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  • Summary: Los Feliz, CA - On the sleazier side of Sunset, teenage beauty APRIL has humble ambitions. She’s searching for a way to get by without taking off her clothes—any more than she already has. Sally St. Clair is a realtor whose business has been built upon her sex appeal and secret past. Nathan, has moved to Los Angeles from Nebraska in search of fame as a dancer. Lacking drive and confidence, Nathan finds himself making late night photocopies for Sally and her clients. Todd is one of those prospective clients. A porn addicted artist in search of a way out of a sexless relationship and into an adventure, he’s happy to help Sally get revenge for some past indiscretions. (Roadside Attractions) Expand
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  1. 75
    More a collection of character vignettes than a full-blown story, Garden Party nonetheless shows as much promise for its makers as it gives to its characters.
  2. Whatever else it may accomplish, Garden Party, which is clumsily structured but well acted, with pungently realistic dialogue, puts you in a world without a center in which you can't tell upside down from right-side up.
  3. Although competently acted and directed, lacks a fresh point of view and its people lack individuality.
  4. 38
    It's familiar stuff if you've sampled the vast body of work devoted to LA-dammerung.
  5. 33
    Taken together, these stories are a symphony of inconsequentiality, drained of tension and purpose until all that remains is a vague sense of collective ennui.
  6. Reviewed by: Jenni Miller
    The leaden performances (Erik Scott Smith is the worst offender), the unlistenable musical interludes, the amateurish caricatures, and the short stories' lack of overall cohesion make this a garden party you should take a rain check on.
  7. 12
    A slow ride to nowhere.

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  1. BobbyG
    Jul 9, 2008
    The 1 point goes to a star-making turn by Jessica Havard, the rest of the cast is unwatchable and the directing is Korine level bad.
  2. ClaudiaH.
    Jul 9, 2008
    So a screening of it and it was completely awful, not one redeeming quality. Bad script, acting, and direction.