his role cries out for an over-the- top performance, Elliott's grating personae cancels out any positive contributions he can offer in that area.
  3. Reviewed by: Ken Greene
    Fans of unashamedly low-brow comedies may well be amused by the eccentricities of Cabin Boy, but more conventional viewers should probably beware.
  4. 38
    As a condescening moron who natters on non-stop in this simplistic comedy, Elliott doesn't just wear out his welcome, he nukes it. [14 Jan 1994]
  5. Few comedies have worked this hard to make everyone on screen look this dumb.
  6. Reviewed by: Chris Willman
    The problem is that it doesn't find a lot of laughs in much of anything, referential or otherwise. [7 Jan 1994]
  7. 25
    [Chris Elliott]'s spoof of a young seaman's apprenticeship seems desperate as he piles special effects willy-nilly atop jibes at stupid old salts. [14 Jan 1994]
  8. Reviewed by: Caryn James
    All this is bizarre without being funny. [7 Jan 1994, p.C12]
  9. It is possible to watch 90 minutes of this comedy without once cracking a smile. [12 Jan 1994]
  10. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Obnoxious, snide and pointless , this ill-fated spoof carries the bonus of being as crude and gamy as the hold of an old fishing barge.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 31 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 19
  3. Negative: 5 out of 19
  1. UrkoboldU
    Jul 29, 2008
    I struggle not to use all caps, as that is my fashion, but this movie is profoundly moving and appeals to me on a level that few films do. Everyone should watch it, although most will wish they hadn't. It's that good. Full Review »
  2. PrestonF.
    Jun 7, 2008
    Humor, like pornography is impossible to define, but I know it when I see it. This movie meets the classic definition of pornography: "a creative activity of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire." Except it doesn't stimulate any desires at all, except perhaps that of self-loathing and self-immolation for subjecting one-self to this multimedia abortion. There's 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back... I hate to break it to all the fan-boys in this section, but the emperor has no humor. Full Review »
  3. SteveJ.
    Mar 7, 2008
    "Cabin Boy" is a coming of age romp through the perils of 19th century travelogues. I enjoyed it, yessir, I enjoyed it.