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  • Summary: In a future society, citizens are prevented from expressing emotions and are controlled by militaristic police with the enforced use of a dehumanizing drug.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 22
  2. Negative: 10 out of 22
  1. 75
    Would be a mindless action picture, except that it has a mind. It doesn't do a lot of deep thinking, but unlike many futuristic combos of sf and f/x, it does make a statement:
  2. 70
    A terrific cast, stylish direction, and elegantly choreographed mayhem help make it far better than it might have been -- Though ultimately silly, Equilibrium's shopworn but stylish synthesis of ammo and ideas is surprisingly engrossing.
  3. Equilibrium improves as it rolls along -- either that or, ironically, it wears down the senses until the viewer succumbs.
  4. 40
    This operates at the intellectual level of the old "Star Trek" in its limp last season, and the professed humanism is belied by the extreme violence and Nazi-chic production design (not to mention a voice-over that traces the outlawing of emotion to "the revolutionary precept of the hate crime").
  5. It's not only an ultraviolent, ludicrously inconsistent rip-off of Bradbury's idea, but it poisons the well for future efforts.
  6. Super- violent, super-serious and super-stupid.
  7. If someone left "1984," "Fahrenheit 451," "Brave New World," "Gattaca" and the Sylvester Stallone potboilers "Judge Dredd" and "Demolition Man" out in the sun and threw the runny glop onto a movie screen, it would still be a better picture than Equilibrium, a movie that could be stupider only if it were longer.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 12 out of 126
  1. Oct 30, 2012
    Critics keep mentioning the plot and the themes which are the weaker aspects of equilibrium. This movie was incredible for me because of the performances "christian bale" "emily watson" "sean bean" , the superb novelty and excellence of the martial arts and action sequences, and the crisp sharpness of atmosphere. Alot of criticism is aimed at bcuz its based in a dystopic future world and its "done before" but dystopic setting should be thought of as a genre rather than a plot so i don't think it has to be new and original all the time. Also note that it came out in 2002, soon after the first matrix movie. So it's a bit unfair to say that it copied the matrix when a lot of work would have already begun on equilibrium. Most pple would have watched it years and years after it was made, bcuz they saw christian bale in batman. Equilibrium is always in my mind christian bales greatest performance. And Gun kata a semi-realistic martial art that has spawned a real-life niche in itself. Expand
  2. Jan 14, 2014
    Equilibrium is one of those movies I regret not having seen earlier and I was amazed to see that it had scored so badly pretty much everywhere. To start of, yes Sean Bean is in it and yes it happens it should be no mystery by now. Christian Bale plays John Preston is a futuristic cop called a Grammaton Cleric, his job is to find and arrest (or kill) sense offenders which are people who have decided to reject the Fascist governments policy that emotions are evil and need to be pressured using a special drug. Prestons character development through out the movie is phenomenal, to see a cold blooded killer who only cares about following his corrupt governments rules to a soft hearted human who risked everything for a puppy is definitely something to see. The new fighting technique called gun kata is definitely interesting when he is actually shooting but when he gets into a close quarter fight near the end it is a bit ridiculous to watch 2 grown men and professional killers slap each others gun about and make absolutely no head way in the fight for a good 30 seconds. The plot is one of the best I have ever seen and kept me enthralled through out the entire movie, there was never a point that I wanted to look away from the screen apart from one part but not because it was bad but because I didn't want to believe it would happen. The team behind this movie worked hard and the actors worked even harder to get their message across, Equilibrium deserves a 10/10 and if I could go any higher I would. Every one needs to go see this movie right now! Expand
  3. Oct 4, 2012
    After watching this movie, I was completely shocked at its metascore! Thank god the users have got it right! This films goes up there in my favourite films of all time list. The story is really good, I don't know why some people were bad mouthing the story, it was really interesting and executed nicely, job well done right there. The action itself is fantastic, I've only watched it recently so considering it was a 2002 film I was definitely impressed. Expand
  4. Oct 31, 2013
    I love the difference between the User and Critic score, but I liked this movie because I liked the world that was presented and the characters even though they didn't need any emotion (major plot point) Expand
  5. Dec 3, 2013
    Wow, talk about aiflm with an overwhelming amount of unnecessary hate. Equilibrium is a very high quality sci-fi action flick with great sequences of drama, along with a fantastic performance by the ever brilliant Christian Bale. His performance alone lifts this up from your ordinary action movie to something much more. Expand
  6. Feb 21, 2013
    Set in a fictional dystopia, where having feelings is a crime and are being prevented by medication, this action/thriller movie has an interesting concept and nicely done action sequences.
    What I liked: Christian Bale was perfect for this role. The same emotionless facial expressions he used in "American Psycho" really helped bringing the character to life. The stunts are excellent as well. The concept of this ficional dystopia is really interesting.
    What I didn't like: The movie had a few unrealistic scenes and plotholes and the action sequences were over-the-top. If you're too much into realism, you might have a problem with this movie.
  7. Jan 16, 2013
    This was quite a pain. This was truly done by someone that watched 1984 and Matrix too much, and made it uninteresting. Action was just silly, no back-bone story, utterly predictable. Man, why did I watch this... Expand

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