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    Moore's supporters are quick to impugn the liberal credentials of anyone who criticizes his presentation of the information he digs up (or, in some cases, makes up). For them, Michael Moore is the issues he talks about, so his detractors must be enemies of democratic principles. It's an old trick, akin to the way Pauline Kael was accused of being insensitive about the Holocaust when she didn't like "Shoah."
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  1. StacieL.
    Apr 13, 2007
    I don't care if people think that Michael Moore has twisted facts and edited the footage to make George Bush look bad. Personally I think George did this himself. All that Michael did was give us facts, have his say on it and let us decide whether or not Bush was right about his actions. This film has made me open my eyes to the cruelness and the lies that's in the world. Full Review »
  2. JoeS.
    Sep 24, 2007
    Anyone who voted this movie a "0" is completely wrong. I'm not saying that I believe everything this movie tells me, but I'm not saying I don't believe it either. The point is not to take sides my fellow Americans. To completely put all your trust and faith into Bush or Moore is wrong. It is not un-American at all to distrust and disagree with our president. Again, I don't necessarily believe or take to heart what Moore has presented, but I respect the fact that he's going out on a limb to question someone of high authority. Moore isn't an "America hater", if anything he is more American by questioning and thinking freely. So don't take sides, because you don't have to. Think for yourself, and remember that questioning your government will never be a bad thing. Full Review »
  3. NickA.
    Oct 10, 2006
    Never could one film have so polarized opinions on both sides of the political spectrum within the USA as this. Although some of Mr. Moore