Laemmle/Zeller Films | Release Date: November 25, 2005
Summary: Irene (Vera Farmiga) is a working class mother living in upstate New York. She struggles to keep her marriage together and raise two sons while keeping her cocaine addiction a secret. After a series of nearly fatal mishaps, and finally hoping to make a change in her life, she decides to check herself into a rehab center. There, she meets and falls in love with a fellow reformed addict (Hugh Dillon). When one of them falls into a relapse with the addiction, their commitment to staying clean – and to each other – shatters. This beautifully wrought film accurately and authentically explores the wrenching road of recovery without ever resorting to histrionics. [Down to the Bone Productions]
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Runtime: 104 min
Rating: Rated R for pervasive drug content, language and some sexuality.
Production: Susie Q Productions
Genres: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Oct 31, 2006