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  1. Jul 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The perfect ending for a perfect saga. This movie is the best in the series. The effects were outstanding and i loved the way harry fought Voldemort in Hogwarts. I was happy that Dumbledore showed in the movie, but i was also sad that Snape died. Anyway the battle of Hogwarts was the best battle in the series and it looked very realistic. This is a phenomenal film and i recommend it to everyone, not just the HP Fans
    10/10 - Outstanding
  2. Sep 3, 2011
    The most passionate and overwhelming finale I've ever witnessed, challenging "Lord of the Rings" in it's dramatic closure. What Yates has done to the inexorable Harry Potter franchise is incredible, being able to modernize its wizardly, classic feel to something that's finally fun to watch. Thank goodness, too, that the ending wasn't verbatim to the book, which is another intriguing quality of Yates' directing skills. This movie will be the only Harry Potter movie that will live on past 30 years and still stay strong due to its phenomenal script, its emotional buildup, and its overall powerful punch. Expand
  3. Jul 16, 2011
    To Srad - "I am convinced that the critics who have raved about this movie and have given it such positive reviews haven't actually read the books."

    It's not necessary to have read a book to enjoy (or to abhor) a 'film-of-the-book'. Films should stand or fall on their own merits. Clearly, as far as many of the critics are concerned, it stands.
  4. Jul 15, 2011
    There were digressions from the book, more than what Potter fans could normally tolerate.
    However, the movie was spell binding, and it was a fantastic reminder of what made the series so inimitable and recognizable to a worldwide audience.

    There's an indescribable growth that's present amongst every character, including Voldemort.
    There's always that looming element of surprise, and with
    all sincerity, I could not find one person in the theatre that wasn't on the edge of their seats or had completely dry eyes. All in all, the movie was outstanding. Expand
  5. Jul 15, 2011
    Incredible action movie !!!! Harry Potter is a wonderful movie !!!!! I cryed because this the final movie and I cryed for Snape, Alan Rickman is excellent and every people who worked in thıs movie Thanks to Daniel, Emma, Rupert and Thank you JK Rowling. David Yates did a great job and Alexandre Desplat ıs just awesome !!!!!
  6. Jul 16, 2011
    GREAT MOVIE! ive seen all the movies over the years, and this capper lived up to my expectations (wich were pretty high) infact, it was such a great movie it insipired me to start reading the books, im in the middle of the first book atm!
  7. Jul 16, 2011
    Let me start by saying this film was perfect in nearly every way, and though some things I say here may imply that I was disappointed in this movie, let me assure you that that is not the case.
    Now then. This film departs significantly from the book. If you're looking for a scene-for-scene, event-for-event recreation of the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I urge you to
    reconsider that expectation before going to see this film ADAPTATION of the wonderful book. I stress adaptation because this film was not intended to be an exact recreation of the book; in fact, it was intended to take the plot of the book, and the general events, and portray them in its own way. And it does that fantastically. Each actor matured admirably throughout the series, and all of them have reached what I believe to be their acting peak. None will ever be able to top what they have done here. Director David Yates also performs magnificently, with sweeping battle shots and some good scenes of suspense throughout the hectic film. However, he also chose to exclude the information of Albus Dumbledore's family and younger life. Therein lies my only complaint, though it is a major one.
    In conclusion, see this film. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
  8. Jul 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I loved the movie, which I saw in 3D on an IMAX screen. Very exhilarating. Don't be put off because it isn't exactly like the book. For everything they left out, there's something they left in that actually works better onscreen. For example, the epic battle at Hogwarts by night is so much more exciting in the movie. I was moved at the point where the professors use their wands to cast a protective veil over Hogwarts, and the light show when Voldemort's army attacked it was spectacular. I actually think the cuts were very judicious, and made for a cleaner narrative. Seriously, how would Dumbledore/Grindelwald's backstory have added anything? Better to keep the movies lean than to pad them out to boredom with slavish faithfulness to the text. The only disappointment was the staging of the final confrontation - I wish it had taken place in the Great Hall, under everyone's eyes, as in the book.

    Highly recommended.
  9. Jul 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Deathly Hallows Part 1 was a great movie in my opinion, certainly one of the best in the series, it was full of great scenes, mostly because it was taken faithfully from the book. However in splitting the book into two films, they had to squeeze about 10 chapters into a full length movie. This led to a need to grossly diverge many of the locations and events from the actual book, and a lot of important elements were missed out, as well as unwanted ones added. It's such a shame when they have to resort to Cliches such as Harry and Voldermort both crawling broken towards their wands like some sort of action thriller, and I don't remember the bit in the book where Harry and Voldermort jump struggling off a cliff.

    Other minor details annoy me as well, for example one of Malfoys 'henchman' was replaced by a black student in the room of requirement scene where Harry is finding the diodem. I mean, is racial equality that bad that every scene now needs to have an even distribution, so much so that they change a scene from the book (Crabbe dieing, or was it Goyle, I'm not too sure. Instead now some random character they invented dieing.) Also instead of killing Snape in the Shrieking Shack they decided to move that absolutely classic scene into the Hogwarts boathouse, which just felt another unneeded cliche to make it look slightly more epic.

    Don't get me wrong though, the movie was entertaining enough, but way more of the same. We've already seen the epic Red vs Green wand clash about twice in the series now, and it happened again, multiple times in the film. But at least they managed to make Voldemorts death look slightly less climactic and sudden as it was in the book.

    So to summarise, I found the film to be one of the weakest in the series, even if it was alright. Nothing really new was seen, despite it being the conclusion to an epic saga. Due to the decision to stretch the book into two films, Part 2 came seriously lacking in my opinion, and some people I've spoken to even found it to be a slog. But, if you are a Harry Potter fan or not I'd reccommend at least going to see the film. In fact if you are not a fan of the books you'll probably enjoy it even more.
  10. Jul 17, 2011
    IT IS THE BEST HARRY POTTER FILM. The plot is easily understandable to those who have not read the book, as the last 202 pages of the deathly hallows is put into 2 hours of film allowing for more depth. The fight scenes are interesting, enough to keep peoples attention. Overall i would give this 8.5 not 10 simply because i have read the books and the film did not give credit to some of the characters. For example Bellatrix Lestrange, she is made into some top deather witch who is a really powerful witch in the books but looks nothing special in the films because all she does is get killed by Molly Weasley. In the book she fights hermionie, ginny and luna all at the same time then molly comes in, they should have done this in the film, it would have been one or two minutes at the most. The same with Voldemort, ok the fight scene between him and Harry is TEN TIMES BETTER than in the book, but Voldemort doesn't look powerful to people who have not read the book, it doesn't show him fighting Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minerva Mcgonagall and Horace Slughorn at the same time then blowing them away with a force explosion when he sees Bellatrix die. Then Harry fights him. This would have been added a max of 5 minutes to the film but would have made it so much better. Should of shown Remus and Tonks dying, and Fred dieng, but it did add things that weren't in the book. Neville on the bridge was interesting and exciting to watch. Overal an 8.5, should of had another 10 minutes to cover what i said. It is the shortest Potter film to date. Expand
  11. Jul 17, 2011
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  12. Jul 17, 2011
    I have read every single Harry Potter book and I really had great expectations with this movie (even more so considering how faithful to the book was Part 1). Sadly they were not completely met, but that doesn't mean that the movie was bad at all. Visually speaking it's marvellous, and the actions scenes were a treat for the senses, and the plot was woven in such a fashion that was almost always gripping. Sadly, some of the most captivating moments of the book were treated in such a shallow way that didn't really allow the audience to completely identify with the feelings of pain or longing of the characters (such as the scenes of Snape's memories or the conversation at King's Cross or the final battle). Nevertheless, it's a movie well worth watching, and most likely all the people who aren't familiar with the books will find it engaging, and arguably the best of the saga. Expand
  13. Jul 17, 2011
    This movie is amazing. As a book adaption, it succeeds. I watched it and then re-read the last half of the book (again) and was astounded at how well the movie followed the book. Another popular complaint is that it didn't have enough action. IT HAD THE MOST ACTION OF ANY OF THE MOVIES! IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE! Now, with that put aside, I must admit that some scenes were slightly underwhelming (Harry's conversations with the man from his past and earlier in the movie with that same man's brother). The ending (after the fight is over) is rushed, even though the epilogue is handled well. I also loved the soundtrack, especially the main theme song at the beginning. It was very epic, as was the movie. Expand
  14. Jul 17, 2011
    It's a great movie. Great special effects. Just glad they didn't feel the need to add an incredibly sexually suggestive scene as they did in the last movie which many very young children ended up being exposed to. This movie would have rated higher if you didn't have to see the first part one beforehand.
  15. Feb 10, 2012
    I'm a Harry Potter fan since I was 8 years. Now the series is over and I'll miss you, and the latter film could not have been better - exceeded all my expectations - if I could give an average score of 1000 for it, I would. This movie is fantastic, magical and deserves to be watched by all generations ... Harry Potter forever !
  16. Jul 20, 2011
    These are adaptions of the books, not recreations. Whether or not that pleases you will depend on what you're looking for, but overall the film has the same amazing qualities every single one before it had, and I can't see anybody reasonably giving the film a lower score than 7. There are some truly standout scenes that will push you into tears, even if you've already read the books. I knew these things were coming, but the movie has a way of getting you much more involved. But, as is required of someone who read the books, I am also disappointed that they changed major details and forgot to explain crucial points. It would have been a 10 for me if they stayed true to the book, but we can't have everything. These are adaptions, not recreations. Whiny babies. Expand
  17. Jul 18, 2011
    The most action-packed,emotional,dazzling Harry Potter film since the Goblet of Fire.It begins with a lot of fun and after that, the film explodes.It's also pretty cool because we see characters and places from the first films and that makes you understand that this is the end and that it has to include them all.In the last film director David Yates gets the chance to explore the vulnerable side of lord Voldermort every time a hocrux is destroyed and he also make us realise how dramatic is this final battle between good and evil.They saved the best for last that's for sure, the Harry Potter film series got the send-off it deserved. Expand
  18. Jul 18, 2011
    Not only the best among all harry potter franchise...but one of the greatest movie of 2011.I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Spectacular performances and wonderful direction contributes to the colpletion of the final chapter of the world's most popular franchise.
  19. Jul 19, 2011
    Accidentally submitted my bad review with a 10 rating. Put in a 0 to even it out. I wanted to rate a 5. And meta critic doesn't allow you to edit, delete or undo your reviews. Below was my previous review:

    This movie going experience once again proves my belief that happiness has a high correlation to expectations. Usually, I go into the Harry Potter movies having low expectations: they
    are, to me, visual companions to my favorite books. Therefore, I usually enjoy them and come out a happy camper even when I go with my girlfriend (and now my wife *gasp*) who tries to damper the viewing (she never read the books and isn't quite a fantasy fan). I never blamed her disinterest in the movies. I just choose to turn a blind eye. I am just glad that they put in the money and effort to translate all the books into blockbuster movies which is quite an undertaking if you think about it. Movies seldom, if ever, exceed the quality of their book counterparts. Even so, the early reviews here raised my expectations for this last HP movie - so much that I was giddy as a school boy up to the moments the movie started. Even the brief and unsatisfying preview of The Dark Knight rises didn't damper my mood. I went in expecting at least similar quality to what I thought has been so far the best movie adaptation in the series (Prisoner of Azkaban). That was a bad mistake. The movie tried to be a joyride of visuals and action and little attention was paid to the character developments. It was a wrap-up of sorts. One can even surmise that that was the original intention. The entire movie felt like the last 20 minutes of every new Transformers movie. Lots of action and hair-raising awkward, too-happy-to-be-true moments of closure. They might as well have ended it with a group dance a la Megamind or Happy Feet or Despicable Me. I hope they re-do this series and hire Christopher Nolan or a real director in 10 or so years. Hopefully by then, I would have washed away all my memories of all the HP movies I've seen to date. I will be re-reading the HP novels starting now and hopefully it can undo my mind/eye/ear's betrayal of the written word for the past 10 years. In sum, if you go watch it, go with a low expectation. Expand
  20. Jul 18, 2011
    It was a thrilling ending. Of course you would somehow expect Voldemort yelling all the time, since in the trailer he was doing "yaahhhhh" in every moment he appeared. Fascinating movie the books are better but you can't expect to fit every single part of the book to the movie and even less create diverging lapses to make the movie more interesting. Loved it.
  21. Jul 19, 2011
    Though there were parts of the movie that were not on the book, the movie still rocks! I love how David Yates finished the last installment of the Harry Potter series. I feel moved that while I was watching the film, I was actually having goosebumps, especially the part when Harry went inside the Pensieve. It was a very emotional part.
  22. Sep 12, 2011
    To me, by far, the most exiting Harry Potter film ever. I loved it, was action form the very beginning and the spells were amazing, not just for the number (by far superior to the rest of the films), but also the visual effect. I think that was the great finale that one of the most remarkable films series of all times deserve.
  23. Jul 21, 2011
    Yeah, this is a great movie. Whoever whatever say, they've given the best ending for Harry Potter series.
    The movie's gonna hold the box office for long.
  24. Jul 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What I thought was going to be an average summer movie turned out to be an adventurous thrill. I grew up reading and seeing the Harry Potter books and movies and it's sad to see the series come to an end. I would definitely give this movie a 10 because it was a breath-taking and captivating finale to a deep and exciting trilogy. I would give many thumbs up to the actors in this film especially the three main actors, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, the genius director, David Yates, and of course the author of the trilogy, J.K. Rowling, who is without a doubt one of the most creative and capable authors who ever lived. This trilogy will indeed always be remembered by it's fans and critics. Expand
  25. Jul 20, 2011
    An incredible end to an incredible series. Yates manages to pull of a spectacular battle and retain all the emotion in an epic way, with great acting from Alan Rickman and the rest of the cast. The soundtrack is a defining wonder of the film, adding effectively to the emotion throughout, and the special effects are enchanting. The pinnacle factor is, however, it's a very satisfying ending and it's a tearjerker throughout! This is not only the best Harry Potter film, but one of the best finales ever and - to an extent - one of the greatest fantasy films ever to be released. Expand
  26. Jul 21, 2011
    This was definitely a great movie, it tied everything together well. While there were some quirks and cornyish parts, i felt satisfied afterwards. Satisfyingly "Ends it All"
  27. Jul 21, 2011
    Shockingly superior in quality to any of the other films in the series and even to the second half of the Deathly Hallows book, which is my favorite book of the series. This is the best possible experience yet in the Harry universe. The critics are right, which they rarely are, in unanimous praise. If it doesn't get nominated for best picture I will boycot the oscars. I feel ashamed in the avid potter readers to hear so many negative reviews as to how it adapted the book. Where were you durring the last 7 sub-par films before you decided you'd look cool by jumping on the haters bandwagon for the only one of the films that generations to come will hail as a masterpiece, and rightly so. Expand
  28. Jul 28, 2011
    Although I haven't read the books, the film was brilliantly constructed. It didn't look so overrated, what with all the advertising and raving on websites and beyond, unlike Avatar, because I knew there was a plot to this movie. The humour was deliciously incorporated as well as the chill of the dark side (although I would have to mention that it was mostly quite dark, so not really like Who Framed Roger Rabbit then) but the movie was meant to be dark because of Voldemort's evil forces so it didn't make it look stupid. It was easy but not predictable to know what was going on, and the fact that the last book was split into 2 films sounded much nicer than squashing it all together. It was very emotional too - I found myself crying in some parts, but I was crying both sadly yet joyfully at the end when they're waving their kids off. A fantastic end to a brilliant series of books (and films) that inspired us all. Expand
  29. Jul 22, 2011
    The best film of them all. I had extremely high hopes for this movie, and it met them all. The acting is at its best in this, the dialogue is well-written, and the action scenes are definitely fun to watch. The element of humor that has been a big part of the series is seamlessly intertwined amongst the chaos and dark moments this movie presents. It's hard not to give this movie anything less than a 5 star rating or 10/10--you could nitpick at a few things here and there, but the resounding feeling I left with by the end was that what I'd just seen was an amazing finale to a really fun series. Expand
  30. Jul 24, 2011
    This movie was absolutely wonderful. I think this is the best Harry Potter movie. David Yates and all other actors did a wonderful job. Perfect finale of harry potter
  31. Jul 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There is less action than in the first part, but it's good. The end of the movie is long I think and the death of Voldemort is too quick I think. I was a little disappointed, all these films for a final like this ... I expected more, but it still a good film and a good saga. Expand
  32. Jul 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I start off, this review is based of a lover of both the books and the movies and my review is influenced by the fact they deterred from the book, so if you don't care about that...move along ;)

    I've read all the books at least once and the later books probably a good 3 times each and I've watched the movies equally as much, again, with more watching on the later movies.

    All that being said, I felt the last movie felt a bit...lacking and very rushed. I said it after the first part and I'll say it after the 2nd part...both parts should have been 3 hours long, to give the last book the justice it deserved.

    The movie was and felt...rushed. They skimmed over a lot of things from the 7th book and even skipped over completely parts. They took some of the best parts of the book and shortened them to a 5-10 second long part in the movie, completely deflating the build up/reward you get from them in the book.

    It just felt lacking. I read the last book recently in preparation for the movie and unfortunately left the movie kinda disappointed.

    I'm still giving it a 7 because it was still a good movie with fantastic acting, great special effects, and everything else you expect from the fantastic series Harry Potter has been. But being a large fan of the books definitely influences my review and I'm upset that they didn't do the 7th book justice at all.

    Granted, I felt the same thing about Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. The book was far superior than the movie and it really affected the enjoyment I got [or didn't get] out of the movie[s].
  33. Jul 27, 2011
    While having split the film into two screenings, WB still left out a lot from the book. The story follows things pretty well and this final film does certainly bring out the best in Harry and all his friends. It's worth the time to go see on the big screen and when the movie is out on the shelf definitely worth adding to your library.
  34. Jul 27, 2011
    Enjoyable, but lacked the focus on real epic battles you read of in the books. The battles shown in this movie are more of the background noise to the story; you see the consequences without really seeing the details. Another 15 minutes and some real focus on this element would have earned a 9 from me. I hope the extended DVD takes care of this shortcoming. Harry Potter's "love" interest completely lacked chemistry. Much of the early chemistry from characters in the movie series also seems missing.

    On the plus side, this was certainly entertaining and I will see it again.
  35. Jul 27, 2011
    Despite the film quickly moving through some extremely important pieces of the book, overall the film captures the basic finale elements. Overall it was a satisfying end to a spectacular film series. Bravo to Alan Rickman's performance.
  36. Jul 27, 2011
    Awesome movie. its a really good end to the Harry Potter Series. The Ending battle could have been a bit more epic. but all and all it was amazing. The cast, the music, everything was top notch. I grew up watching these movies and its sad to see it come to an end. But i do look forward to a reboot in the future!
  37. Jul 28, 2011
    The final instalment of the epic series that is Harry Potter does not disappoint. A fantastic cinematic affair, with particularly effective use of special effects, as most of the films in the series have.

    The story is the same as the books, with a few deviations for dramatic effect, so if you are not fixated on this precision, it's a great ending to the series. I can appreciate that this
    may pull on some people's heartstrings, as I have only read the books a couple of times and I felt certain scenes just didn't quite feel right. Some death scenes were a little rushed in my opinion, but grief and death are handled overall with a level of maturity that was satisfying from a film aimed at such a wide audience. The development of the story was very well paced, so that I was enticed by the action whilst being drawn in by a very solid script. The difficulties of revealing the twists at the end of the film was handled very well but was quite linear in conduct, so that a particular scene with Voldemort didn't have as much impact as I would've had from making the 'reveal' a little later.

    Although a couple of scenes didn't gel particularly well with me, this is a fantastic film, and a worthy end to such a popular part of modern western culture. As long as you come in prepared for a non-exact interpretation of the books, I have faith that you'll feel the same.
  38. Jul 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Nice ending, JUST SUBERB! there were moments when the movie reached climaxes that none of the other potter movies had ever reached, this one is clearly the best potter movie EVER!, i think it made me smile Expand
  39. Jul 28, 2011
    a powerful movie, with the perfect combination between action, drama, an little spicy of humor, It doesn´t matter if you are not a fan of the saga, the movie has all that a cinephile wants from a movie.
  40. Jul 28, 2011
    It was the most anticipated movie for me this year, and this year is only half over. The visuals were great, and effects were perfect in telling the final chapter of Harry Potter and friends. The entire Harry Potter movies series made me relive my sense of childhood wonder and fantasies. So to see it all come to an end was like experiencing the end of childhood all over again. For a movie that takes me through that experience is worth watching. I might even see it again in the theaters which I rarely do of movies lately. Usually I will wait to see it again on DVD again, but maybe not this time. If you had even an inkling of liking the Harry Potter movies, you would be a fool to miss this great movie while it is still in theaters. Expand
  41. Aug 9, 2011
    way to over rated in may opinion,it is to complicated and there is not a clear view of what they got to do.
    But it is better than part 1.
  42. Jul 29, 2011
    Throughout my life, millions and millions of movies come out that portray a bestselling book. Almost always, the movie fails to impress the audience. This was broken on this movie. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is most definitely the movie of the year! It portrayed the book the best out of any movie possible while still having an intriguing plot. The CGI effects were just stunning. the Battle of Hogwarts is on! The Harry Potter characters were battling for their lifes, yet we were watching for our enjoyment and thrill! Expand
  43. Jul 30, 2011
    The last installment is awesome. Breathtaking. If you really lost someone you can keep up with Harry. The way they filmed it is so very relevant to the book itself. Thumbs up! :)
  44. Jul 30, 2011
    More or less every single person who hated this movie and who have commented on it have said something along the lines of "the reviewers who reviewed this movie have never read the books." This line of criticism is so silly. I have read all the books and seen all the movies. I will say this: As with most adaptations, the books are better. But the books are not perfect. Rowling is not Kurt Vonnegut or Ernest Hemingway. She wrote clunky, workmanlike prose and relied unnecessarily on Deux Ex Machinas to drive the plot forward. There were a lot of unimportant, boring plot-lines in the books that the movies, mercifully, spared us of (like the stupid SPEW storyline). Beyond that, it is ridiculous to assume that film critics would review a film based on a series of books would negatively review the movie for divergences from the book. Film narratives and literary narratives are very, very different. Supposed ignorance to the books is irrelevant. What works on a page doesn't always work in a film. For instance, probably the most drastic change from the seventh book to the eighth movie is the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort. A very brief, yet powerful ending in the book is stretched out and elaborated on significantly in the film The reason for this is simple: You simply cannot follow an elaborate, tense, series-long narrative leading up to the final showdown and have it last all of 25 seconds. Probably above all else, for a bunch of book-devotes, you all seem painfully ignorant of Rowling's hands-on approach to making changes. She had final approval. So who do your really hate? Expand
  45. Jul 31, 2011
    Being a fan of Harry Potter books, I natuarally found myself comparing the movie and the book constantly. I didn't truly enjoy it until I went to see it a second time, because I wasn't comparing the two. While it may stray from the book to some degree, the film is an improvement over the first part, it wraps up the story nicely, and is a good movie to see just for entertainment.
  46. Aug 1, 2011
    This was a great movie, a perfect ending to a saga. I wouldn't change a thing about this movie. Yes, the scene weren't like the books, but that was expected. I love the book, but they movie didn't disappointed me and it was better than i expected it to be.
  47. Aug 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie was really enjoyable to watch with decent 3D effects and great acting, however, the ending was a big disappointment for a big Harry Potter fan as this is the last Harry Potter movie. Expand
  48. Aug 2, 2011
    Yates 's direction in this concluding Potter epic combines heartbreak, accomplished unwavering love , spellbinding action and glorious cinematography to offer a loyal audience one last hurrah with a teenage boy they love so dearly.From Christopher Columbus's fresh faced , children friendly outings of a boy wizard , to Alfonso Cuaron's indie dark turn , to Mike Newell's Injection of absolute British boarding school and murder ,David Yates Had a lot to follow on from when he helmed the subsequent sequels. He had a lot to take on and lot to deliver especially with his political television background. The risk however has payed off ever since,and since the beginning of paranoia and war in Phoenix to the combination of incoming dread and light relief in Prince, to the molding of a road movie in DH part One setting the scene for all out war in good vs evil Yates HAS delivered. This film is no different as he searches and contains a tight grip on the plot and action whilst twinning personal character development and authentic special effects to produce a rocket fulled ride of wizards and witches in search of retribution , absolute Power and Justice. Yates's grounding in reality is where the later Potter's find their feet in series but also in British cinema as a whole. His choices to use a pallet of strained colour and a dark looming overcast perfectly captures the situation in the plot and the audiences realization that the legacy of Rowling's Potter is at an end and for most cases the audiences childhood. No true Potter fan can be one hundred percent pleased and so with a sly niggle I must confess a deep regret at the filmmakers choice to not deal with the small matter of supporting characters outcomes so tamely. Especially with How they captured the beautiful Horror in the others through characters such a Sirius Black. And yes they divert from the books in a small way. But this is cinema , this is an adaption and this is absolute Potter at his most moving , thrilling and finest .By God in a word it is simply, Brilliant. Expand
  49. Aug 6, 2011
    The film is OK and harry potter is always a good reason for me to go to the cinema or to read a book but this film lacks emotion. The first part was for me much better than this second part which, as someone said before, was soulless and hollow. Luckily for the crew I can't award less than a seven because the book is so good that the film managed to be very entertaining, possibly Gringotts being the best scene. Finally I think it was a good idea to split the film in two and I still think that both lacked a few necessary details from the book. Expand
  50. Aug 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i thought that this movie was very good but could have been a little happier. I know this sounds odd because voldemorts taken over its not supposed to be happy right? well yes but even the end train scene was depressing i mean in the book it was happy and there were jokes but not in the movie. I thought the battle scene was great and even though it wasnt in the book the giant magic bubble was a cool invention. overall a great ovie but could have been a little happier Expand
  51. Aug 6, 2011
    Movie reviews are exactly that, movie reviews, not a review of how well the movie was adapted from the book. I Felt the ending of this story was excellent, and the movie overall was very very good! I do not feel this movie must be seen in 3d, nor do I feel you must go see this in the theatre. A great home theatre system is sufficient. Good Job !
  52. Aug 9, 2011
    Por fin ocurre algo en esta saga, la cual pienso que podia haberse ahorrado alguna que otra pelicula. La gallina de los huevos de oro de Rowling pone punto y final a una saga que necesitaba terminar de la manera que termina. Aunque si bien es cierto podria haber tenido algo mas de duracion y exponernos ciertas escenas que podian haber sido mas emotivas y quedan relevadas a un segundo plano. La batalla final entre los dos magos mas poderosos del mundo no resulta tan espectacular como cabia esperar. Aun asi la pelicula ofrece por primera vez desde hace mucho tiempo, entretenimiento y emocion hasta el punto en el que te quedas con ganas de ver una nueva pelicula. Expand
  53. Aug 29, 2011
    Fantastic film, the few stylistic changes that were made were of little significance. I think most people have come to understand that writers and directs make minor artistic changes and at the end of the day they are not worth getting upset about
  54. Aug 10, 2011
    It's a perfect movie because it have an incredible access to the original history of the book. The scenes Are really chaotics. The actuation of the Daniel is the best of the all anothers movies. The best actuations are of the Emma, Matthew and Smith.
  55. Aug 11, 2011
    Best movie in the series! A wonderful conclusion to 10 years of magical excitement and mystery. I have read the books and seen all the movies. I am so glad they made these movies. They correspond with the books so well.
  56. Aug 15, 2011
    My favorite movie is Harry Potter. The final movie is very excited .I like Harry Potter music. I want to see Harry Potter Part2 again. Hary is very cool and kind boy.
  57. Aug 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. AMAZING. this word just basically sums up the whole movie. it was exciting, but only if you saw ALL the other films. i loved how nevel just became brave and killed the snake , and i love snape too ! and draco is hot hahahahahaha idk im bored. anyway good movie! Expand
  58. Aug 12, 2011
    The ones that insulted the movie, didn't read the book, because this, along with The Chamber of Secrets, are the best movie adaptations ever, sadly, nobody cares about if it looks like the book, but tell me, does the book makes emphasis at all?, You should know that if the movie was made exactly like the book, then it would have been really boring, the book is made to be read, and if you read it, you enjoy it, but if the movie would have been like the book at 100%, then its sense would have been lost, the movie is good as it is, so SHUT UP!. Expand
  59. Aug 13, 2011
    I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. I always have been and this movie was brilliant. All of the movies were to be honest. Even though it was in 2 parts, it really finished harry Potter amazing. It was a brilliant way to finish. They covered everything that needed to be covered. total 10 on 10
  60. Aug 15, 2011
    This had to be like the best Harry Potter ever because it was surprising how much fighting action their was. It's cool how things have changed in the series and finally it all ended. The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was a good ending 2 the whole series, well in my opinion.
  61. Aug 15, 2011
    This movie was good, but compared to previous films and it was worse 3D is bad for this movie. And there the producers wanted to earn money a movie package for two. If you go to this movie do not go to 3D. But I am great fan of this series and the high ratings because otherwise I would have given only about 6
  62. Aug 15, 2011
    I really like the series of Harry Potter. I wanted to watch such a this movies. But there are some scenes which disappointed me. I wanted to watch the scenes which the magicians battle.
  63. Aug 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It was a INCREDIBLE HISTORY of ever.
    This film series is a memory of my half-life. very thanks to movie creator, distributor, actors, directors and another people.
  64. Nov 1, 2011
    All right, I have read the book so I was expecting much more from David Yates. This film should have been extremely sad and devastating and Yates changed it to an action flick. I also think they should have focus more on the deaths of our beloved characters, but still Deathly Hallows, Part 2 remains as one of the top films on the franchise. The visual effects, score, makeup, art direction and cinematography are undeniably impressive and the acting is pretty good (Forget about everything you have seen so far, the whole cast gives their best performances here). Expand
  65. Aug 18, 2011
    Awesome ! Full of suspense , Every second of Tens , Action,Emotion,and Every single thing was awesome . An Amazing way to End This Epic Journey ! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part - 2 is The Best entry of the franchise and probably one of The Best of The Best Movie I have Ever Seen in My Life ! I like the every second of this movie . Part one was good but was slightly boring because that was a road movie but this one is off the hook ! GOOD BYE HARRY POTTER ! Gonna Miss U So Freaking Much :(
    (P.S. Tnx J.K. for bring this to the world)

    Story (not book just screenplay) : 1.3/2 (Like always they cut so many good part from the book & added some silly scene )
    Directing : 1.7/2 (Better then David's lasts films )
    Acting : 1.7/2 (All of them were good but Alan Rickman's acting was one of the thing that made this move epic to me )
    Sound : 1.9/2 (Like the last films the soundtracks are so amazing)
    Edit & Effect : 1.9/2 (Effect's were so well done)

    OVERALL : 8.510
  66. Aug 18, 2011
    Not the best of the series (that would be number three, prisoner of Azkaban), but a competent, well done finale. Emotional and exciting, missing the humor and fun of the books, but so did the last movie, part I. The dark tone of camerawork is overdone and oppressive.
  67. Aug 19, 2011
    I saw this movie twice. I had great expectations because the actors kept saying how much better than the other movies it would be, and critics loved it. I loved the movie. It had very good effects and the acting is great. The costume and makeup department did a good job. It is a funny movie and in my opinion true to the book as much as it can be. People say they don't like that it's dark, but the movie is about dark wizards! If anyone thinks that a better movie could have been made, I would like to see them write a screenplay. :) Expand
  68. Aug 20, 2011
    I really like the final instalment. Neville rocked!!! It had a little aroma of cheddar in parts but none less than the previous iterations. I will miss the HP franchise and am thankful to it for making reading cool again jn our house!!!
  69. Aug 20, 2011
    An epic, staisfying finale to an incredible franchise. "Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Is fun, exciting, and exhilarating. The only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because I wish it had been ore clear on how Harry came back to life. but other than a bit of a cheesy ending and that, it was really great.
  70. Aug 22, 2011
    The scripting for Grint, Watson and Radcliffe is perfect, captures English teenagers to a T. But this, along with the last three movies, left out essential plot development. And,like LotR, the emphasis of the books was distorted in the films and the endearing and quirky touches that kids love were sacrificed to spectacle. And making everything look dark doesn't necessarily make it scary. Why make movie of a book so many people love and not do it faithfully? Better done than not, but could have been done better. Expand
  71. Ido
    Aug 23, 2011
    Until now, I didn't like the directing of David Yates to Harry Potter films. Until now.
    The last movie is amazing, the effects are impressive, even the acting of the three young players was excellent, too.
    The movie is not too much different from the book, and the few differences are good.
    Seeing the best British players is always fun, but this time it was just amazing. Meggie Smith and
    Allan Rickman did their brilliant roles on the best side. If famous and good players like Emma Thompson, David Thewlis and Gary Oldman are getting 5 screen-minutes, I think that it shows us the the greatness of all the cast. Expand
  72. Aug 23, 2011
    Les deux derniers opus m'étaient restés en travers de la gorge de part à certain manque de punch et de magie. Alors, pour ce final, je n'attendais plus grand chose. Mais comme par magie, ce dernier film se montre à la hauteur, étant un final très spectaculaire, aussi bien lors des séquences fortes que les scènes d'action. Malgré quelques longueurs et une fin bâclée niveau maquillage, la seconde partie des Reliques de la Mort finit la saga en beauté (mise en scène, ambiance, décors, costumes, effets visuels, acteurs...). Et quelle fabuleuse idée de la part de l'excellent compositeur Alexandre Desplat d'avoir repris les magnifiques thèmes de John Williams (surtout pour la fin et le générique). Pas mon préféré, mais l'un des épisodes les plus réussis de cette fantastique saga! Expand
  73. Aug 23, 2011
    The end of an era! Deathly Hallows part 2 ended the series in an amazing way. The feel of the last three movies (HBP, DH1 and DH2) were so phenomenal it's actually a shame the beginning of the series wasn't up to this level of production and this quality. The actors have never been that fantastic but their work on DH1 & 2 was really genuine and they delivered it perfectly. It was really strange how the movie started off heavily action packed and then slowed down some but the over all feel was of a deadly magical war which was pretty accurate. The special effects were definitely a standout . No other series has managed the impact this series has and this movie ended it with a bang. Expand
  74. Aug 24, 2011
    An avid reader of the series, I was pretty happy with how the final half of the 7th book was portrayed. Cinematography was beautiful and they depicted the story well. It was great to see the final chapter of Harry Potter on the big screen.
  75. Aug 31, 2011
    The Perfect Ending to a Perfect Collection. The Fight between Harry Potter and Voldemort was epic, is going to be remember until the end of times. The effects, the acting, the directing, the sound, everything was so good, I really believe this was the best movie of all the Harry Potter films. The Only thing i have to say that could have been better is the battles between some of the death eaters and the Hogwarts students, and Molly and Bellatrix, but that was just a detail, but I would like to see it anyway. A Special thanks has to be given to J.K. Rowling and David Yates. Expand
  76. Aug 28, 2011
    La mejor película de la saga. Quizás la trama de la última parte del libro daba para hacer algo más, algunas escenas quizás algo ridículas, como la muerte de Bellatrix Lestrange, cuya escena fue muy corta y ridiculizada con un tono cómico, también la escena de Neville contra los mortífagos debe abrirse espacio entre las escenas más ridículas y tontas, pero me parece que esta película alcanza para una buena crítica, esperé un poquito más, aunque para mí en verdad cierra con broche de oro esta saga que ha marcado el final del siglo XX y la primera década del XXI, una saga cuya historia y personajes quedarán marcados en la mente y los corazones de todos aquellos que pudieron leer sus libros, ver sus películas y jugar sus juegos.
    Ya me imagino que cuando esté ya muy anciano, le contaré esta historia a mis nietos...
  77. Feb 13, 2012
    I was so hyped for this movie and when I saw it I was shocked. It's complete **** There are so many stupid jokes that ruin everything! Don't watch this movie!
  78. Aug 30, 2011
    Just more Harry Potter and like the other films, not bad but not good. The end of the movie is just a shame. Boring in some moments, I think this movie have been made for kids and Harry Potter fans.
  79. Sep 4, 2011
    This is the only Harry Potter book I have not read, so I saw these final two instalments with no idea what to expect. The result, was fairly disappointing, despite a fantastic sequence involving Snape. It all seemed a bit too muddled around, and it didn't feel as epic as it could have been. As for the ending, well, it was never going to be easy to transfer what happens onto the big screen, and they did an okay job of it, but it's still pretty stupid. Expand
  80. Sep 4, 2011
    This last film is extremely well acted and brings the series to a satisfying conclusion. Yes, it diverges from the book, especially at the end, but it does so to create a more dramatic and exciting climax. The only thing that disturbed me was that several major events happened off-screen. Some main characters die, and nobody seems to care. Their names are not even mentioned. Aside from this, it is amazing that such a great cast has stayed together for ten years and created so many wonderful films. As someone who grew up a huge Potter fan, it is satisfying to see this series end so fantastically. Expand
  81. Sep 4, 2011
    The movie may have gone along with the book in a decent way but the whole movie was like one giant Tenebrism painting that was the one flaw that it had. the story and acting may have been great i will give it that but the presentation was terrible and presentation is a big factor.
  82. Sep 7, 2011
    I have often been criticised for not reading any of the books, but after watching the last film i honestly don't care if the book was as ANTI climatic as the film then I have no problem with not reading them even the latest twilight had a more thrilling end, don't get me wrong I give credit to all who worked on the film and J.K Rowling but it does drag out a bit.
  83. Oct 16, 2011
    the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 was undoubtedly the best movie of the coat, but the directors committed SOME errors like: The fight between Harry and Voldemort should take longer, but the special effects were very well prepared
  84. Sep 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If you like movies you'll love this one. If you're a die hard fan of the movies, you'll hate it.

    I love the books. But I know for a fact that the movie doesn't *need* to be like the book.. I loved the movie but honestly, I disliked the liberties the movie has taken with the original story. I still can't believe he broke the wand. He doesn't drop the stone himself, he trips and drops it. There have been lots of places the movies have been different from the book. Most places, I defended it because you put everything in a movie. Case in point was Harry getting the new broom in HP: PoA. Sure, you can't explain the entire story the same way so the broom was given at the end of the movie.

    The battle at Hogwarts however deserved more. People have been waiting a long time for it. The number of liberties taken are too much.

    As a movie, I'd probably give it a strong 8/10 for a good visual treat and a nice ending to a saga we've been long awaiting.
    As a movie which is an end to a saga which was long awaited, the clear butchering of the book's version into the director's/writer's version of the story is just too much for me to handle. I thought the seventh movie was split in two to avoid this exact scenario. For this reason, I'd give it a 1.5/10.

    In the end, I'll stick to something in between.
  85. Sep 11, 2011
    Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 was a disappointing movie. Compared to the book there was extra scenes and deleted scenes. It still had great action and it had a bit humor in it also. I think this part was the worst between all the other parts and I have to say that in the Tom felton and family were real scaredy cats
  86. Sep 12, 2011
    The eighth Harry Potter film, summing up the events of the last third of the Deathly Hallows novel, has arrived in theaters. I saw it in 2-D at the midnight showing, and I can say that it is easily the best novel adaptation since The Lord of the Rings series. The writing does justice to the novel, the action is great, and it's a fantastic piece of cinema that should definitely be given some academy awards. The film picks up exactly where the last one left off, and features Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they search for the remaining Horcruxes. As ever, the acting is not the film's strongest point, but characters like Neville, Snape, and McGonnigall give the best performances to date in the series. There are quite a few funny moments, mostly due to the writing, which again is the best to date in the series (save maybe Prisoner of Azkaban). From the get-go, the action scenes are awesome, and the effects are great. Many casual Potter viewers who have not read the books will likely enjoy this final Potter more than the previous few, which were mostly expositional and had little action. The director also nails the drama sequences, with Alan Rickman pulling off the final revelation of Snape superbly. I would have liked there to be a bit more "cool down" at the end, as the film seems to end a bit too early after the end of Voldemort.

    So, overall, is this the ending of Harry Potter we've been waiting for? The answer: yes. Deathly Hallows part 2 is an amazing ending to a brilliant series.
  87. Sep 15, 2011
    there is only a few reason i am giving this movie such a bad score aside from it being harry potter. effective use of CGI kept me interested, but the same lame ending every cheesy good vs evil movie has disappointed me very much. i cant wait for harry potter to die, but im still waiting and i swear to god i was gonna get that whole movie theater shut down due to a graphic suicide if i had to hear volds epically retarded scream one more time. hes a great actor but i want to kill the man who told him to do that scream. it was even worse than vaders 'noooo' in episode 3. i guess that was my fault for going to watch a kids movie. Expand
  88. Sep 18, 2011
    10 years, 8 films and they clearly saved the best until last. When it came to the books I felt that the final book lacked the punch the others had with no overtly moving moments apart from the Snape reveal which seemed rushed in the book. The film on the other hand takes the gravitas developed by 7 movies before it and improves upon the words created by Rowling with a punchy, emotionally charged script by Steve Kloves. Daniel Radcliffe finally lives up to the title of Harry Potter as he carries the viewer through the last 2 hours totally invested in the challenges he has ahead of him. However the clear winner in this film is Alan Rickman as Snape who infuses his scenes with an air of contrition and regret making one of the main montages of the film incredibly moving. If the last film has a flaw its the under use of characters like David Thewlis' Lupin and Robby Coltrane's Hagrid while awarding too much time to original characters such as Kelly Macdonald's Grey Lady. Oh, and Emma Watson was boring......again. Expand
  89. Sep 19, 2011
    This movie is the best ending to a franchise I've seen since Star Wars. The scenes are somewhat suspensful and the fighting scenes are the best. The ending of the movie is very much so like the book. This movie is the closest Daniel Raddcliffe has gotten to getting exactly almost like the book. The book is good but the movie explains it all. MAKE SURE YOU SEE THIS MOVIE!
  90. Jan 15, 2012
    One thing I was looking forward to in this movie (which I think a lot of old school adventure fans would agree on) when the hero goes to defeat evil its normally in a HUGE glorious battle Lord Of The Rings is a PERFECT example of this. But in this movie the final confrontation between Harry and Voldermort was built up soooooo much that what took over 8 films to hype us up for the final battle ended in mere minutes 3/4 of the way through the film. Thus leaving me VERY dissatisfied already I figured "well I am watching it now, might as well see it through" , the thing I hated yet LOVED about the Lord Of The Rings movies was even though the films had a long running time it TOOK that time and explained everything in detail and had you leaving the cinema adventure satisfied. Harry Potter on the other hand takes less than 5-10mins to explain what the after events of the Deathly Hallows is and I felt ripped off as an adventure fan, hell even my inner child was raging inside of me of the end result. For the new generation of children I take my hat off to you for enjoying this film, however for people like me (80s kid) who grew up with the best expectations from adventure films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones etc this is not for you Expand
  91. Dec 4, 2011
    Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a great movie that Potter fans will enjoy watching and is a good (not great) conclusion to the series. The plot is fairly close to the book and it is a great plot with action-packed scenes and great entertainment. The acting was great too and so was the script. The problem with the movie however was the ending. The ending was a major letdown for me as the movie's ending was far less epic than the book's ending. While the book had an emotionally charged ending that had a nice not to end the series the movie ends not as well witch greatly dissapointed me. The developers should have gone with the book's ending for it was far more better than the ending they had but other than the dissapointing conclusion the movie is still worth watching. Overall, Harry Potter is a great film that is worth watching, this is a definative improvement over the 5th., 6th., and the first part of the sevent book movies. Potter fans should not miss it but they might be dissapointed by the ending. Breakdown for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2": Presentation: 9.3, Plot: 9, Acting: 10, Script: 9.3, Lasting Appeal: 9, Verdict: 9.2 out of 10 "Amazing" Expand
  92. Dec 29, 2011
    A visually dazzling, powerfully acted, epic and emotionally satisfying conclusion to one of the best series ever put to film. If this doesn't get major Oscar nominations and/or wins, I will forever be angry with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences lol :) . 4/4 stars.
  93. Nov 3, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Harry Potter is one of the most famous series in the world. I've read the books and seen the movies. Be prepared to be blown away. This is the best one of the 8. Harry, Ron, and Hermione skip Hogwarts on their last year to go in search of the Horcuxes that Dumbledore had left behind. He gives them three objects to help them. At the end, it leaves you with the greatest thing you'll ever know is love, and that the people who die are always with you. That's important. It's an epic end to the best selling series, and original as anything i've ever read or seen. You could argue if it's true to the book, but not all things make it into movies, and you shouldn't give a bad store if it didn't include your favorite scenes. The acting is even better than before, as the kids are all grown up. Daniel Radcliffe has potential to be an Oscar-nominated star one day, as well as Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. To be honest with you, I cried so incredibly hard that I left 10 minutes early while my friend was still in the theatre. It's an amazing movie. The fact that Voldemort finally is killed is sad to me, as that means it's the end of an era. Let's not forget we can visit Hogwarts anytime in our hearts:) That sounds corny, but it's true. What makes it so good is J.K. Rowling herself. She has created a whole other world that contains numerous sub-plots and truly good motives. Neither one can live as the other survives,, is a true statement to the film. For the first time we actually get to see Snape's love for Lily. Dumbledore when he's dead. All of things that stand out are brought by emotions and actions. It can stand on its own movie legs, because this is a great movie. The only thing I didn't like was the epilogue, but that's just my opinion. It's got everything in it. From the whole 7 movies to this one, there's deep underlying roots in the story that's hard to explain in a short amount of time. Tom Riddle, his mother, and the Gaunts finally play a part in the film, as well as Gringotts and Hogwarts to the extreme. As we look at the castle being destroyed,and people dying, it marks the end of a chapter. It also ends the brilliant battle between Potter and the Death Eater's. I was said Hedwig died though. The true message is so nice and sweet. How the people you love will always be there with you. While other people may not like it, I found it to be amazing. Nothing short of oscar worthy. It may be fantasy, but who cares? A-. Expand
  94. Nov 18, 2011
    I am a very big fan of Harry Potter movies. But I don't find myself enjoying reading the Harry Potter books, it's probably the books are too long. The sotry plot and visual in this movie is really good. It provide a good ending to the series.
  95. Jun 9, 2012
    Individually ,each Harry Potter never satisfies and feel commercial and 'crass' by splitting the final book into two parts. Still, one of the best Harry Potter installments out there.
  96. Nov 19, 2011
    Full of adventure and mystery Harry Potter Part 2 tied all the loose ends together very nicely. With some badass special effects thrown in. Overall, a must see. BUT with seeing the movies before if never read the books.
  97. Jul 17, 2013
    Quite the anticipation and excitement surrounded the eighth and last film of the Harry Potter franchise, but personally I was also hit with the realisation that this was the finale, the curtain call and the last song and dance for our favourite wizarding heroes.
    The final film simply ties up almost everything, its a chance for the viewers to jog their memory to all those years ago, to be
    re-introduced to characters who may have been missing in previous entries. It also sets the stage for one of the most spectacular battles of the series, and in many others. Harry, played for the final time by the brooding but very much grown up Daniel Radcliffe, needs answers to all his lingering questions, and its quite fitting that it should all come to head where the Boy Who Lived calls home, Hogwarts.
    Without going into too much detail, Harry, while still unsure exactly how to defeat Lord Voldemort, is rapidly closing in on the answers he seeks. Not without the company of Ron and Hermione, the three embark on various callbacks to all the previous films, Gringotts bank, Hogsmeade and of course the Chamber of Secrets. The whole film is brimming with excitable characters, unlikely heroes and bright colours to light up the darkening sky.
    But as it goes, tragedy continues to loom, and the final film is a true bloodbath, some unknown, many loveable and sorely missed. The argument being that they were fighting for the safety of themselves as well as Harry, because when Hogwarts is truly lit up like the 4th of July, nobody is safe. In terms of this, the special effects and heavy battle scenes are as brilliant and mesmerising as they have ever been, capturing the imagination inside the head of JK Rowling and putting it on the screen in spectacular fashion.
    One cannot forget the performances, and again it is the older cast who run away with the rights to say they were the best, Alan Rickman, who has been there since day one as the dark, mysterious and often thorn in the side Severus Snape, truly has his finest hour, showing another side to this character that we have never seen before, and boasting the talents of this phenomenal actor. Ralph Fiennes is quite frightening, more so than ever as Lord Voldemort, his silent striding, his peaceful but snap of the fingers change in tone of voice is enough to keep you up, and he really outlines why so much more fun can be had being the big bad.
    Maggie Smith and Julie Walters deservedly have much more screen time, with some comic tone but also a true sense of their magical background on show.
    The series could not have had a better goodbye, combining everything it is known for, and throwing in surprises along the way, we have grown up with the three leads, and the closing scenes of the film remark just how long, dark but also cheerful and entertaining the journey has been, reminding us that this is more than likely the last time we see these characters, but what a farewell indeed.
  98. May 11, 2012
    Ultimately disappointing. The biggest problem with the conclusion of this franchise is that Harry so unflappably walks the path of good that his victory over Voldemort not only feels inevitable, but hollow. What made The Return of the King - another fantasy epic - such a great conclusion was Frodo continuously succumbing to evil. While in that we knew good would triumph, it was such a struggle to get there. This, and the previous film were both diluted by its over-reliance on effects, hollow uninteresting battle scenes, hammy dialogue - lines such as "I've always wanted to use that spell", and the poorly delivered "Yeah? You and who's army?" and nothing in the way of much of a story. At no time did it feel as if our heroes were in any danger or placed in impossible situations. Expand
  99. Nov 23, 2011
    Summary: Movie should have been longer and in 2D Plot: The film hinges on the final battle between death eaters and other wizards. Hogwarts is the center of all action. Death and destruction is no longer discussed in background. You literally see the beautiful castle, Hogsmeade and Gringotts being ripped apart and people die. Let me stop with that. Special Effects: The film has been shot in 3D and, as with its prequels, the final episode boots really good CGI. Apparations, flying broomsticks, dragons, giants, slithering snakes, magic - everything is thrown at the audience in the two hour running time of the movie. And its all so beautifully interwoven that you end up applauding their physics rather than cringe thinking about their improbability. Cast: The main stars need no introduction. I guess this series was blessed, for they managed to complete production of eight movies with almost the same cast as they began. So in order to review the casting I need to go back in time - I guess it is unnecessary. I do not think we are going to get a more fitting description of Harry or Ron or Hermione. The only gripe is that we get to see less of some favorite characters (like Hagrid for example). Performance: The lead characters have done good. Not just in this movie but the entire series. Kudos to the kids who dared to spend the most crucial years of their lives to entertain us (yeah they definitely got a handsome pay in return) and have been keen to learn from day one to get their acting skills honed. Of the others I would always rate Alan Rickman's portrayal of the complex character of Snape as a cut above the rest - it was like a character written in the book come alive. Evanna Lynch also cast her character (of Luna Lovegood) with charm. Helena Bonham Carter will forever be remembered as the sneering Bellatrix Lestrange. Read the full review at Expand

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  1. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Jul 18, 2011
    When the movie was over, a young boy sitting behind me said, "That was great!" He was satisfied, and rightly so.
  2. Reviewed by: Shawn Levy
    Jul 14, 2011
    The excellent news is that Yates and company took their time adding visual depth to the film -- they shot it as 3-D -- and the result feels immediate and real and not at all slathered-on.
  3. Reviewed by: Amy Biancolli
    Jul 14, 2011
    The epic and impassioned close that the saga deserves, a sweeping Wagnerian finish that's taut with suspense and wet with emotion.