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  • Summary: A rash of suicides hit the small community of Grovetown, causing fear and panic among local residents. As those around 18-year-old Lindsay continue to die gruesomely, she begins to distrust everyone and suspects that she will become the next victim. (Burgundy Films)
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  1. GrantZ
    Oct 21, 2009
    A benchmark in horror, it's a genuinely interesting movie, and it keps you gripped. The plot tries to add some twists to shock the viewer which works in a way.... but not completely. Some of the acting is terrible. EG. a girl finds her uncle dead screams then smiles, not right. Also it's too short, you're getting into it when it abruptly ends, the end credit are interesting however. Altogether a decent horror with jumpy moments, which are cliche, unlike the rest of this original film. Expand
  2. TalO.
    Dec 7, 2009
    The movie contains interesting outbreaks ,in my opinion, in the horror movies industry, original plot, great actors and a remarkable ending if it only had a bigger budget it would definitely become the great horror movie of the decade Expand
  3. Mar 10, 2013
    A small town in Maryland falls under a deadly curse when a traveling spirit is summoned to possess and kill the townspeople as it jumps from host to host. Only Lindsay is left to stop the spell from spreading when she discovers the secret behind it. FROM WITHIN touches on an all-too-familiar plot that is filled with nothing beyond your average characters, yet it remains fast-paced and entertaining from beginning to end. Phedon Papamichael sets an ominous mood prefacing each attack in preparation for the shocks and thrills to come. He has enlisted a serviceable cast led by Elizabeth Rice as Lindsay, who pulls us through some of Thomas Dekker's weaker moments as the typical teen outsider, Aidan. While it is easy to predict the many twists and turns, it is still fun to sit back and watch the plot unfurl as it reaches its satisfying ending. With a winning score and a keen eye behind the camera, FROM WITHIN proves to be a worthwhile entry in to the supernatural teen horror genre.

    -Carl Manes
    I Like Horror Movies
  4. JayH
    Mar 27, 2009
    Good atmosphere, fine score. The plot idea is good, but the execution of the story is way too slow moving, and I found that distracting. The acting is good, as is the cinematography. Not bad. Expand
  5. Sep 14, 2013
    Ever since the release of movies like the Grudge and the Ring, a decade ago, we have been flooded with these similar movies and aren't you tired of them by now? The movie studios are, that's why all the recent ones have been direct to video releases with little to no promotion. I really don't understand why they keep insisting on beating us over the head with the same story over and over again. From Within is exactly like all the others, people start dying, most everyone sees it as strange coincidence, except for a hand full of people who see something supernatural. This time it's suicides in a small town, a bland, predictable take on a story that has been done to death! From Within has the distinction of being even worse, because of it's awful cast. This film proves that as long as you are good looking, someone, somewhere will be willing to put you in a movie, regardless of weather or not you actually have any talent. I choose this film, because once again, the description they wrote for it made it sound like one of the coolest horror movies of all time. Instead, what I got was boring, predictable, and a complete waste of time! Expand