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  • Starring: , , ,
  • Summary: Lenny (Adam Sandler) has relocated his family back to the small town where he and his friends grew up. This time around, the grown ups are the ones learning lessons from their kids on a day notoriously full of surprises: the last day of school. [Sony Pictures]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 28
  2. Negative: 24 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Owen Gleiberman
    Jul 11, 2013
    For Sandler, it's not just when he grew up. It's the garden of idiotic innocence, something that, in Grown Ups 2, he is helping to keep alive.
  2. Reviewed by: Elizabeth Weitzman
    Jul 11, 2013
    You know what you’re going to get, and that is, indeed, what Sandler delivers. It’s juvenile, it’s obvious and it’s crass. But with Sandler at the helm, at least it’s as easy to like as it is to forget.
  3. 38
    It’s another pointless romp through Sandlerland — where the women are buxom, the kids have catch-phrases and the jokes are below average.
  4. Reviewed by: Randy Cordova
    Jul 11, 2013
    It’s hard to imagine another comedy coming along this year that is this abrasive and free of laughs. It’s like everyone involved intentionally tried to create a horrible movie.
  5. Reviewed by: Andy Webster
    Jul 12, 2013
    This is pap, plain and simple: scattered raunch-lite devoid of emotional resonance. At best, it sells itself on the spectacle of a TV show’s cast reunion — and even then it disappoints.
  6. Reviewed by: Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
    Jul 11, 2013
    Largely free of Sandler’s usual schmaltz and lame romance, it’s pure plotless, grotesque high jinks, bizarre and inept in a way that’s fascinating without ever being all that funny.
  7. Reviewed by: Gabe Toro
    Jul 11, 2013
    Basically, it’s a film made for brainless grunts who like to hang out all day making sub-literate jokes about boobs and gays while watching the game. No wonder the first movie was such a success.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 91
  2. Negative: 57 out of 91
  1. Jul 31, 2013
    I don't see why this movie got bad reviews! While the plot seemed to jump from one to another, the move was still amusing and entertaining. This movie made my summer! Expand
  2. Jul 14, 2013
    I'm a huge Adam Sandler fan and a huge fan of the first Grown Ups. In my opinion this movie is better than the first and has me asking why Adam Sandler hasn't done more sequels. Almost all of the cast returns (minus Rob Schneider and a few others) along with hilarious new characters. The whole movie is one non-stop, hilarious stream of jokes. The humor is immature and at times crass, but that's what I loved about the first Grown Ups and other Sandler movies. The amount of hilarious cameos in the film is also appreciated. In the end I was very pleased with this movie and, as always, can't wait for more from Mr. Sandler. Expand
  3. Sep 30, 2013
    The thing everyone wants to see when watching this movie is for it to funny. Well as much as I wanted to love this movie I found it quite tough. Yes it was funny, but the plot was muddled up and didn't reach any of the funny heights I was hoping for. The characters were played ok but like the movie itself they didn't live up to what I and everyone else wanted to see. However The movie contains funny parts that will make you laugh probably more than the first movie. So overall the movies storyline really stabs the movie in the back. Expand
  4. Aug 10, 2013
    Adam Sandler's very first sequel... my A**! It's just another excuse for Sandler to hang out with his buddies. Honestly, it feels like all of Sandler's movies are sequels of one another. The real problem with this movie is that its not funny. The only thing I laughed at were the raft scenes. Other than that, it was just completely stupid and unfunny! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel "TheMovieManLife" and let me know what you think. Overall, it's a waste of time and potential! Expand
  5. Aug 30, 2013
    Have you watched The Hangover? Well, this is basically a water down, kid friendly version of it. The story is unappealing and some of the gags just drag on forever. You will get a couple of laughs but that doesn't make up for the irritating characters and cheesy dialogue. Expand
  6. Mar 3, 2014
    This was a complete waste of time to watch. Everything was off color or topic or whatever . Apparently ever aspect of this turd was hit with a shovel . Expand
  7. May 1, 2014
    This is an insult to movies. The first one was already awful, but the sequel is way more awful, with laughable acting and nonsense flat plot, that tries to make us laugh, buy it only make us want to walk out of the theatre before it finishes. Expand

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