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  • Summary: Hypnotherapist Dr Michael Strother (Visnjic) has a dangerous gift; he gets flashes from the inside of his patients' minds. The thrills start when Strothers, whilst trying to help a police detective stop smoking, sees in her mind an image of a young girl floating below the surface of a stream. He is soon caught up in the detective's pursuit of a ritualistic killer who believes he has found the secret of immortality. (First Look Media) Expand
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  1. Strong acting and smartly tuned-in directing turn a run-of-the-mill detective story into a striking, sometimes harrowing blend of horror and suspense.
  2. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    An enjoyable throwback to the occult psychological horror-thrillers of the late 1970s. While it flirts often with campy excess, the film remains compelling thanks to its chilly mood, stylish visuals and polished production values.
  3. If you happen to be seeking a fairly cute film concerning occultism, torture, and murder, here ya go.
  4. Visnjic is charismatic, sympathetic and believable in the role, and the first part of the film -- in which he's being drawn into the case against his will and then use his hypnotic skills to get inside the mind of the little girl -- is quite riveting.
  5. 50
    Before it goes down in a soggy mess of scary movie cliches and insultingly stupid plot contrivances, director and co-writer Nick Willing's adaptation of Madison Smartt Bell's novel Dr. Sleep gets in some good, seriously creepy licks.
  6. With such plodding dialogue, there's little the actors can do to surmount the falsity, although Ms. Shaw, in her brief appearances, almost succeeds.
  7. A cheaply made piece of ''psychological'' occult schlock, subjects you to that depressing stop-and-go rhythm that defines inept fantasy thrillers.

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  1. NistnesusA.
    Feb 4, 2006
    suberb movie!