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  • Summary: Based on the top-selling, award-winning videogame franchise, the HITMAN is a genetically-engineered, elite assassin known only as Agent 47. His hallmarks are a lethal grace, unwavering precision, and resolute pride in his work. But even 47 couldn't anticipate a "random equation" in his life of exactitude: the unexpected stirrings of his conscience and the unfamiliar emotions aroused in him by a mysterious Russian woman. (20th Century Fox) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 22
  2. Negative: 11 out of 22
  1. 75
    Hitman stands right on the threshold between video games and art. On the wrong side of the threshold, but still, give it credit.
  2. 70
    In the finest tradition of adolescent identification figures, he's not only ruthless, dispatching numerous baddies with hair-trigger shots to the head, but profoundly desexualized, brushing off the insistent come-ons of a slinky prostitute (Olga Kurylenko) he's taken under his wing.
  3. As a movie on its own, it's simple monotony. Olyphant, affecting Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry voice, is about as menacing as Mr. Clean, and the action scenes - whether the weapons are fists, feet, swords or guns - fly past without any tension or suspense. Hitman is a miss.
  4. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    There have been plenty of movies adapted from video games before, but Hitman may be the first one that actually feels like a computer wrote and directed it.
  5. All the while, the music screams and clamors like an ignored child because director Xavier Gens and writer Skip Woods can't pump suspense into this inept mess.
  6. 30
    While Gens can splatter gore with the best of them -- early in the film, a human body packed with C4 goes off in graphic detail -- he fails to stage so much as a single rousing action scene, even when he has four double-fisted swordsmen facing off inside an abandoned subway car. Game over. The audience loses.
  7. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    A Eurotrashy vidgame knockoff that misses its target by a mile. Numbingly unthrilling as it lurches from one violent encounter to another, the pic's dark roots in an electronic, non-dramatic medium are plain to see, and unsuspecting gamers lured to theaters will soon wish they were back home participating in the action themselves.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 76
  2. Negative: 15 out of 76
  1. Mar 2, 2011
    This movie is awesome and has great action. Great acting by Timothy Olyphant and he's great in Justified too. The critics always get negative on movie that were based on video games anyway so screw the critics. Expand
  2. Nov 16, 2012
    Bloody, action packed but never stupid. An exiting plot that doesn't have to hide from a Bourne story, Timothy Olyphant and Dougray Scott as hero and antihero or the other way round, you feel with both. Not for the faint-hearted, but especially for fans of the video game a full indulgence. Expand
  3. Mar 15, 2014
    I liked this movie. I don't understand why so many people hate it, probably because we are looking on the internet. Anyway, if you haven't seen it and your a Hitman fan definitely check this out. I would put this up near the Bond films as my favorite "spy" films. When I picked this up from my local FYE I thought it was gonna be a bad movie where Hollywood would make a quick buck. It actually stayed close to it's game based roots as far as gadgets and stealth tactics go. Although it was a little weird seeing 47 "fall in love", the movie still was able to portray him as a cold blooded killer. It was interesting that Hitman: Absolution showed 47 had a softer side in the game. I wished they had released the game first, if that happened then the movie would make sense. Seeing that Agent 47 isn't just a "Robotic Killer" as seen in the older games. Don't let the negativity fool you into missing out on this movie. If you collect game items or game related items, or just a Hitman fan, buy this from your local FYE. It's not as bad as people say. Expand
  4. Sep 11, 2012
    Not the worst video game movie I've ever seen, but still a pretty horrible one. I've never played a game in the Hitman series so I can't compare it to them. The action is mildly entertaining, but the gore is to fake to be believable and just seems to be in it for the sake of having it. The script is a series of predictable moments that you've seen happen a million times in other movies. The acting and characters are awful, and timothy olyphant makes for one of the worst main characters of all time, but that may just be do to the writing, he has no personality and constantly has the stupidest look on his face at all times. This movie sucks, it's almost bad as the Uwe Boll video game movies. Don't watch this crappy movie. Expand
  5. Nov 28, 2012
    It has a few eye-catching set pieces, but this video game adaptation takes more pleasure in cliche than actually crafting a worthwhile story.
  6. Apr 26, 2013
    Not good at all. Firstly it is nothing like the video games (well I had to mention this, because after all it is supposed to be a Hitman movie), it just using the name to generate more sales. Secondly this film is just a generic action movie, with no character depth or development. After the first 20 minutes you have seen it all, the director will just repeat the same things until the last frames. Not even the action scenes are anything good. Mr. Timothy Olyphant is not a bad actor, but this role did not really suit him. Not recommended. Expand
  7. Nov 25, 2012
    sh*ts on the games. literally ruined american cinema as we know it today. my life will never be the same. asdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjklkjhgfdsaSDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJKLKJH Expand

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