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  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
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  1. Reviewed by: Ronnie Scheib
    Nov 27, 2012
    Colburn's focus is so single-mindedly laudatory that the whole collaborative process is reduced to people either helping or hindering the visiting genius.
  2. Reviewed by: Abhimanyu Das
    Nov 19, 2012
    Much of the documentary plays like a moderately well produced but tediously uncritical making-of feature that could easily have been included on the opera's DVD release.
  3. Reviewed by: Frank Scheck
    Nov 27, 2012
    The film never achieves any real depth in its unabashedly admiring portrait. What might have made a mildly interesting short feels vastly attenuated even with its brief 72-minute running time.
  4. Reviewed by: Nicolas Rapold
    Nov 23, 2012
    The backstage commentary circles around the bailiwick of a production designer and frustrations over Mr. Helnwein's literal interpretations. But they are rarely juicy or pursued in depth, and platitudes abound (with the exception of a matter-of-fact lighting designer named Bambi).
  5. Reviewed by: Jonathan Kiefer
    Nov 20, 2012
    While the opera nonetheless soars with its acrobatic choreography of refugee displacement, this documentary about it suffers some dramatic slackness from the inevitable drawing board tedium of performance preparation.
  6. Reviewed by: Andrew Schenker
    Nov 20, 2012
    Helnwein's elaborate vision bumps up against practical concerns and meets with resistance - a conflict that this superficial portrait glosses over almost as much as it reduces Helnwein to simply being a determined, intransigent creative type.
  7. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Nov 21, 2012
    This infomercial for Helnwein's work as designer for an Israeli opera called "The Child Dreams" doesn't tell us a lot about how opera comes together, but it is accidentally revealing about its subject.

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