Chuck & Buck


Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 30
  2. Negative: 2 out of 30

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Critic Reviews

  1. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    One of the best films of the year. Queer in every sense of the word, it's poignant, laugh-out-loud funny and thoroughly provocative.
  2. The most resonant and haunting movie I've seen this year.
  3. Rolling Stone
    Reviewed by: Peter Travers
    One of the year's best and most provocative films.
  4. 100
    Possibly the most daring and honest drama about sexuality I've ever seen.
  5. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    It's all we ask of a film but almost never get, as it first makes us squirm, then makes us cheer.
  6. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    Might be the most perversely agreeable stalker picture ever made.
  7. The kind of movie that gets under your skin and takes root.
  8. Chicago Tribune
    Reviewed by: Mark Caro
    You wouldn't think the darn thing would have such lingering power.
  9. Portland Oregonian
    Reviewed by: Shawn Levy
    For a picture about a stalker, Chuck and Buck is rather sweet, funny and winning.
  10. Succeeds because it turns out not to be the movie it might so easily have been.
  11. Strange, intense and moving -- one of the few truly grown-up movies you're likely to see this year.
  12. 80
    Had this idea been pursued to its conclusion instead of the pat, wishfully ready-for-TV ending we're fed, the movie would be a standout.
  13. 80
    Manages to be not only consistently droll but cumulatively poignant and even scary.
  14. San Francisco Examiner
    Reviewed by: Wesley Morris
    Comes on like an "After School Special'' psychodrama that's been taken off its medication.
  15. It becomes stronger and more honest than most character studies on film.
  16. 75
    A fascinating study of behavior that violates the rules.
  17. Miami Herald
    Reviewed by: Rene Rodriguez
    An oddity, but a remarkably intriguing and original one, and in Buck ... it also has the most unforgettable movie character of the year.
  18. Charlotte Observer
    Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Chuck and Buck: A fungus among us.
  19. A reverse male-bonding tale unlike anything you've ever seen. And it's not the easiest good movie to sit through.
  20. Mr. Showbiz
    Reviewed by: Kevin Maynard
    Despite Arteta's best efforts, I eventually stopped caring about their bond because Chuck's character is conceived as such a two-dimensional yuppie.
  21. 70
    Arteta and White manage to bring off both the comedy and the tenderness in this tale of a jilted friend who sticks to his passions like chewing gum on a shoe.
  22. The "Citizen Kane" of twisted-geek movies.
  23. A provocative and uncomfortable comedy.
  24. New York Post
    Reviewed by: Jonathan Foreman
    Almost too creepy to be poignant, and generally funny only in an uncomfortable, squirm-in-your seat way.
  25. USA Today
    Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Its premise is so promising that you long for more than Arteta's low-key approach can deliver.
  26. Arteta wrings some laughs from their bizarre (and more than a little frightening situation), but they're uncomfortable laughs, emotional protection from the freak show.
  27. (Arteta's) yanked an eerily accomplished performance out of his lead actor.
  28. Time
    Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    Crude and inept.
  29. Baltimore Sun
    Reviewed by: Ann Hornaday
    Unlike other movies about unpleasant characters, "In the Company of Men," for example, Chuck & Buck doesn't have that sharp observational edge.

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