Funny People


Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 36
  2. Negative: 2 out of 36

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Critic Reviews

  1. Funny People is a true brass ring effort, a reach for excellence that takes big risks. It's 146 minutes, with a story that's more European in feeling than American.
  2. 88
    It's the work of a major talent. Apatow scores by crafting the film equivalent of a stand-up routine that encompasses the joy, pain, anger, loneliness and aching doubt that go into making an audience laugh.
  3. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Funny People nimbly intersperses humor and reflection. It is a rumination on mortality, fame and life choices, punctuated with Apatow's trademark raunchy humor.
  4. 88
    Turns out to be one of the most absorbing films of the year. Plus it has lots of wiener jokes.
  5. The result is a raucously funny and poignant love letter to standup comics.
  6. 88
    The thing about Funny People is that it's a real movie. That means carefully written dialogue and carefully placed supporting performances -- and it's ABOUT SOMETHING.
  7. 80
    Even the most forced, artificial episodes in Funny People ring oddly true, because George's life -- the obscene wealth, the loneliness, the fame -- is odd. Perhaps not since "Sunset Boulevard" have the wages and eccentricities of celebrity been depicted with such tough, almost perverse honesty.
  8. Reviewed by: Mark Dinning
    An absolute treat. In spite of its disappointing climax, this is Apatow’s smartest, rudest and -- yes -- funniest film yet.
  9. 80
    Apatow’s richest, most complicated movie yet--a summing up of his feelings about comedy and its relation to the rest of existence.
  10. The sharpest parts of the movie hack through the Hollywood jungle with an insider's certitude. But Apatow is so grounded in the comedy circuit that he can't quite capture the emotional wavelength of the life-and-death drama.
  11. 75
    The movie's power sneaks up on you, reminiscent of something screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond once famously described as "the Billy Wilder touch": A combination of the sweet and the sour, because even funny people, like you and I, aren't always being funny.
  12. Funny People turns out to be fairly predictable, and not so rough. In a thoroughly satisfying way.
  13. 75
    It's refreshingly unformulaic, but a rambling mess. It's also tremendously funny.
  14. 70
    Perhaps Simmons is the man Apatow fears he will become. If so, with Sandler's help the filmmaker's fashioned a solid work of self reflection. There's plenty to love and laugh along with here.
  15. Apatow is on the right track. In moving his adolescent male comedies into more adult realms, the humor sharpens and characters deepen.
  16. Funny People – sensitive, shaggy, a little bit draggy – is as much about the maturation of Ira as a performer and George as a man as it is about Apatow’s maturation as an artist.
  17. Not quite funny enough, or serious enough, falls into the muddle middle.
  18. 50 percent good and 50 percent close.
  19. 63
    The drama aspect is necessary to the story, but it just drags on too long.
  20. 63
    The movie wears thin its welcome a couple of reels before Apatow has finished telling his story.
  21. 63
    It's got a smattering of hearty laughs and a career-high performance from Sandler.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 223 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 108
  2. Negative: 26 out of 108
  1. DotFail
    Dec 19, 2009
    This would've been much better if Apatow had left his wife, kids and 30 minutes out of it.
  2. Aug 19, 2010
    Funny People is a intelligent, funny adult film. Now a days the genre of comedy is now sex. We get a number of new movies every year trying toFunny People is a intelligent, funny adult film. Now a days the genre of comedy is now sex. We get a number of new movies every year trying to milk the success of Judd Apatow films. Some of them are good and I can name a few. However they need to rely on crude and vulgar actions to get laughs. We get so many of those antics to the point of feeling disgust for the characters, but when the third act comes up we have to cheer for them it's dumb. Apatow's movies are different there fresh in orignatly and the crude and vulgar comedy is kept to a restrictive level. Thus giving us time to know the characters in between the big laughs. The movie starts with George Simmons played by Adam Sandler, he's a successful comedian and actor. He has stared in many films and is a prodigy to all standups. He lives alone and does mostly everything alone. One day he's sitting in a doctors office getting the news that he's been diagnosied with a rare form of cancer. His doctor firmily says it, he needs to try out expermental medicine. We then meet Ira played by Seth Rogen who's a up and coming comic trying to get out of the deli that he works at. One day George performs at a standclub that he has'nt been in three years. He notices Ira's performance and takes him under his wing as a assistant. They form a friendship and where George goes Ira goes. He trys to make ammends with his famliy and with the girl that got away, played by Leslie Mann who is married to someone else. So when George is thinking the worst his doctor tells him your getting better and tells him get a hold of your life again. You must think in a clinched kind of way he changes his personality and treat people better and go for the girl right? wrong, he exploits his condtion and tries to go for the girl. These are characters in a realistic plot. With problems and smart dialouge. Yes theirs crude and vulgar actions but it's done in a way that everyday people talk, with your friends, with your spouse. Judd Apatow did a very mature film proving you can mix vulgar and adaptable characters. This movie is based on everyday people with the only difference is that there Funny People. Full Review »
  3. ScottA.
    Aug 2, 2009
    The movie was a little long and could have been cut shorter but that would have left out what Apatow was trying to accomplish here. I found The movie was a little long and could have been cut shorter but that would have left out what Apatow was trying to accomplish here. I found it to be very funny, comedy and drama is interwoven throughout the entire film, sometimes unfortunately making the viewer feel a little distracted from the subtext of the film. I would for sure recommend the film. Full Review »