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  1. Although its tone is generally genial and jovial, Good Hair touches on some tricky issues, at times complicitly.
  2. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Good Hair is cause for hope that Rock continues to make documentaries. His style is lively, smooth and up-to-date, like the most coveted 'do.
  3. Rock gives Good Hair a rousing message: Where African-Americans in the '60s adopted a ''natural'' look, they now feel free to coif their heads any way they want. That's cultural power.
  4. 83
    Is it possible to talk about the fascinating and complex universe of black hair without dealing with race and identity? That’s the question posed by Good Hair.
  5. 80
    One of those rare documentaries that works on two seemingly incongruous levels at once: It's both social commentary and pure delight.
  6. The result is a documentary that weaves as much comedy as fact into the narrative, making the experience a satisfying entertainment even for the lucky few who have no hair cares at all.
  7. Spirited, probing and frequently hilarious, it coasts on the fearless charm of its front man and the eye-opening candor of its interviewees, most of them women.
  8. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    A raucous and rigorous inquiry into the subject of African-American hair -- the stigmas, the secrets, the shocking price of maintenance -- that gets at universal but rarely discussed truths about black femininity.
  9. 80
    Thanks to Rock's running monologue, combining scathing humor with trenchant observations, the film manages to be side-splitting even while making its most poignant points.
  10. Hair is personal. It's also political.
  11. 75
    Rock conveys a lot of information, but also some unfortunate opinions and misleading facts. That doesn't mean the move isn't warm, funny, and entertaining.
  12. Rock takes his Good Hair job as a documentarian seriously enough to be interesting, but not so seriously that the film groans with earnestness.
  13. 75
    "Our self-esteem is wrapped up in it,'' admits actress Tracie Thoms (who sticks with a natural curly look). "A woman's hair is her glory,'' Angelou says.
  14. 75
    About the only question not answered by Good Hair is whether Michelle Obama wears a hair extension (most come from religious ceremonies in India) or straightens her hair.
  15. It's funny, clever and marginally educational.
  16. 75
    There’s a lot of Michael Moore’s ambulatory spirit in this film, which the comedian Jeff Stinson directed. There’s also a lot of the damning comedic commentary that made Rock’s old HBO series so urgent.
  17. Good Hair is also about how African-Americans spend $9-billion annually chemically treating and straightening their hair, buying 80 per cent of America's hair products. It's such a fascinating, complex tale that you hope one day some probing filmmaker will make a conclusive documentary on the subject.
  18. Rock misses the boat in deciding not to relate Good Hair to non African-Americans more.
  19. 75
    It’s an eye-opening and modestly funny look at a massive business and a culture with its own signifiers and language.
  20. Entertaining and substantive enough to be interesting even for those completely unfamiliar with weaves and relaxers.
  21. Reviewed by: Bob Mondello
    Good Hair isn't selling anything but a good time.
  22. Reviewed by: Jessica Baxter
    In addition to the socio-economic impact, Good Hair also explores how hair care affects the African-American community in confidence (both personal and race-related), romantic relationships and every day life.
  23. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    The result is a pop documentary in the Morgan Spurlock mode, cheeky and smart without being too serious.
  24. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    An exposé of comic proportions that only Chris Rock could pull off.
  25. There's plenty to appreciate in Chris Rock's rollicking documentary about what goes on when African-American women hit the salon.
  26. A slipshod documentary about a fascinating subject: the loaded history and current complications of African-American hairstyling.
  27. Breezy, superficial documentary.
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  1. LindaC
    Dec 22, 2009
    Even a documentary must be skillfully directed, styled, edited. For overall filmmaking quality it rates a 5, but for topic/subject matter it rates a 10. There is numerous opportunity in the film content to sequel. I hope Chris and his producers see it and will take advantage of the opportunities they created in the film content. Full Review »
  2. BobC
    Dec 6, 2009
    This movie was well-paced and sensitive to the issues of empowerment and oppression. I thought the Atlanta hair show was an effective unifying device, much needed in a documentary. Full Review »
  3. RR
    Oct 25, 2009
    This film was an advertisement for Bonner Brothers and not informative at all. I must admit, it is the first time I paid for a mojor corporations infomercial. Full Review »