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Generally favorable reviews- based on 70 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 70
  2. Negative: 16 out of 70

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  1. Feb 25, 2012
    a stupid movie about criminals doing horrible things. It is not about the love of cars, it is about some bastard criminals stealing them. Horrible movie in my opinion. It's also a bad influence on young people, glorifying criminals. Always the same **** Horrible disgusting action scenes involving criminal activities. Doesn't interest me a bit. Why always the same nonsense?
  2. Nov 12, 2012
    Laughably bad, brain-melting action goo.
  3. Oct 13, 2011
    WTF how does this movie have a sub-40 score on this website?
    Come on now, this is obviously not the best movie ever, but it certainly does not deserve a rating in the 30's.
    This movie has plenty to enjoy - Angelina Jolie, Nick Cage, awesome cars, and of course...."Eleanor".
    This movie was so influential that plenty of people spent upwards of $100k to have a replica of Eleanor made for
    themselves...ya know, not me, but rich a&&holes. Expand
  4. Jan 25, 2014
    This is a car movie, a heist movie, and a Nicolas Cage movie. If you understand and accept these things about it ahead of time you'll be okay with this movie. However, even from that perspective, this movie isn't that great. There's better car movies, there's better heist movies, and there's even better Nicolas Cage movies.

    A lot of the characters are a little flat and samey. A lot of
    the cars they talk about don't get much screen time; since they need to deal with 50 car car thefts in one night they don't have enough time to really show any particular car. The action sequences are good but nothing phenomenal.

    This is the kind of movie you should maybe watch once just to have seen it, but that's about it.
  5. Apr 4, 2012
    Awesome movie. Cool cars and great acting. Giovani, Cage and Jolie command your thoughts. The problem, just another action film with a clasic ending in hollywood.
  6. Jan 3, 2014
    Outro filme mau produzido, sem roteiro as cenas de ação são tediantes os personagens estúpidos e a trama francamente uma das mais ruins que ja vi, quase um péssimo filme.
  7. Sep 29, 2013
    One of my favorite movies. I'm not really sure why. I like cars, I like heist movies, I adore Angeline Jolie. Indifferent about Cage.

    As I said, I don't know why I really like this movie. I just do. I can watch it over and over, and I never get tired of it.

    I know this isn't a great movie, but it is a guilty please that I just can't turn away from.
  8. Nov 12, 2013
    A laughably poor pass for an action flick.
    I was literally Gone in 60 Seconds with a horribly simplistic and terribly unrealistic plot with poor acting, and despicable slothfulness from the screenplay.
  9. Jun 29, 2014
    All the actors in GI60S are tailor made for the movie. Mainly Jolie, Cage, Duvall, Ribisi and Patton are outstanding. Cage's younger brother Kip accepts a job from a dangerous thief. He botches the job and Cage has to save his life by boosting 50 cars in a few days. The action is well done and it is one of Cage's best movies. A very underrated movie that delivers the goods to the audience.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 34
  2. Negative: 17 out of 34
  1. I found it more pleasurable as a time waster than either "Mission: Impossible."
  2. 50
    This is the kind of movie that ends up playing on the TV set over the bar in a better movie.
  3. The story is unbelievable and phenomenally silly, not a good combination.