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  • Summary: Based on the celebrated Italian novel "La Bestia nel Cuore," Don't Tell is the mesmerizing story of a woman's journey into her past and the aftermath of confronting personal demons long hidden beneath the surface of her psyche. (Lions Gate Entertainment)
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  1. Powerfully moving but laced with incisive wit, Don't Tell has terrific performances with a wise tone and polished look.
  2. Don't Tell often has the eerie feel of a Hitchcock film -- "Vertigo" in particular -- where you're not always sure if what you're seeing is really happening.
  3. Reviewed by: Deborah Young
    More than in her previous tales of dysfunctional families like "Marriages," she (Comencini) lightens the weight of angst with well-designed subplots, secondary characters and moments of tender humor.
  4. 60
    A persuasive if not groundbreaking drama.
  5. 50
    Don’t Tell is intelligent on the schizoid mental strategies of incestuous families, but its style and mood are so heavily drawn from television soap opera, I found myself more absorbed in the seriocomic lesbian subplot that rambles along entertainingly, if irrelevantly, on the periphery.
  6. As is typical of contemporary Italian movies, every one of Comencini's women seems on the verge of a hysterical collapse.
  7. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Just because the goods are made in Italy doesn't mean they're designer-quality; Don't Tell is glossy on the outside, cardboard and staples on the inside.

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