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  1. 100
    Jeff Bridges is a virtual certainty to win his first Oscar, after four nominations.
  2. Crazy Heart is the real thing, and a real gem.
  3. Gyllenhaal is charming and makes unexpected choices in her performance, but this is Bridges' show, and he's as Best Actor-worthy as he's ever been.
  4. 100
    A small movie perfectly scaled to the big performance at its center.
  5. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    On first viewing, Crazy Heart seemed like a pretty good movie with one great performance. After a second time through, it's sneaking up on the title of my favorite film of the year.
  6. Bridges draws us deeply inside Blake’s moment-to-moment heartbreaks. He makes us root for him as we would root for a dear friend. Ultimately, his triumphs become our own.
  7. Reviewed by: Nick Pinkerton
    It's merely a well-done, adult American movie--that is to say, a rarity.
  8. On a par with Bridges' acting, and a sine qua non for Crazy Heart's success, is the excellent music he sings.
  9. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    Crazy Heart gets to you like a good country song--not because it tells you something new, but because it tells it well. It's the singer, not the song.
  10. Crazy Heart is blessed with so many marvelous moments, lovely lines and vivid characters.
  11. 88
    Can’t possibly deserve your close attention. Yet it does, with distilled honky-tonk poetry and generous good humor. It’s one of the year’s best, most deeply felt films.
  12. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The music is terrific, as it should be in a movie where T Bone Burnett wrote the songs with Stephen Bruton.
  13. 88
    This performance reminds us that Bridges is that rare actor who has never had to make that apology. Crazy Heart lets him be every bit as grand as we’d hope him to be.
  14. A simple story about a difficult man, and it's an impressive debut from writer-director Scott Cooper.
  15. Bridges' guileless performance makes this piquant little indie tale of country music, redemption, and the love of a pretty younger woman such a sad-song charmer.
  16. 83
    Crazy Heart could use more rough edges, but while it’s a little too sentimental and tidy, Bridges’ humane, deeply empathetic lead performance makes it easy to root for one man’s redemption.
  17. Reviewed by: Nev Pierce
    A phenomenal, heart-breaking performance from Jeff Bridges powers this simple but affecting redemption story.
  18. 80
    Bridges performance in Crazy Heart, for my money the finest male performance of the year, reels us right back to understanding why: Instead of dressing up words, he sends them out naked. It's everything he subtracts that matters.
  19. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Ever-youthful in his looks and energy, Bridges now stands as one of Hollywood's great old pros, incapable of making a false move.
  20. 80
    Robert Duvall, who played a similar character in Bruce Beresford's "Tender Mercies" (1983), turns up in a supporting role.
  21. 78
    Bridges makes this sozzled and desperate ex-desperado – a cliché by any other name – as fresh and vital as one final shot at cowboy-poet redemption. It may sound crazy, but it's true.
  22. 75
    Even when you know what's coming, Crazy Heart haunts you like a classic country song. It's a mesmerizer. So is Bad Blake. This dude also abides.
  23. 75
    Bridges brings his 50 years of acting experience to this one captivating, surprisingly moving performance.
  24. Perhaps the idea of watching Jeff Bridges as a drunken, broken-down, down-on-his luck country music singer in Crazy Heart doesn't automatically sound appealing. But think this: "The Wrestler." With good songs.
  25. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Crazy Heart, based on a 1987 novel by Thomas Cobb, also has great music. Even if you're not a country music fan, the songs, by T Bone Burnett and the late Stephen Bruton, are infectious.
  26. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    The virtues of Crazy Heart only begin with Bridges: Music fans will rejoice at the movie's songs.
  27. 75
    Crazy Heart is the country music version of "The Wrestler": a grizzled veteran whose days in the spotlight are behind him struggles to keep going while seeing the world through a haze of regret and booze.
  28. Bridges's big performance takes place in the context of a relatively minor movie.
  29. What makes this low-key movie memorable are the pitch-perfect performances.
  30. Crazy Heart lacks that spark of originality. So what Fox Searchlight has salvaged essentially is a highly watchable performance by Bridges, one of many he has furnished throughout a long career.
  31. 70
    It has a gentle, unforced rhythm, and what’s there is good and true. But there’s not enough of it--the movie needs more plot, more complication, more conflict.
  32. A manufactured kid-in-jeopardy climax and Blake’s rehab stint blow the mood. Until then, this is great American acting.
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  1. Jul 6, 2014
    This Scott Cooper film without Jeff Bridges would be nothing, Jeff Bridges puts on the best performance of his career, and gets some nice supporting backup from the rest of the talented cast: Colin Farrell, Maggie Gylenhaal and Robert Duvall Full Review »
  2. Jul 31, 2013
    Jeff Bridges is most deserving of his Oscar for this role. The music works wonderfully to help tell the story of this man, and shows just how powerful a lyric can be. A very moving movie. Full Review »
  3. Jul 13, 2013
    Crazy Heart is a slow, tiresome pile of country trash that falls into a depressing hole by the end. With Maggie Gyllenhaal being a miscast, the characters never connect and the movie becomes drawn out. Full Review »