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Generally favorable reviews- based on 25 Ratings

Summary: Werner Herzog confirms his standing as poet laureate of men in extreme situations with Encounters at the End of the World. In this visually stunning exploration, Herzog travels to the Antarctic community of McMurdo Station, headquarters of the National Science Foundation and home to eleven hundred people during the austral summer (Oct-Feb). Over the course of his journey, Herzog examines human nature and Mother nature, juxtaposing breathtaking locations with the profound, surreal, and sometimes absurd experiences of the marine biologists, physicists, plumbers, and truck drivers who choose to form a society as far away from society as one can get. (THINKFilm)

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Runtime: 99 min
Production: Discovery Films
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Nov 18, 2008
Director Credit
Werner Herzog Director
Writer Credit
Werner Herzog Writer
Cast Credit
Ashrita Furman Multiple World Record Holder
Clive Oppenheimer Volcanologist
David Ainley Marine Ecologist
David R. Pacheco Jr. McMurdo Journeyman Plumber
Doug MacAyeal McMurdo Station Glaciologist
Karen Joyce Computer Expert
Kevin Emery McMurdo Station Survival School Instructor
Olav T. Oftedal Nutritional Ecologist
Peter Gorham Physicist - University Of Hawaii
Regina Eisert Physiologist
Ryan Andrew Evans McMurdo Station Cook
Samuel S. Bowser Cell Biologist
Werner Herzog Narrator
William Jirsa McMurdo Station Linguist - Computer Expert
William McIntosh Volcanologist - Geochronologist
Producer Credit
Andrea Meditch Executive Producer
Dave Harding Executive Producer
Erik Nelson Executive Producer
Henry Kaiser Producer
Julian Hobbs Executive Producer
Phil Fairclough Executive Producer
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