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  1. 75
    The race is more like a private poker game held upstairs in somebody's suite during the World Series of Poker.
  2. It turns out that speeding along dirt roads isn't nearly as photogenic - or as varied - as surfing is.
  3. But where there is a natural poetry of motion in surfing movies, off-road racing is a herky-jerky pastime whose ­appeal is hard to fathom. I guess you had to be there.
  4. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    The swooping helicopter shots, the POV camerawork from the front seat of a 800 hp trophy-truck and the propulsive soundtrack will have your heart racing towards the finishing line along with the drivers.
  5. It's a fascinating film, but after a while, the digital photography wears out its gritty welcome.
  6. 63
    Brown lays out his guiding philosophy up front when he says of the Baja, ''This isn't about a race, it's about the human race."
  7. It's fascinating to watch others sweat, suffer and triumph in the documentary Dust to Glory, which chronicles the longest nonstop, point-to-point race on our planet.
  8. My be a gearhead's delight, but its appeal to middle-of-the-roaders will be stop-and-go.
  9. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    With its exceptional multicamera coverage and dynamic editing, pic provides an amazing ride across the dusty roads and stunningly varied terrain of what could be the world's most demanding vehicle race.
  10. 58
    The single most impressive thing about the film, in fact, is the taste that this shotgun technique gives of the mass simultaneity of the race.
  11. 60
    Brown probably captures enough to satisfy hardcore enthusiasts, but everyone else might end up wondering why he ignored the glory for the dust.
  12. Everything about this film is drenched in adrenaline.
  13. 100
    Absolutely exhilarating...Pound for pound, it's more kinetically thrilling than anything Hollywood has produced in years, not least of all because it's real.
  14. There are more over-the-top moments, but they never last long. And after every groan-inducing piece of footage, a spectacular near-crash or daring motorcycle chase comes along to leave the movie's shortcomings in a cloud of dust.
  15. It's an adrenaline rush of a film.
  16. 80
    Like his father, Brown inserts himself into the action via folksy narration. His husky, laid-back voice sounds something like Kevin Costner, lending a regular-guy aura to the reverential treatment he affords his subject.
  17. 50
    You'd better be in the mood for a blitz of bumper-sticker philosophy, a major machismo transfusion and 94 minutes' worth of mind-numbing repetition, complete with a musical score seemingly lifted from reality TV.
  18. Despite the scenic appeal of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, the film may prove too nerve-racking for casual viewers. It is a racing movie for the inside track.
  19. 75
    If there's one thing missing above all else from today's action movies, it's the lost art of the car chase.
  20. 60
    The action is exciting, but the rapid-fire narration jumps around too quickly, making it difficult to keep straight the personalities meant to hold the film together.
  21. There is occasionally some gorgeous scenery, and the challenge of driving through silt is mildly interesting.
  22. 20
    The movie is monotonous, storyless, and at under 100 minutes, interminable.
  23. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Everyone seems to think that this crotch-rocket rumble is the equivalent of invading Normandy. "We're a band of brothers," says one racer. No, you're a band of boys, competing to see who has the longest camshaft.
  24. Reviewed by: Kevin Williams
    Filmmaker Dana Brown's major error is that he doesn't just shut up and get out of the way.
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  1. JP.
    Jul 5, 2007
    Fantastic action scenes tainted by cliched narration and bombastic music. All in all an exciting look at a crazy event. The footage included as an extra is excellent, including scenes from one motorcycle-mounted cameraman who breaks his hand and continues to ride a brutal trail. Full Review »
  2. RobertC
    Feb 28, 2007
    The best of the best. Nothing can top the movie/doc.
  3. StuM.
    Jan 6, 2007
    After reading many of the professional reviews, I felt I just chime in. It may in fact be difficult for someone who has never Off Roaded, Dirt Biked, or rode a 4 Wheeler to connect with this movie the way it was intended. But if you have ever done any of these things, WOW, you are going to love it. They have captured the heart pounding struggle, including each small victory as well as defeats and relayed that to us. That three way fight between you, machine, and of course nature. It is a fight each person fights alone, inside them, but with the support of team mates and the competition as well. I couldn't help being emotional watching the action paired with the pounding soundtrack and excellent narration. Gripping! Full Review »