Ever Since the World Ended


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    Like Emmanuel Lubezki's phantasmagoric images for "Children of Men," the performances in the film are so remarkable it's easy to ignore the implausibilities that surface. But even as its self-aware approximation of the doc format startles, Ever Since the World Ended lacks vigor.
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  1. DavidF.
    Feb 19, 2008
    I was stunned by this movie. I saw it at Boston's 24-hour sci-fi fest, and I believe it held its own with the best there this year. This I was stunned by this movie. I saw it at Boston's 24-hour sci-fi fest, and I believe it held its own with the best there this year. This movie has almost no action, and very little death, so if you are looking for that kind of flash, you'd better pass. What astonished me was the writing and acting. It was so good that I really bought the plot. Time and again, the movie made a point about the future it imagined, a point that I've never thought about, or read in SF before. The small things in this movie make it really stand out. I also suspect that this science fiction movie will not stop being relevant about its subject: the collapse of any civilization. Many of the themes explored are timeless in that sense, I think half of the fake interviews could have been conducted after the fall of Rome, or the Mayan civilization. This movie is an odd bird, and I think that is why the critics have not given it higher ratings. As fiction, it is fairly inert, it makes no attempt to satirize the documentary form, it just creates an incredible copy of it. As a documentary, it is unremarkable, because it does such a good job of copying the existing style, it would be wrong for the movie to introduce a new style of making documentaries. To my mind, it is better and more thoughtful than its fakumentary brethren: This is Spinal Tap, and Christopher Guest's others: Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc. I love them all, but I think its much easier to write satire, to make up some outrageous characters. Its even better than most reality TV, which has been getting more and more 'flat' and scripted (and they *do* use scriptwriters--don't be fooled.) But you have been warned. If you don't watch PBS or History channel documentaries because they bore you, don't bother with this. My standards are high, and 9 is high praise, if this movie stands the test of time, I would even give it a 10. Full Review »