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Summary: In 2009, U.S. Marines launched a major helicopter assault on a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan. Within hours of being dropped deep behind enemy lines, 25-year-old Sergeant Nathan Harris’s unit is attacked from all sides. Embedded in Echo Company during the assault, photojournalist and filmmaker Danfung Dennis captures the frontline action with visceral immediacy. When Sergeant Harris returns home to North Carolina after a life-threatening injury in battle, the film evolves from stunning war reportage to the story of one man’s personal apocalypse. With the love and support of his wife, Ashley, Harris struggles to overcome the difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life. The two realities seamlessly intertwine to communicate both the extraordinary drama of war and, for a generation of soldiers, the no-less-difficult experience of returning home. An unprecedented exploration of the moving image and a film of uncommon intimacy, Hell and Back Again comes full circle as it lays bare the true cost of war. (Docurama Films)

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Runtime: 88 min
Official Site: http://www.hellandbackagain.com/
Production: Docurama
Genres: Action, History, War, Documentary
Countries: USA, UK, Afghanistan
Languages: English, Dari, Pashtu
Director Credit
Danfung Dennis Director
Producer Credit
Danfung Dennis Producer
Gernot Schaffler Executive Producer
Martin Herring Producer
Mike Lerner Producer
Thomas Brunner Executive Producer
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