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    The satirical edge has been dulled in a film that is dominated, and ultimately swamped, by its star's mannered, pixilated performance.
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  1. Aug 11, 2010
    Tim Burton is a master at constructing brilliant and unique films that boggle the mind and defy all beliefs there films that deliver a bold new twist each time but what makes Burton a master is his attention and devotion to his story. The detail and meticulous design of the sets, the costumes, the atmosphere of his films and how they all in some strange way impart a certain message of sorts that has a bizarre connection to real life. Tim Burton's 2005 adaptation of Roald Dahl's beloved children book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has a method to its madness and a meaning to its story. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is one of Burton's best films since Big Fish and Sleepy Hollow. Tim Burton's take on the legendary tale of eccentric chocolate maker Willy Wonka and young dreamer Charlie Bucket is a film of meticulous design, it is meant to be a children movie but "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" plays out better as a quirky adult fantasy adventure with a PG rating. Burton doesn't spare any detail he uses all his style and energy to create the bleak world of Charlie Bucket and all his imagination and light hearted enthusiasm to make the beautiful chocolate factory of Willy Wonka, it's astounding how it works, how it moves along flawlessly telling it's story and just wowing the audience in each and every scene. It is not a cheap exploitation flick with a famous name slapped on it it is a story about a person, a place and a situation that comes to be fall that person (Freddie Highmore). Burton has not only updated a classic story for a modern generation he has effectively made a film that is both true to his quirky style and mainstream enough for modern audiences, It's one of the best films of the last decade and also one of Burton's very best. The film only works whether you believe in what you are seeing; it succeeds on how you look at it if you look at it with a cynical point of view than this film will be a terrible time and a complete waste of money to you. However, if you keep your eyes open and your mind clear of any doubt than this film will work wonders on your soul, your imagination and your imagination. Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryâ Full Review »
  2. Sep 24, 2011
    "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" adds up overwhelming creativity into the book based movie. The result is that the movie got drunk with chocolate.
  3. Oct 23, 2010
    Johnny Depp realises Tim Burton's strange adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic in one of his finest acting performances. He brings the bizarre to a character who was originally enigmatic, a bold and successful move. Not to mention the funky Umpa Lumpa songs, much better than 'Doo pa dee doo'. I don't care what the parents say, I prefer this version! Full Review »